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Launcher - Weapon List

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Launcher - Weapon List

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Find information about damage, stats, rarity, and magazine size of the Launcher weapon class in Fortnite!

Launcher - Weapon List

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Launcher Overview

Launcher Overview

Weapon Traits

Deals Huge Damage To Players & Buildings

Launchers do a great amount of damage with a single shot. A successful hit from a Launcher is enough to wipe out a player's shield or health, or destroy a structure!

Damages An Area

Instead of damaging a single target, Launchers deal damage around the area where their shots explode. You can hit multiple enemies with a single shot, but be careful! Launcher explosions damage you too!

Slow-Firing Weapon

Despite their power, Launchers do not fire shots rapidly. After firing, you will usually need to wait for a few seconds before firing again. Do not be trigger-happy with this weapon!

Shots Take Time To Hit Their Target

The launcher's shot does not instantly hit the target. You will need to wait for the launcher's shot to reach its destination before it damages anything. Try predicting where your enemy will be before you fire.

No Team Damage

Although you are not immune from the explosion, your teammates are so no need to worry about friendly fire when using this weapon!

Weapon Tips

Damage Groups Of Enemies

Using a Launcher for a group of enemies will allow you to deal a huge amount of damage to multiple enemies with a single shot!

Destroy Tall Structures

You may be able to quickly destroy an enemy's structure by firing at its base. By destroying its base, it may also bring down the rest of the structure!

Predict Your Enemy's Movement

Remember that shots take time to hit their target. Fire your weapon at the area where you think the enemy would be, and damage them in the explosion!

Launcher List

Rocket Launcher

Icon / RarityDPSDamageMag.Size
Rocket Launcher Rare★382.51101
Rocket Launcher Epic★4871161
Rocket Launcher Legendary★590.751211

Grenade Launcher

Icon / RarityDPSDamageMag.Size
Grenade Launcher Rare★31001006
Grenade Launcher Epic★41051056
Grenade Launcher Legendary★51101106

Quad Launcher

Icon / RarityDPSDamageMag.Size
Quad Launcher Epic★480804
Quad Launcher Legendary★584844

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