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Best Weapons - Gun Tier Ranking

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Best Weapons - Gun Tier Ranking

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Check out the Best Weapon and Guns Ranking for Fortnite Battle Royale! Learn the stats and strategies for the most popular weapons currently in the game.

Best Weapons - Gun Tier RankingCheck out the All Weapon Damage & Stats!

Table of Contents

Weapon Ranking

Weapon Type List

Weapon Ranking is Based On:

1. Effective Range

Effective Range

Each weapon has an effective range where they perform at their best. Weapons that are capable of being useful across different ranges are highly advantageous in the game.

2. Versatility Across Game Modes

Versatility Across Game Modes

In this ranking, we'll be taking into the account the ability of weapons to perform well across different game modes and not just in certain situations.

3. Overall DPS

Overall DPS

Damage per Second highly dictates how powerful a weapon is. This will show the capabilities of a weapon in taking down enemies and structures.

Different Criterias For Solos And Teams

The weapons ranked in their article each have a different effectiveness in the context of playing solos or within teams.

Criteria For Solos

Weapons ranked under Solos must be able to help you easily defend yourself in battle. These weapons can give you the advantage in combat and do not need other support from other players to do well.

Criteria For Teams

Weapons ranked under Teams will only perform well if the team can complement the actions of the weapon being used. Lack of communication with your teammates may render the effectiveness of those weapons to useless.

Best Weapon Ranking: S Rank

S Tier Rank Weapons

S-Rank weapons are fairly easy to use and are effective in any game mode with relatively high damage and low-medium rarities. This makes it so that even beginners can effectively use them!

Pump ShotgunPump Shotgun- Capable of one-hit eliminations via head shots
- Excellent at close range
- Shot power decreases at longer ranges
Quad LauncherQuad Launcher- Able to fire 4 rockets consecutively
- High damage to buildings
- Excellent at close and mid range
- Area effect explosive damage from rockets
Suppressed Assault RifleSuppressed Assault Rifle (★4,5)- Does not give away your position when shot
- Versatile weapon at all ranges
- Deals high damage
Assault RifleAssault Rifle (★4,5)- More than 100 damage in 3 shots
- Tight bullet spread
- Can be used at any distance
Heavy Shotgun Heavy Shotgun- Effective range is long
- High damage (73-77)
- Most versatile shotgun
Rocket LauncherRocket Launcher - High damage at 110-121 damage per direct hit
- Explosive damage has a wide area
- Very high Building destruction power
Compact SMG Compact SMG - High DPS can defeat enemies quickly
- Strong Building destruction power
- Large magazine size
Heavy Assault RifleHeavy Assault Rifle- Deals high shot damage and DPS
- Excellent when used in mid-range shootouts
Quad LauncherQuad Launcher-Can easily take down enemy forts and structures
-Capable of damaging structures and enemies thanks to splash damage
-Fire 4 rockets before reloading
Suppressed Assault RifleSuppressed Assault Rifle (★4,5)-High damage with versatile range
-Silence shots keeps users hidden
-Good for stealthy kills
Rocket LauncherRocket Launcher- High Building destruction power
- One person can destroy structures while other teammates focus on focusing fire to enemies
Assault Rifle Assault Rifle (★4,5)- Effectiveness across all ranges
- Excellent damage to enemy and buildings
Grenade LauncherGrenade Launcher - Can wipe out enemy forts with its high Building destructive power
- Easy to use against structures
Compact SMGCompact SMG- High DPS can quickly bring down enemies
- Can also be used to bring down structures
Heavy Shotgun Heavy Shotgun - Highly versatile and effective in team combat
- Can cause moderate mid-range damage
Minigun Minigun- Can pressure enemies with its fast fire rate
- Useful to draw enemy attention
- Can easily take down structures
Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle- Capable of single-shot eliminations
- Can limit enemy movement
Heavy Sniper Heavy Sniper-Can create openings in enemy forts with one shot
-Lower bullet drop makes shots easier to track
-4 second reload time after every shot
Pump ShotgunPump Shotgun- Best when used to making head shots
- Well-placed shots can eliminate enemies quickly

Best Weapon Ranking: A Rank

A Tier Rank Weapons

A-Rank weapons are almost as powerful as S Rank weapons with just a little deviation. Effectiveness changes depending on how players utilize these weapons.

Heavy Assault RifleHeavy Assault Rifle- Deals high shot damage and DPS
- Excellent when used in mid-range shootouts
Tactical Shotgun Tactical Shotgun - Fastest fire rate among shotguns
- Good magazine size
- Very effective in short-range combat
Hand CannonHand Cannon- One shot damage is at 75~78
- Deals high damage to buildings
SMG SMG - Effective in taking enemies down quickly
- Powerful against structures
Double Barrel ShotgunDouble Barrel Shotgun- Extremely high burst damage
- Low versatility due to its range
- High risk, high reward type of weapon
Grenade Launcher Grenade Launcher- Can take down structures quickly
- Explosive power can kill enemies instantly
Burst Assault Rifle Burst Assault Rifle- Causes high damage in short bursts
- Has slight bullet spread
Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle - Has high damage at 105-116 damage
- Deals deadly blows with headshots
- One bullet magazine size
- Need to reload after every shot
Heavy Sniper Heavy Sniper- Extremely high damage per shot to both enemies and structures
- Low bullet drop compared to other sniper rifles
- Extremely long reload time after every shot
SMGSMG- Can take down enemies in an instant
- Excellent in destroying enemy structures
Hunting Rifle Hunting Rifle- One-shot eliminations are possible
- Can suppress enemy movement
Tactical ShotgunTactical Shotgun - Can prolong fights due to its large magazine size
- One of the highest firing rates among shotguns
Hand CannonHand Cannon- Can deal high damage in one shot
- Excellent at destroying enemy structures
Double Barrel ShotgunDouble Barrel Shotgun- Effective at wiping out a huge chunk of enemy health and shileds in two shots
- Most effective at point blank range
Burst Assault Rifle Burst Assault Rifle (~☆4) - High DPS
- Not advisable to use against enemy buildings
Thermal Scope AR Thermal Scope AR - Useful in scoping out enemies and treasure
- Use to chip away enemy's health from a distance
Assault Rifle Assault Rifle (~☆3)- One of the more beginner friendly guns
- Highly versatile in close- to mid-range combat
- Often used due to frequency of middle-range combat in-game

Best Weapon Ranking: B Rank

B Tier Rank Weapons

B Rank weapons are reliable enough to create medium to high damage per hit. They are still not extremely difficult to use, have medium rarity, but may need more experience to use.

Assault Rifle Assault Rifle (~☆3)- Easy to use in any range
- Can be effective against enemy buildings
Hunting Rifle Hunting Rifle- Has high damage at 86-90
- One shot enemies with headshots
- Harder to aim with no scope
Minigun Minigun- Has very high DPS
- One of the best in destroying structures
- Has a shooting delay and a wind-up time
Thermal Scope Assault Rifle Thermal Scope Assault Rifle- Thermal scope assists in spotting hidden enemies
- Can do 100 or more damage in 3 shots
- Has slow firing rate
Burst Assault Rifle Burst Assault Rifle- Causes high damage in seconds
- Not effective in destroying enemy buildings
Hand Cannon Hand Cannon- Has high damage per shot
- Easy to use in initiating mid-range battles
- High craft damage
Scoped Assault Rifle Scoped Assault Rifle- Dishes out effective damage at mid- to long-range combat
- Can instantly hit enemies from a distance
- Ineffective in close-range combat

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