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Not sure which Battle Royale game mode to play? Check out this list of Fortnite Game Modes, including Regular Modes, Limited Time Modes (LTM) and new game modes!

Battle Royale Game Modes

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Games Modes Available Year Round

These game modes are available to play all the time and form the core of Fortnite Battle Royale's gameplay.

Play Solo

The ultimate survival mode! Solo mode pits you against 99 other players in a grand battle royale!

Check Out Our Solo Guide Here

Pair Up in Duos

They say two heads are better than one and it's always a good idea to have someone watching your back. So grab a friend and fight it out against 49 other teams in Duos mode!

Check Out How to Play Duos Here

Join a Team in Squads

Create a team of up to 4 players and work your way to be the last team standing in Squad Mode!

Check Out Our Guide for Squad Mode

Limited Time Modes for Something Different

Want to try something a little different? Check out these Limited Time Modes that each have different game mechanics from the core game, but are only available to play for a short while!

Team Rumble

Limited Time Mode Team Rumble

Work in 2 teams of 20 and race to get 100 eliminations in this action-packed Limited Time Mode with player respawn!

Check Out Team Rumble LTM Here


Fortnite Battle Royal Limited Time Mode Blitz

Think and act fast as you survive against enemies and a faster Storm!

Check Out Blitz! LTM Here

Team Terror

Fortnite Battle Royale Limited Time Mode Team Terror

Two teams of 32 take on each other and Cube Monsters to be the last team standing!

Check Out Team Terror LTM Here

Disco Domination

Capture Dance Floors by performing emotes and take down enemies trying to butt in on your performance!

Check Out Disco Domination LTM Here

Close Encounters

Put on your trusty Jetpack and bring out your boomsticks to blow away the competition in The New Close Encounters Game Mode! As the name suggests, only shotguns are available in this game mode along with the Jetpacks.

Check Out The Close Encounters LTM

The Getaway

Pull off the perfect heist! Grab a Jewel Llama and make your way to the Getaway Van to escape!

Check Out The Getaway LTM

Solid Gold

Only the best weapons and items allowed! Solid Gold pits you against other players and only allows you to use Legendary Weapons and Items!

Check Out The Solid Gold LTM Here

Score Royale

Rack up those coins and eliminate your enemies to win in the new Score Royale Limited Time Mode! In this game mode, whoever collects the most points, wins!

Check Out the Score Royale LTM Here

Soaring Modes

Open up your glider and take to the skies! In Soaring Modes, you can fly whenever you are at 2-story high!

Check Out the Soaring Modes LTM Here

Sniper Shootout

Prove you're the best sniper around and make every shot count in Sniper Shootout. In this game mode, you can only find sniper rifles for weapons.

Check Out the Sniper Shootout Guide

Playground Mode

Explore the map solo or party with your Squad in own private island! Playground Mode allows players to explore the map and let their imaginations run wild.

Check Out More Info on Playground Mode!

Solo Showdown

A more intense version of Solo mode with prizes at stake! Rules change each run, so read up, load up, and get ready to take everyone down!

Check Out Solo Showdown Here

Fly Explosives

Squad up and put on your jetpacks! Time to prove your aerial superiority as you rain explosives from the sky in Fly Explosives Mode.

Check Out Fly Explosives Mode

Steady Storm

Don't let the storm catch you! In Steady Storms, the storm is relentless and is just as big of an enemy as other players.

Check Out Steady Storm Mode!

50 V 50 Mode

In 50 v 50 mode, two teams of 50 players will fight it out for dominance until only one team is standing!

Check Out How to Play 50 v 50 Here

How to Change Game Modes

Open the Game Selection Screen

Click on the "Game Mode" button located above the "play" button to see all game modes currently available.

Select the Game Mode

Pick your preferred game mode then click the "Accept" button. You can also choose if you want to find a team with the "Fill Squad" option above it.

Only Party Leaders can Select Game Modes

When playing in Duos or Squads, only the party leader is allowed to change the game mode.

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