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Solid Gold - Limited Time Mode: Gameplay Tips And Guides

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Gear up! Fortnite Battle Royale's Limited Time Mode - Solid Gold is now available to play in Squads!

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Solid Gold Overview

UpdateContent Update 5.30 (August 28)
Release DateAugust 28, 2018

The Solid Gold Game Mode restricts its players to only use Legendary Weapons during its matches! More common items such as Bandages and Shield Potions will still drop so you can heal yourself up!

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All Weapons Are Legendary

All of the Weapons that you will find is from the Legendary Tier! Remember to always optimize your loadout so that you will have a variety of Legendary weapons to choose from!

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Solid Gold Tips

Here are some things that Solo Players should remember when playing in this mode!

Prioritize Your Weapons

It is recommended to have at least 1 effective weapon for each range so you are able to face a variety of different situations!

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Solid Gold Weapon Recommendations

Heavy Shotgun
  • High fire rate compared to other shotguns
  • Longer range compared to other shotguns
Assault Rifle
  • Versatile weapon for any range
  • Deals high damage in 3 shots
  • Less bullet spread compared to other assault rifles
Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle
  • Deals high damage in a single shot
  • Can pick off enemies from far away
Rocket Launcher
  • High damage output
  • Deals damage to an area instead of a single target
  • Easily destroys structures
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Health Or Shield Items Are Of Less Priority

Engagement may only offer a small if not no time for you to heal up properly. It is recommended that you stick to your guns and only reserve one slot in your loadout for either a healing or shield item.

Do Not Risk Entering Populated Areas

Since all of the items in this mode are from the Legendary Tier, you can choose to land in less populated areas, and pick up the same kind of loot!

Tilted Towers Is A Populated Area

Tilted Towers is notorious for having lots of loot for you to gather, and lots of enemies for you to face. Try landing in a less populated area like Lonely Lodge since it will also spawn Legendary Items.

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Avoid Sustaining Damage

In this Game Mode, all of the weapons are of the highest tier, meaning a few shots will be able to bring you down. Try to avoid sustaining damage with these tips:

Build And Run

Building will give you some cover and time to run, while possibly making the enemy focus their fire onto your structure since they think you're still hiding behind your walls!

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Have An Item For Escaping

Being able to quickly get away from your attackers is a good way to avoid getting damaged further. Having a Rift-To-Go or a Shockwave Grenade will let you create some space between you and the enemy!

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