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Sniper Shootout -Limited Time Mode: Gameplay Tips And Guides

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Sniper Shootout -Limited Time Mode: Gameplay Tips And Guides

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Keep your aim steady, the Sniper Shootout Limited Time Mode is out! Read this guide to know everything there is to know about the LTM, including tips on how to win it!

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Long Range LTM - Sniper Shootout

Sniper Shootout LTM - Overview

Sniper Shootout LTM Details

UpdateContent Update 5.21 (August 15)
Release DateAugust 15, 2018

Keep your aim steady! The Sniper Shootout Limited Time Mode is here and it brings with it tense gameplay as you and your squad outsnipe other players to get that Victory Royale!

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May the Best Sniper Win

Snipers Rifles Only

Don't bother looking for SMGs or Pistols. Only Sniper Rifles are available in Sniper Shootout!

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Heavy Sniper Rifle Debut

Sniper Shootout was released at the same time with the Heavy Sniper and that's not a coincidence! Chances of finding the Heavy Sniper Rifle is higher here than in other Game Modes.

Available Weapons in Sniper Shootout

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Floor Loot Spawns are Reduced

You won't find as much weapons around because Floor Loot spawns have been reduced to 50%. Better keep an eye out for Treasure Chests!

Tips to Win Sniper Shootout

Be Opportunistic

See someone engaged in combat? Take the opportunity while they're distracted and shoot them. This gives you a better chance of getting a headshot and eliminating them!

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Move Around After Every Other Shot

Don't let your opponent know where you are. Move around after every other shot to make you less predictable and harder to counter-snipe.

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Carry Around Different Rifles

Utilize weapon combos and have a balanced loadout with you even if there's only limited weapons available. Try to carry one hitscan weapon to compensate for projectile weapons.

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Don't Stay in the Open

Being out in the open makes you a sitting duck for snipers. Always travel with cover around you!

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