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Creative Mode - Game Mode Overview & Guide

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Learn more about the new Creative Mode that will be available to players along with Fortnite's Season 7! Information includes what you can do, mode features, & more!!

Fortnite Creative - New Mode
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Table of Contents

What's New in Creative Mode in Season 8

New Voice Chat Options

New Voice Chat Options

Players can freely talk among each other regardless of their team when in the Creative Hub or in an island with the new Voice Chat updates. Players can choose from None, Team, or All channels.

New Prefabs & Galleries Added

New Prefabs & Galleries Added

Following the release of Season 8, the Creative Mode has received 6 new Jungle Temple Prefabs and 3 new Jungle Temple Galleries. Preexisting galleries have also been updated with new props and items.

New Jungle Temple Prefabs

  • Great Pyramid
  • Pyramid
  • Courtyard
  • Temple
  • Shrine A
  • Shrine B

New Jungle Temple Galleries

  • Jungle Temple Gallery
  • Jungle Temple Prop Gallery
  • Jungle Nature Gallery

Play with New Devices

New Devices

From pinball bumpers to billboards, a number of new devices have found their way to Creative Mode, bringing exciting possibilities with them!

Newly Added Devices

BillboardBillboardWrite and publish text that will show up on the Billboard
Pinball BumperPinball BumperRound bumper that interacts with both players and vehicles on contact
Pinball FlipperPinball FlipperFlipper that will interact with both players and vehicles on contact
Cannon SpawnCannon SpawnSpawns a Pirate Cannon

What is Creative Mode?

SOURCE: Epic Games Official Site!!

Build Your Own Creation in Private Island

Build Your Own Island

Each player will have 4 islands on which to build their dream creation. These islands will be a blank slate and building progress will be saved so you won't need to worry about the time limit.

Use Unique Creation Tools to Build Your Own Creation

Creative gives you access to a variety of tools via the phone which allow you to build and manipulate structures and items which normally can't be created. You can even set your own rules on how your creation should be played to make your very own mini-game!

New Mode Starts On December 13 For Everyone

Starting December 13th, access to Fortnite's Creative Mode will be extended to everyone so all users can try their hand at this mode. The feature has been available only to the ones who purchased Season 7 Battle Pass.

What Can You Do in Creation Mode?

Create Your Own Diorama & Maps

Build Practice With Infinite Building Materials

Creative is the ideal place to practice for building battles as you can have infinite building materials so you won't need to waste time gathering them.

Practice Build Battles & Technique for Battle Royale

Create an ideal practice situation by using prefabricated buildings and building your way out of situations you've had trouble getting out of in the Battle Royale game modes.

Read More About Building Basic Guide

Play With Special Prefab Mini Games

Fortnite Creative - New Mode

Some unique structures like stadiums have been added to prefabs so you can immediately enjoy them without needing to make them from the ground up.

Get Featured On The Block

Fortnite, The Block

Epic will be on the lookout for exceptional player creations shared via social media with the hashtag #FortniteBlockParty to feature on The Block!

Read More About The Block

A New 5th Island Features The Block

The Block

Aside from the original 4 islands each player receives to build on, a 5th island will be provided featuring The Block so that players can make sure their creations can fit the space!

Check Out The Block Guide

What Are The Features of the Creative Mode?

Your Islands

Your Islands

Each player will get 4 blank islands on which to build on accessible via a Golden Rift from the Creative hub.

Featured Islands

Featured Islands

Featured Islands can be accessed via special Rifts. These will allow you to access created islands currently featured and play them according to the rules set by the creator.

Island Codes System

Island Codes System

The Island Codes system will allow you to access player-created islands that have been shared to the system. To load these, use the "Enter Code" option at the Featured Rift.

Published Islands Display Island Codes

Players will be able to see Published Island Codes when visiting other islands. However, this option can be turned off in the "My Island" game tab.

Creative Mode Tools & System

“My Island” Menu

My Island Menu

The "My Island" Menu offers a variety of options that will allow you to customize the island and set the rules for how a game on your island will be played.

Starting Health Can Be Invincible

This will prevent players from getting damaged while they are on your island.

Building Damage in Game Can Be Turned off

Disable this option so the buildings you've placed will be invincible, but will not apply to player-built structures. Enable this option to allow buildings to be destroyed normally.

Collision Option (No Clip) Can Be Toggled

Disabling this will allow you to move props through each other but not under terrain. This will make arranging elements easier when creating your island.

Able to Fly For Movement

Double-tapping Jump even while using your Glider will allow you to use the Fly option. This will allow you to quickly move through the map and even place objects in midair!

Set the Time of Day

A new "Time of Day" option has been added to the Creative Hub, allowing players to set the time for their islands. Choose a specific hour of day for your island to stay in that time frame.

Prefabs - Ready-Made Structures


If you don't fancy building from scratch, use Prefabs to customize your island. These range from classic Battle Royale structures to special challenge structures ready to use!

Obstacle Course

The Obstacle Course prefab set includes Floors, Walls, Roofs, Stairs and Parts. This will allow you to easily create your own Obstacle Course using structures and props!

Indestructible Gallery

The items included here will allow you to strategically place objects that cannot be destroyed by weapons in the game.



Devices are a mix of items that can be interacted with. These include the classic Battle Royale Trap items to timers, scoreboards, etc.

Music Sequencer

Creative Mode Music Sequencer

As of Fortnite Patch v7.40, a new tool called the Music Sequencer can be used to create, combine, and play tunes! It triggers music blocks, can loop music, change tempos, and trigger other sequencers and more!

Item Spawner

This device will spawn a pre-set item one at a time during games on the island where it's located.

Player Checkpoint Plate

Behaves similar to a save point, players that run across this device will change their spawn point to its location when they die during a game.

Radio Device In Visualizer Gallery

A radio device can be found in the Visualizer Gallery. It can play music and ambient noises.

Resize Your Props With Equipped Phone

Creative Mode Resize Ability

With your Phone equipped, you will be able to resize your props. Props can be grown or shrunk by 3 times of their original size.

Gameplay Features In Creative Mode

New Game Conditions & Options

As of Fortnite Patch v7.40, new game winning conditions and options have been added into the game. These new options will make you enjoy playing in Creative Mode more.

Team Play Features in Creative Mode

All On One Team When Entering A Server

Similar to Playgrounds, all players will be on the same team when they initially join the server for the island.

Jump Into An Active Session In Team 1

Players who join a session that's currently in progress will be on Team 1 by default.

Team Spawns Spread Evenly Across Spawn Points

Whenever possible, players on the same team will spawn across different team spawn points for even distribution.

Team Identifiers Enabled

Players on the same team will now be able to see team identifiers to easily tell apart players on the opposite team.

Watch Featured Creator Streams in Creative Mode

Epic Games has enlisted the help of popular streamers to showcase just what you can do in Creative Mode. Check out their features via the Official Fornite Creative News.

Fortnite's Code Of Conduct

Fortnite Creative - New Mode

As this is a new mode in the world of Fortnite, remember that there are some ground rules. This is in order to create a good atmosphere, and ensure the safety of all players.

The Dos & Don'ts In Fortnite


  • Be an extension of the brand. Fortnite is fun, friendly, and welcoming to all players.
  • Respect other players. Be graceful in victory and defeat.
  • Keep account information safe and private.
  • Play fairly and within the rules of the game.
  • Use official Fortnite names for all weapons, Outfits, Points of Interest, and items.


  • Engage in hate speech, threats, spam, harassment, discriminatory or illegal behavior.
  • Be overly commercial or spammy.
  • Create or display any pornographic content in association with Fortnite.
  • Violate any copyright or trademark of Epic Games or any other third party.
  • Promote or engage in gambling associated with Fortnite.
  • Participate in any action which, in the sole and exclusive judgment of Epic Games, defrauds the game or any other player.

SOURCE: Fortnite's Code Of Conduct!!

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