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v7.10 Content Update # 1 & # 2 Summary - December 30, 2018

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v7.10 Content Update # 1 & # 2 Summary - December 30, 2018

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Learn more about the v7.10 update notes of Fortnite Battle Royale, including what's new in the v7.10 Content update - quality of life improvements, & more.

v7.10 Content Update Summary - December 30, 2018

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v7.10 Content Update Summary

v7.10 Content Update Overview

New ContentDetail
Presentv7.10 Content UpdateThree part mini-updates are inbound for Fortnite, each bringing new content and items!

v7.10 Content Update Release Date

Release DatePart 1: December 23, 2018
Part 2: December 30, 2018

The v7.10 content update will be released between multiple sessions. Each update will bring new items and QoL improvements!.

Weapon And Item Changes

New Item "Present" Added (Dec. 23)


What's in the box? A new throwable item "Presents" have been added to the Battle Royale. Throwing a present box will create a huge box of present where it lands, the present will contain several item and weapons! Can be carried up to 5 boxes.

New Item "Boombox" Added (Dec. 30)

A new throwable item "Boombox" have been introduced to the Battle Royale! You can throw the Boombox like any other throwables to deploy them to deliver devastating structural damage!. Check Out the Boom Box Stats & Tips Here

Boombox Effects

After deployment, the Boombox will blast its surrounding (3x3x2 units in range) with powerful shockwaves, dealing 200 structure damage for 20 seconds!

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