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Balloon Guide - Tips & Techniques

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Read here for information about Balloons - Fortnite's latest mobility item! Find out the traits and functional uses of Balloons here!

Fortnite Balloons

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Balloons Overview

Balloons - Lift Yourself Off The Ground

Balloons will allow players to move vertically up off the ground. Reach high ground and high enemy forts with this item!

Balloons Summary

Fortnite Balloons
Slot Equipment
Where to FindFloors, Chests, Supply Drops, Supply Llamas, Vending Machines
Stack (Pick Up)20
Max Stack 20
Max Deployment6 Balloons
Float Requirement At least 5 Balloons
FeaturesLifts players vertically off the ground.
Effect DurationNone, but explodes at a certain height
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Balloons Traits

Takes Up An Equipment Slot

Fortnite  Balloons

Balloons will occupy one of your Equipment Slots so adjust your loadout if you plan to use it! Since 20 is the max stack, picking up another pack of Balloons with take up a new slot.

Inflate Balloons With Primary Fire Button

Use your primary fire button to inflate a Balloon. You will need to inflate at least 6 Balloons before you can float!

Let Go Of A Balloon With Secondary Fire Button

In case you've already reached your desired height, use the secondary fire button to let go of a Balloon.

Make Sure To Bind A Secondary Fire Button

Before going into a match, make sure that you keybind a secondary button so that you can let go of your Balloons!

Lifts Players Off The Ground

Inflating 6 Balloons will allow players to lift themselves off the ground vertically by floating.

More Balloons Will Increase Altitude

Adding more Balloons will increase your altitude and will allow you to reach higher areas without building.

Balloons Can Be Shot

Players can pop Balloons by shooting at them.

Balloons Don't Last Long At Maximum Build Height

Once you've floated to the maximum build height, the Balloons may pop and send you falling back down. Duration time at max height is to be confirmed.

Balloons Techniques & Tips

Lessen Fall Damage

Inflated Balloons can lessen or nullify the fall damage. Check out the number of balloons you need to nullify the fall damages from certain heights.

HeightBalloons To Nullify the Damage
3 Stories0
6 Stories1
8 Stories2
Over 8

Ascend Faster With 6 Balloons

You start floating up with 5 Balloons. Add a 6th to float at the fastest float speed! Don't forget to release the Balloons when you've reached your ideal height!

Useful for Glider Re-deployment

Inflate balloons to reach the necessary height for Glider re-deployment to allow for a speedy relocation in case of ambush or for avoiding the Storm.

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Get Into Enemy Forts

Reach high enemy forts easier with Balloons! Make sure that you're ready to fight in case they manage to pop your Balloons!

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