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Patch Notes v9.30 Patch Update - June 18, 2019
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Patch Notes v9.30 Patch Update - June 18, 2019

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Find out everything to know about Fornite's v9.30 Patch Update, including patch notes, release date, official tweet, and more! It also marks the release of the new Chug Splash Healing item!!

Patch Notes v9.30 Patch Update - June 18, 2019
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Table of Contents

v9.30 Patch Update - Patch Notes Overview

Drink Up in the v9.30 Patch Update

Drink Up in the v9.30 Patch Update
ReleaseJune 18, 2019, 8AM UTC

The first in a while, the v9.30 Patch Update will introduce a new healing item into the island! Various miscellaneous updates are also expected to come with the update.

Time Conversion Table

PTJune 18, 2019, 1AM
ESTJune 18, 2019, 4AM
CESTJune 18, 2019, 10AM
AETJune 18, 2019, 6PM

Official v9.30 Patch Update Announcement

Followed by a Series of Content Updates

The v9.30 Patch Update is followed by a series of content updates released over the couple of weeks after it. The content updates includes a new weapon each.

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Chug Splash for Shared Healing!

Chug Splash Consumable Item - Guide & Tips

Healing isn't just for you anymore! Share a can of Chug Splash with your friends and heal through the bullets for that Victory Royale!

Check Out the Chug Splash Here

Provides Healing to Those Caught in Blast

Provides Healing to Those Caught in Blast

A Chug Splash releases a liquid that provides 20 health/shields to all those caught in its blast. Those caught in the blast will receive 20 health/shields immediately!

Heals Yourself, Allies, & Enemies

Be careful where you throw your Chug Splash because it can work against you. The Chug Splash can heal the user, their allies, and even enemies!

Weapon Changes

Vaulted Weapons

Vaulted Weapons

After player outcry, the Boom Bow has now been vaulted. The Dual Pistols and Dynamite will be joining it in the vault starting this update.

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Boom Bow IconBoom Bow1181181
Dual Pistols IconDual Pistols170.54218
Dynamite IconDynamite7070N/A

Lower Range Damage for Combat Shotgun

Lower Range Damage for Combat Shotgun

The Combat Shotgun's effectiveness at long-range has been lowered. It will now do 10% and 20% less damage in medium- and long-distance respectively.

Check Out the Combat Shotgun Here

Proximity Grenade Riding Taken Out

Proximity Grenade Riding Taken Out

Players won't be able to ride the projectiles of Proximity Grenades anymore. This was due to issues to level streaming caused by rocketing riding the grenade.

Check Out the Proximity Grenade Here

Miscellaneous Changes

Weapons & Items

  • Players could shoot immediately after using a Rift to Go.
  • Supply Drones would sometimes spawn underground in areas with water.
  • Adjusted the area of around the Reboot Van that players cannot build to prevent the placement of floors and traps under the Van.
  • The Proximity Grenade Launcher was auto reloading while aiming down sights.
  • Adjusted the timing for the effects of consumables to help situations where players would switch away from the consumable before it finished activating.
  • Reboot Cards will no longer fall to the ground. They will remain where they spawn.
  • Reboot Cards were remaining available on the map even after the timer had expired.
  • Campfires could block explosion damage at specific angles.
  • The Shadow Bomb double jump ability could be activated while under the effect of a Boogie Bomb.
  • Boogie Bomb effects would continue playing on players while they were skydiving.
  • Empty Shadow Bombs could not be discarded correctly if eliminated while the effect was active while in respawn game modes.
  • Players that had a Rift to Go used on them at the same time they were being rebooted would sometimes not be put into the skydiving state.
  • Storm Flip would deal incorrect damage if two were overlapped on each other.
  • Storm Flip was able to stop a Supply Drop from falling
  • Weapons were showing while using emotes while on a Driftboard


  • Made the “Hold to Swap” feature an option. This defaults as OFF.
  • Made the Fortbyte Pressure Plate Puzzle NW of The Block easier to complete.
  • Slipstreams now fade out the visual effects and play audio cues to warn that they are shutting off before the collision and forces are disabled, to give players more advance warning.
  • Added Storm Flip color switch effects, depending on Storm intersection points.
  • Skydiving from the bus toward a slipstream was not auto-deploying gliders at the correct height.
  • Storm Surge was not activating in Phase 8
  • Player health could be improperly rounded when receiving damage.
  • The health bar for structures could disappear when hitting a wall and swapping to build mode.
  • Lava was dealing damage to players too quickly.


  • Rendering optimizations on player built walls to help end-game situations with thousands of building pieces.
  • Added general optimizations for audio visual indicators.
  • Resolved an issue causing poor performance in the lobby on Mac when in a large party.


  • Improvements to Grenade Launcher and Grenade fuse sounds
  • Lowered the volume of vehicles in a Slipstream that doesn’t have a driver/passenger.
  • Increase the range for the enemy 1x1 pickaxe impact sound from 1 tile to 1.5 tiles
  • Fixed an issue with audio device hot-swapping when switching between outputs.
  • One-shot sounds could re-trigger when walking into audio range.
  • The Victory Royale sound no longer gets affected by the slow motion effect when a match is won.
  • The Combat Shotgun had the wrong fire sounds on Mobile/Switch.
  • The Baller suction sounds were playing 2d if someone piloted a baller that you’d previously dismounted.
  • Sounds for consumables would not play if approaching a player while they were already using them
  • Footstep audio for the “Take the Elf” emote wasn’t playing.


  • Hiding the vehicle health bar that appears above a vehicle if you are the player operating it to avoid two vehicle health bars from being displayed.
  • The vehicle health bar that appears above a players health and shield will remain in the HUD.
  • The direction-to-safety vector lines were not appearing properly on the map when in game modes where respawn was enabled.


  • Scrubbing a replay could cause the unique font color on Golden points of interest to disappear.


  • Increased the size of the auto-pickup radius for items
  • Lava textures were not appearing properly in the Floor of Lava Limited Time Mode on Android.
  • Resolved HLOD issues that were occurring at Loot Lake on Mobile.
  • Fixed the Quinjet Glider deploy animation on the Google Pixel 2.
  • The collar of the Instinct Outfit was clipping into the hood.
  • The Fiend Wrap and Turbulent Wraps were not displaying properly on certain Mobile devices.
  • The icon for the Wonder Outfit was displaying as pixels.
  • The FPS counter was not being properly displayed in-game when enabled.
  • While the map was opened, pressing anywhere outside of it was making that press count as if it was the joystick.
  • The Cycle Weapons HUD Layouts weren’t visible after jumping from the Battle Bus
  • Fixed an issue where the “Require Access to Contacts” prompts was appearing for Mobile players.
  • Sound effects and music were not playing properly on the Moto Z2Force and HTC U11 devices.
  • Reloading a Shotgun was being impeded when Tap Anywhere was active.
  • Using a bluetooth controller was assigning players to the incorrect matchmaking bucket.
  • Player character models weren’t appearing after returning to the Lobby from the Item Shop.
  • The Controller UI was appearing on screens even when a controller wasn’t connected.

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