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Read this Fire Emblem: Three Houses guide on all story walkthroughs - includes monastery arc and time-skip arc, main story gameplay list, features, tips, routes, and endings!!!

Table of Contents

DLC: Cindered Shadows Chapter (Ashen Wolves Route)

Cindered Shadows
Checkout Cindered Shadows Walkthrough Here!
DLC - Cindered Shadows Chapter Story Walkthrough
The Fourth HouseThe Fourth House
(Chapter 1)
You investigate a tunnel leading down from the monastery
▶ A Skirmish In Abyss Battle Guide
What Lies Beneath What Lies Beneath
(Chapter 2)
You find an entire town, the Abyss right under your feet. Now they need your help
▶ Ambush In The Arena Battle Guide
The Rite of Rising The Rite of Rising
(Chapter 3)
You meet Aelfric, a Garreg Mach staff, who sends you off to find a legendary Chalice
▶ Ambush In The Arena Battle Guide
Danger in the Dark Danger in the Dark
(Chapter 4)
After finding the Chalice, you're trapped underground and need to escape
▶ A Harrowing Escape Battle Guide
Betrayal Betrayal
(Chapter 5)
Aelfric has been kidnapped and you need to find a way to rescue him
▶ Besieged in the Chapel Ruins Battle Guide
Return to Me Return to Me
(Chapter 6)
Go back down to the Holy Mausoleum to stop the Rite of Rising
▶ The Rite of Rising Battle Guide
Wolf Pack Wolf Pack
(Chapter 7)
You give chase to your foe and face a Demonic Beast in the mausoleum
▶ A Beast in the Cathedral Battle Guide
After DLC
After DLC
▶What To Do After Beating DLC

Prologue - White Clouds Chapter

Check Out the White Clouds Walkthrough Here
Prologue - White Clouds Chapter Story Walkthrough
ProloguePrologueGame Start ~ You know more about the House Leaders
Chapter 1 Three HousesThree Houses
At the Garreg Mach Monastery with Jeralt ~ You gain knowledge of your Crest
▶ Rivalry of the Houses Battle Guide
Chapter 2 Familiar SceneryFamiliar Scenery
(Chapter 2)
Learning about life as a professor ~ Your month's mission is to fight against bandits
▶ Red Canyon Dominance Battle Strategy Guide
Chapter 3 Mutiny in the MistMutiny in the Mist
(Chapter 3)
Prepare to quell Lord Lonato's rebellion against the Church of Seiros
▶ The Magdred Ambush Battle Strategy Guide
The GoddessThe Goddess's Rite of Rebirth
(Chapter 4)
Patrol and guard the monastery to stop the assassination plot against on of the Church VIPs
▶ Assault at the Rite of Rebirth Battle Strategy Guide
Tower of Black Winds Chapter 5Tower of Black Winds
(Chapter 5)
The Gautier Heroes Relic has been stolen, storm the thieves' tower to retrieve it
▶ The Gautier Inheritance Battle Strategy Guide
Rumors of a ReaperRumors of a Reaper
(Chapter 6)
Flayn has been kidnapped. You and your house help in searching for her.
▶ The Underground Chamber Battle Strategy Guide
Field of the Eagle and LionField of the Eagle and Lion
(Chapter 7)
Prepare for another battle between the Three Houses at the end of the month.
▶ Battle of the Eagle and Lion Battle Battle Strategy Guide
The Flame in the DarknessThe Flame in the Darkness (Chapter 8) Rescue the village Remire from the attack of suspicious figures
▶︎ The Remire Calamity Battle Strategy Guide
The Cause of sorrowThe Cause of Sorrow
(Chapter 9)
Experience a ball and investigate mysterious happening in an abandoned chapel
▶︎ Salvation at the Chapel Battle Strategy Guide
Where the Goddess DwellsWhere the Goddess Dwells (Chapter 10)Avenge the death of Jeralt in a battle with his assassin.
▶︎ The Sealed Forest Snare Battle Strategy Guide
Throne of KnowledgeThrone of Knowledge (Chapter 11)Head down to the Holy Tomb to receive a revelation from the Goddess
▶︎ Conflict in the Holy Tomb Battle Strategy Guide
To WarTo War
(Chapter 12)
Defend the Monastery from an incoming attack by the Flame Emperor
▶︎ The Battle of Garreg Mach Battle Guide
Outset Of A Power StruggleOutset Of a Power Struggle (Chapter 12 - Edelgard Route)You made your decision, and must now face your former allies in battle.
▶︎ The Battle of Garreg Mach (Edelgard) Battle Guide

Azure Moon Chapter (Blue Lion Route)

Azure Moon Chapter (Blue Lion Route)
Check Out the Azure Moon Chapter Walkthrough
Azure Moon Story Walkthrough Chart
Reunion at Dawn (Chapter 13)Reunion at Dawn (Chapter 13)Defeat the Thieves and liberate the small village
The Delusional PrinceThe Delusional Prince
(Chapter 14)
Defend Garreg Mach from an incoming attack from the Imperial army
Valley of Torment (Chapter 15)Valley of Torment (Chapter 15)An ambush has been set out in Ailell as you meet your ally, Rodrigue.
The Rose-Colored RiverThe Rose-Colored River (Chapter 16)Make your way to the Leicester Alliance and defeat the enemies at the Great Bridge
Blood of the Eagle and Lion Blood of the Eagle and Lion (Chapter 17) Prep yourself to face off with the Empire and the Alliance at another battle in Gronder
The KingThe King's Triumphant Return
(Chapter 18)
Reclaim the Kingdom Capital, Fhiardiad from the hands of the Empire's ally, Cornelia
The Golden DeerThe Golden Deer's Plea (Chapter 19) Come to Claude's rescue from Imperial army forces in the dock city of Derdriu
The Impregnable FortressThe Impregnable Fortress
(Chapter 20)
Take back Fort Merceus and defeat the Death Knight once for all
Our Chosen PathsOur Chosen Paths
(Chapter 21)
Make your way to Enbarr to finally put a stop to Edelgard's war
Azure Moon Chapter 22Oath of the Dagger
(Chapter 22)
Take down Edelgard and end the war

Verdant Wind Chapter (Golden Deer Route)

Verdant Wind Chapter (Golden Deer Route)
Check Out the Verdant Wind Chapter Walkthrough
Verdant Wind Story Walkthrough Chart
Verdant Wind Chapter 13 (Golden Deer Route)Reunion at Dawn
(Chapter 13)
Reunite with Claude and the Golden Deer House after awaking from your 5-year slumber
Verdant Wind Chapter 14 (Golden Deer Route)The Alliance Leader's Ambitions
(Chapter 14)
Claude and the Alliance unite with the Church of Seiros, sparking a rebellion against the formidable Empire
Golden Deer Chapter 15The Valley of Torment
(Chapter 15)
The alliance seeks the help of Judith. But to do so, they must cross the notorious Ailell
Golden Deer Chapter 16The Rose-Colored River
(Chapter 16)
The Alliance and the Church of Seiros head off to capture the Great Bridge of Myrddin
Golden Deer Chapter 17Blood of the Eagle and Lion
(Chapter 17)
Claude, Dimitri, and Edelgard face-off in a climactic showdown at Gronder Field
Golden Deer Chapter 18The Golden Scheme
(Chapter 18)
The Alliance infiltrates the impregnable fortress Fort Merceus
Golden Deer Chapter 19The Chaos of War
(Chapter 19)
The Alliance and the Church of Seiros invade the imperial capital of Enbarr
Golden Deer Chapter 20Conclusion of the Crossing Roads
(Chapter 20)
The end of the war is in sight. But will Edelgard readily accept defeat?
Golden Deer Chapter 21The City Without Light
(Chapter 21)
Claude and the Alliance take the fight to Those Who Slither in the Dark
Golden Deer Chapter 22Fodlan's New Dawn
(Chapter 22)
The Alliance and the Church of Seiros confront the revived army of Nemesis

Crimson Flower Chapter (Black Eagles - Edelgard Route)

Crimson Flower Chapter (Black Eagles - Edelgard Route)
Check Out the Crimson Flower Chapter Walkthrough
Crimson Flower Story Walkthrough Chart
Beyond Escape<br>(Chapter 13)Beyond Escape
(Chapter 13)
Capture a strategic bridge as beachhead for the Empire's push into Leicester Alliance
▶ The Great Bridge Coup Battle Strategy Guide
The Master Tactician (Chapter 14)The Master Tactician
(Chapter 14)
Defeat Claude at Derdriu to end the Leicester Alliance, while looking out for his many tricks
▶ Capturing Derdriu Battle Strategy Guide
Tempest of Swords and Shields (Chapter 15)Tempest of Swords and Shields
(Chapter 15)
Defend Garreg Mach against an attack from elite Church of Seiros taskforce
▶ Protecting Garreg Mach Battle Strategy Guide
The Lady of DeceitThe Lady of Deceit
(Chapter 16)
The Black Eagle Strike Force assaults the southern stronghold of Arianrhod
▶The Siege of Arianrhod Battle Guide
The Lady of DeceitField of Revenge
(Chapter 17)
Edelgard confronts Dimitri and Rhea in a decisive battle in the Tailtean Plains
▶Combat at Tailtean Plains Battle Guide
To the End of a DreamTo the End of a Dream
(Chapter 18)
The Black Eagle Strike Team has Rhea cornered in Fhirdiad, the Kingdom Capital
▶The Fight for Fhirdiad Battle Guide

Silver Snow Chapter (Church of Seiros Route)

Silver Snow Chapter (Church of Seiros Route)
Check Out the Silver Snow Chapter Walkthrough
Silver Snow Story Walkthrough Chart
Reunion at DawnReunion at Dawn
(Chapter 13)
Awake from your slumber and head back to Garreg Mach to meet with your students
A King Without a KingdomA King Without a Kingdom
(Chapter 14)
Making the Garreg Mach Monastery your battle headquarters, Empire forces try to disrupt your plans
Valley of TormentValley of Torment
(Chapter 15)
You seek help from the Alliance in the valley of Ailell where Kingdom troops await you
The Rose-Colored RiverThe Rose-Colored River
(Chapter 16)
Proceed to the Great Bridge of Myrddin and take it back from Imperial occupation
The Impregnable FortressThe Impregnable Fortress
(Chapter 17)
Your forces move towards Fort Merceus to fight against the Death Knight
The Chaos of WarThe Chaos of War
(Chapter 18)
It's time to finally face Hubert & the Death Knight in the Imperial Capital of Enbarr
Conclusion of Crossing RoadsConclusion of Crossing Roads
(Chapter 19)
Going into the inner parts of the Capital, you go through the ultimate battle with Edelgard
The City Without LightThe City Without Light
(Chapter 20)
Receiving a hint from Hubert, you march towards Goneril to fight the secret society of darkness
Following a DreamFollowing a Dream
(Chapter 21)
Ready yourself for the final battle, and learn the truth behind your past

About Fire Emblem: Three Houses Story

Three Nations At Peace In Fodlan

Three Nations At Peace In Fodlan

The story of Fire Emblem: Three Houses takes place in Fódlan, a continent with three rival nations - the Adrestian Empire, the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus, & the Leicester Alliance. In the beginning of the game, these nations are at peace.

Play As Byleth & Mentor Nation's Future Leaders

Play As Byleth & Mentor Nation

The main character of the story is Byleth, a previous mercenary, who was recruited to teach at the Officer's Academy in the Garreg Mach Monastery. Here you mentor students that lead three houses - each leader an heir to one of the three nations of Fódlan.

Unique Connection To Mysterious Sothis

Unique Connection To Mysterious Sothis

As Byleth, you have a mysterious connection with a girl named Sothis. This central figure has mysterious time powers and only appears in your dreams. Memories of her past are lost & forgotten.

Pick A House To Represent

Pick A House To Represent

Aside from mentoring students, Byleth will need to pick a house to teach & represent. You can choose between the Black Eagles led by Edelgard, Blue Lions led by Dimitri, and Golden Deer led by Claude.

Experience Time-Skip 5 Years Into Future War

Experience Time-Skip 5 Years Into Future

The 2nd time period in the game is the 5-year time-skip - the time where the three house leaders promised to meet again. However, this time, their three nations are now at war with each other.

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