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The Fight for Fhirdiad Battle Guide (Crimson Flower Chapter 18)
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The Fight for Fhirdiad Battle Guide (Crimson Flower Chapter 18)

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Learn strategy, map, items, conditions, and bosses in this guide for The Fight for Fhirdiad Battle in Crimson Flower Chapter 18 in Fire Emblem: Three Houses!!!

Table of Contents

Chapter Battle Shortcut:

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The Fight for Fhirdiad Map Info (Normal)

Map: Combat Start & Reinforcements

The Fight for Fhirdiad: Battle start & reinforcements map
Click to Enlarge

Clear Conditions

Victory ConditionsDefeat the enemy commander.
Defeat ConditionsAll of your units fall in battle.

Ally & Enemy Info

Ally Info

AlliesDeploy up to 12 units

Enemy Info

Enemy Mobs【Start】
Axe ×12
Lance ×7
Gajus ×6
Bow ×3
Reason ×2
Faith ×3
Lance ×4
Enemy ElitesBow x 1(Ashe)
Faith x1 (Annette)
Axe x1 (Cyril)
Axe x1 (Gilbert)
Sword x1 (Catherine)
The Immaculate One

The Fight for Fhirdiad Obtainable Items & Equipment

SpeedwingChest (Bottom Left)
(Requires a Chest Key to open)
Prayer WingChest (Top Right)
(Requires a Chest Key to open)
ThunderbrandDefeat Catherine

The Fight for Fhirdiad Strategy Guide

No Class Changes For Your Units

You will fight non-stop after you start Combat at Tailtean Plains, meaning you cannot get new certifications after starting the battle. Finish all your Certifications before starting Combat at Tailtean Plains.

You Don't Need To Fight Everyone

You win by defeating the The Immaculate One. Unless you're after Chests and items, you can take the shortest route to victory. Do remember that enemy characters would start moving as you get close to Rhea.

Example: Shortest Path To Rhea

The Fight for Fhirdiad battle tips - shortest route
Click to Enlarge

A frontal breakthrough route. Note that Cyril has high damage and movement, so lure him out with someone on a Stronghold tile and swarm him.

Winged Enemy Reinforcements Arrive

4 enemy winged reinforcements will arrive once mid battle. They have high mobility and could wreck your weaker units, but can be easily dispatched with Bows.

Winged Units Can Move More Freely

The Fight for Fhirdiad battle guide - fiery floor
Click to Enlarge

Due to the many penalizing floor tiles and the lack of Bow wielding enemies, flying units have a easier time on this map.

Cavalry Units Have A Hard Time Moving

Cavalry units get penalty from many of the tiles here and isn't as nimble in many cases. Consider dismounting if needed.

Golems Gets Powerful Each time Rhea Howls

The Fight for Fhirdiad battle tips - howl
Click to Enlarge

The upgraded Golems becomes stronger each time The Immaculate One howls. They can pose a serious threat with their "Throwing Light Lance", attacking from 4 tiles away. Finish them off quickly before they get even tougher.

Golem Barriers Block Magic Attacks

Golem is immune to magic & Critical attacks when its Barrier is up. Have your fighters break their barriers before you send in the mages.

How To Beat The Immaculate One

Finish Off Mobs Around It First

The Fight for Fhirdiad battle tips - Eliminate Mobs
Click to Enlarge

The Immaculate One will not initiate combat until you strike. Finish off the mobs around it before initiating the final combat.

Break Barriers With Gambits And Hard-Hitting Attacks

The Immaculate One has a even tougher Barrier that should be dealt with first. Gambits will break them surely, so don't spend them all on Golems.

The Immaculate One Barrier Effects:

  • -70% Damage
  • Immune to critical hits
  • Grants Avo +30 vs sword, lance, axe

Burn It Down Before It Uses Wrath

Wrath ability gives The Immaculate One a high critical chance when counterattacking. This will limit your offence options, so burn it down quickly once it has no HP bars left.

The Immaculate One Latent Abilities:

HP BarLatent Ability & Effects
2 LeftDeath Blow
If unit initiates combat, grants +6 during combat
1 LeftMagic Bind
If unit lands a hit, targeted foe is unable to use magic for 1 turn.
0 LeftWrath
If foe initiates combat while unit's HP is < 50%, grants Crit +50.

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