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Read this Fire Emblem: Three Houses story walkthrough guide of White Clouds Chapter 2 - Familiar Scenery. Including conversation options, battle tips, quests, & more!!!

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White Clouds Chapter 2 - Familiar Scenery Part 1 Guide

Regular Academy Life Walkthrough Chart

No. Procedure
1 After the cutscene, you'll regain control in conversation with your House Leader
2 [House Leader: Conversation Options]
As am I. (Dimitri)
→ Neutral reply
I'm a bit concerned. (Dimitri)
→ Neutral reply
Let's do our best. (Edelgard)
→ Neutral reply
Don't get careless. (Edelgard)
→ Neutral reply
Not interested? (Claude)
→ Neutral reply
You need to focus. (Claude)
→ Neutral reply
3 [Jeralt: Conversation Options]
・I think so.
→ Neutral reply
・Not quite.
→ Jeralt relationship goes up
4 Harpstring Moon 5/9 - Annette's Birthday
5 Harpstring Moon 5/11 - Free Time
- Accept Jeralt's quest
- Talk to your House Leader
- Complete Bulletin Board quests
6 Harpstring Moon 5/12 - Lecture Day
7 Harpstring Moon 5/18
- Raphael's Brithday
- Free Time
8 Harpstring Moon 5/19 - Lecture Day
9 Harpstring Moon 5/21 - Saint Macuil Day
- Participate to increase Faith & Authority experience
10 Harpstring Moon 5/25 - Free Time
11 Harpstring Moon 5/27 - Mercedes's Birthday

5. 5/11 Free Time

Use Free Time To Grow Relationships

Use Free Time To Grow Relationships

Free Time is a great way to grow relationships with colleagues and students. You can do choir practice or share meals, and even cook together! Make the most of your Free Time for a better overall experience at the Officers Academy.

Jeralt's Quest Unlocks Battalions


During this Free Time, make sure to talk to Jeralt and accept his quest. This unlocks Battalions for future fights, adding warfare factors and tactics that will be an advantage in any battle.

Creative Cuisines Unlocks Cooking

Creative Cuisines Unlocks Cooking

Talk to the Head Chef in the Dining Hall to unlock this quest. Collect the recipe books in the Library then go back to the Dining Hall to complete the quest.

A Passion for Music Unlocks Choir Practice

A Passion for Music Unlocks Choir Practice

Head to the Cathedral and talk to the Choir Coordinator to start this quest. Head back to the Dormitory and find the Choir sign-up list then go back to the Coordinator to complete the quest.

6. 5/12 Lecture Day

Lecture Day

In Lecture Day, you can instruct students one on one, assign them to weekly group tasks, or improve their overall stats with a lecture. Choose the activity that will further improve your students' performance in battle.

7. 5/18 Free Time

Unlocks Auxiliary Battles

Auxiliary Battles

When you reach this date, you'll be able to unlock Auxiliary Battles. This means you can go on missions that will level students up and give them experience. Auxiliary Battles will cost Activity Points.

10. 5/25 Free Time

Unlocks Seminars


During this date you'll unlock Seminars. Here you can increase certain statistics and raise motivation of students that attend the Seminar.

White Clouds Chapter 2 - Familiar Scenery Part 2 Guide

Clearing The Mission Walkthrough Chart

No. Procedure
1 Harpstring Moon 5/31 - Mission Day
2 Fight and win in the "Red Canyon Dominance" battle
3 [Sothis: Conversation Options]
・I remember this being a peaceful place...
→ Sothis relationship goes up
・Since when has it been called the Red Canyon...
→ Sothis relationship goes up
4 [Sothis: Conversation Options]
・I'm sorry.
→ Neutral reply
・You surprised me.
→ Sothis relationship goes up
・I'm not scared.
→ Neutral reply
5 [Sothis: Conversation Options]
・Still, it feels familiar.
→ Neutral reply
・Have you been here before, Sothis?
→ Neutral reply
6 [Sothis: Conversation Options]
・Why are you grateful?
→ Neutral reply
・Why are you...
→ To be confirmed
7 [House Leader: Conversation Options]
Why are you so worried? (Dimitri)
→ Neutral reply
Puppy love? (Dimitri)
→ Dimitri relationship goes up
What are you talking about? (Edelgard)
→ Neutral reply
I did. (Edelgard)
→ Edelgard relationship goes up
It's nothing. (Claude)
→ Neutral reply
Actually... (Claude)
→ Claude relationship goes up
8 [House Leader: Conversation Options]
Our ancestors. (Edelgard)
→ Neutral reply
A culture long since perished. (Edelgard)
→ Edelgard relationship goes up
Subterranean beings. (Edelgard)
→ Edelgard relationship goes up
9 [Sothis: Conversation Options]
・That must be it.
→ Neutral reply
・I don't know.
→ Neutral reply
10 After talking with Sothis, the next chapter "Mutiny in the Mist" will begin
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Red Canyon Dominance Battle Tips

Map Has Narrow Corridor On Left

Map Has Narrow Corridor On Left

In this battle, there is a small path on the left of the map. You can move your fastest characters in this path to hit enemies from both sides.

Red Canyon Dominance Battle Strategy Guide (Chapter 2)

Boss Is In Upper Left Heal Tile Of Map

Boss Is In Upper Left Heal Tile Of Map

The boss will be on a heal tile on the upper left corner of the map. Kostas will be surrounded by many of his minions so take them down first before focusing fire on the boss.

Map Has Chest With Large Bullion

Map Has Chest With Large Bullion

The map also has a chest with a Large Bullion inside that you can sell in the Item Shop back at the Monastery. You need to defeat the thief with the chest key to be able to open it up.

Take Down Enemies One By One

It's best not to spread your units too thin and have them go one on one with enemies. Try to take them down one by one instead, focusing fire on a ranged or magic user first before attacking other melee enemies.

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