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Find all you need to know about Fire Emblem: Three Houses' battle system. How do you double attack? How do you get items in the battle? Know all of these by checking this guide!!!

Battle Mechanics

Battle Tips & Strategies

Unit Fielding And Positioning

Select Characters You Want In The Battlefield

Fielding Units

In the Battle Prep menu, the player can choose which characters to field in the battle. The number of units you can deploy in the battle are limited. Field characters that you want to level up or increase their bonds.

Units With Green Highlight Must Join

In the Battle Prep → Units menu, Characters that have a green background are required to join the battle. Be mindful of this as they take up a deployment slot.

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Characters Can Swap & Change Positions

Swap Units

The starting positions of characters vary depending on the battlefield but the player can swap character positions via the map screen. Remember this as there are times that the game automatically places ranged units in the frontline, requiring the need to rearrange them.

Inventory & Equipment Selection

Change Items And Abilities

Abilities Menu

In the Battle Prep menu, selecting Inventory allows the player to alter the equipment and the abilities of each character. Regularly check each character's equipment before a fight as they might be bringing old or low durability weapons to a difficult fight. Also, remember to remove items acquired in previous battles to prevent your characters from having a full inventory in the middle of a battle.

Inventory Menu

ItemsChange the items characters carry
AbilitiesChange the Abilities of characters
Combat ArtsChange the Combat Arts of characters
BattalionsSwap or change Battalions carried by characters
ReclassChange Character classes. The player can change to learned classes on the fly, without limits

Shop Before A Fight!

Battle System Shop

In the Battle Prep screen, the player can access the shop via the "Marketplace" to replenish consumables, buy new equipment, and replenish Battalions. Just make sure to reequip them before starting the battle.

Marketplace Menu

ArmoryBuy or sell weapons
Item ShopBuy keys and other consumable items
Battalion GuildHire or replenish Battalions
BlacksmithStrengthen or repair weapons

Starting A Battle

Battles Are Turn-based

Player Phase

After selecting "Fight!" in the Battle Prep screen, the battle begins. Battles are turn-based with each side being able to move and attack with all owned character during their respective turn. Once certain conditions are met, the battle ends with either a defeat or victory.

Its Okay To Pass A Turn

There is no need to move each character each turn and sometimes, it might even be better to skip the whole turn. Skip a turn especially if you think that maintaining a defensive strategy is better than advancing towards enemy positions.

Use Auto-Battle Efficiently


Opening the menu in the middle of the battle allows the player to choose "Auto-Battle". Auto-Battle automates a player's turn. Choosing this feature opens up four different strategies that the team will follow for the duration of Auto-Battle. The player can cancel Auto-Battle anytime.

Inefficient For Leveling Specific Characters

Auto-Battle does not uniformly distribute the experience to all characters and it also does not prioritize bonding. If you want to level up specific characters or increase bonds, manually directing your troops is the way to go.

Auto-Battle Menu

ChargeUnits will attack the enemy without relenting
FocusUnits will focus on their individual strengths in approaching the enemy
Fall BackUnits will distance themselves from the enemy and wait
UniteAll units will gather around their leader

Double Attack and Linked Attacks

High AS Doubles The Attack

Attack Speed

In battle, if the attacking character's attack speed (AS) is 4 points higher than the target, the attacking character can strike twice, dealing more than the normal damage. The Combat Forecast indicates if the attacking character can strike twice by displaying a "x2" next to the character's MT.

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Counterattacks And Enemies Can Strike Twice

Counterattacks and enemies can also strike twice, provided that their attack speeds are 4 points higher than the attacker/defender.

Deal Heavier Damage With Linked Attacks

Linked Attack

Attacking targets within the range of your allies will bring up a Linked Attack. Linked attacks are stronger than normal ones as it increases the attack's Hit Rate and Avoid Rate, reducing the chances of an enemy counterattack. Might also increases depending on the characters involved in the Linked Attack.

Linked Attacks Are Shown Like Normal Attacks

Linked Attacks are not showy and are executed like normal attacks. You can check if the attacking character will perform a linked attack via the Combat Forecast.

Weapons vs Magic

Weapons Have Durability

Weapon Durability

Weapon Durability decreases whenever the player attacks or uses Combat Arts. Once durability reaches zero, the effectiveness of the weapon will dramatically decrease and will also increase the likelihood of receiving a double attack.

Magic Is Treated Like Weapons

Magic, like weapons need to be equipped. While they don't have durability, they can only be used for a set amount of times per battle. Magic usage is replenished after a battle.

Healing Magic Is An Exception


Healing or Assist Magics are not treated like weapons but rather somewhat like items. They do not need to be equipped but they can only be used for a limited number of times per battle. Healing or Assist Magic usage is replenished after a battle.

Battalion Effects and Usage

Provides Stat Bonuses


Battalions grants additional stats to the characters they are attached to. If possible, attach battalions to all your characters.

Battalions Can Level Up

Like characters, battalions can also level up. They gain experience together with the character they are attached to. However, do bear in mind that their levels are limited by their maximum level.

Battalion Gambits & Rattling

Using Gambits

Characters with Battalions attached to them can make use of "Gambits". Units hit with a Gambit will be rattled, inflicting status effects on them. The player can only use them for a set number of times during each battle. Gambit usage can be reset by using "Replenish" in the Battalion Guild menu.

Gambit Rattle Effects

  • Immobilizes the unit
  • Unit cannot use Gambits
  • 10% penalty to all stats
  • Negates bonuses gained from Battalions

Gambit Boosts

Gambit Boost

Similar to Linked Attacks, Gambit Boost is when a character uses a Gambit on a target within an ally's range of attack, raising the Mt and hit rate of the Gambit. The effect is strengthened depending on the number of participating units and their respective support levels to the attacker.

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Team Trading and Using the Convoy

Trade Items With Your Teammates Mid-Battle

Characters can trade items with teammates provided that they are located at an adjacent tile. Support other units by providing them with much needed support items or replacing their broken weapons.

Take Items From The Convoy

The Convoy acts as the team's storage for weapons and items. By storing items in the convoy, you can take out items even while in the battle without being limited by capacity! Only the main character and characters adjacent to the main character's tile can access the convoy.

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