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What Are Demonic Beast

Demonic Beast Strategy Guide - Characteristics

Demonic Beast is a tough enemy unit with high HP and damage. It's capable of wide-range attacks, has a distinct combat mechanics, and repeatedly appears in many battles of Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

Demonic Beast Mechanics

Has Numerous HP Bars

Demonic Beast Strategy Guide - HP Bar

Demonic Beast and its variants has numerous HP bars(usually 2~3) that needs to be depleted before you defeat it. You can check its HP bar reserves by the number of red gems on its name. If a HP bar is depleted, the red gems turn white.

Deploys Barriers

Demonic Beast Strategy Guide - Barriers

Demonic Beast deploy Barriers around them (Yellow square under their feet). Barriers reduces the damage Demonic Beast take, but will cause confusion and many debuffs to it once broken. Focus on breaking barriers first.

Barrier Characteristics

  • Negates or reduces regular attacks
  • Barriers can be broken with enough damage
  • Gambits go through Barriers
  • Barrier reactives after some time
  • Breaking the barrier confuses the Demonic Beast (stops it from countering)
  • Stuns the Demonic Beast if all 4 barriers are broken

Has A Wide-Range Attack

Demonic Beast Strategy Guide - Fire Breath

Demonic Beast will occasionally use a 8-square area attack called "Fire Breath", targeted at where its head is pointed at (marked by red coloring on the floor). Keep as many units out of it a as possible.

How To Beat Demonic Beast

Demonic Beast Strategy Guide - Barrier Breaking

Break Barrier With Combat Arts & Gambit First

Demonic Beast's Barrier can be broken by dealing enough damage to it, or by using Gambit. Once broken, it becomes confused for a round and cannot counterattack. Use hard-hitters such as Combat Arts to break Barriers quickly.

Focus Fire While Its Barrier Is Down

Demonic Beast Strategy Guide - Confuse Demonic Beasts

Don't let Demonic Beast have the time to recover - Break Demonic Beast's Barrier first with your tank, and then gang up on it while it's confused to take down its numerous HP bars.

Breaking All 4 Barriers Will Stun It

Breaking all of Demonic Beast's 4 Barrier will stun it for some time. If you do not have the damage to bring down Demonic Beast in 1 round, focus on breaking all 4 of its barriers instead to keep it out of the fight for a while.

Control Flame Breath With Gambit

Demonic Beast Strategy Guide -  Draw beast's attention

Demonic Beast will focus on the last unit to use gambit on it, turning its head toward that direction. You can draw its Flame Breath away from your main group by using this strategy.

Flame Breath Ignites Some Floor Tile

Demonic Beast Strategy Guide - Flame Tile

Flame Breath can set Floor tiles such as Thickets and Grasslands alight, turning it into a Flame tile that damage unit that starts its turn in the tile. Don't send units into Thickets unless you can properly control Demonic Beast's Flame Breath directions.

Demonic Beast Variants

Black Beast

Demonic Beast Strategy Guide - Black Beast

The first Demonic Beast variant you will encounter is the boss of The Gautier Inheritance battle. Use it to learn Demonic Beast mechanics.

Check Out The Gautier Inheritance Battle Strategy Guide!

Demonic Beast

Demonic Beast Strategy Guide - Demonic Beast

The standard Demonic Beast. Its HP is lower compared with Black Beast or Winged Demonic Beast.

Winged Demonic Beast

Demonic Beast Strategy Guide - Winged Demonic Beast

Winged Variants that will appear on Chapter 12 battles. It has more HP and can fly over terrain.

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Gary Dezern 1

easy method? break the yellow squares by hitting that part of the beast, then rail into that broken spot. however if you break all 4 you get a rare Blacksmith material.

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