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The Flame in the Darkness (White Clouds: Chapter 8)
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The Flame in the Darkness (White Clouds: Chapter 8)

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Read this Fire Emblem: Three Houses story walkthrough guide of Chapter 8 - The Flame in the Darkness. Including conversation options, battle tips, quests, and more!!!

Table of Contents

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White Clouds Chapter 8 - The Flame in the Darkness Part 1 Guide

Regular Academy Life Walkthrough Chart

No. Procedure
1 After the cutscene, a dialogue with Jeralt, Shamir, and Manuela will start
2 [Manuela: Conversation Options]
・That's nice of you.
→ Manuela's relationship goes up
・I'm afraid not.
→ Manuela's relationship goes down
3 [Jeralt: Conversation Options]
・I'm OK.
→ Neutral reply
・I just got a little dizzy
→ Relationship goes up
4[House Leader: Conversation Options]
An acquaintance of yours? (Dimitri)
→ Neutral reply
He called you his nephew... (Dimitri)
→ Neutral reply
Why have you been researching them? (Claude)
→ Neutral reply
Something interesting? (Claude)
→ Claude's relationship goes up
5[House Leader: Conversation Options]
In other words... (Dimitri)
→ Neutral reply
So, you and Edelgard... (Dimitri)
→ Dimitri's relationship goes up
It's by the whim of the goddess. (Claude)
→ Claude's relationship goes down
It had one in the past. (Claude)
→ Claude's relationship goes up
6 Red Wolf Moon 11/3 - Lecture Day
7 Red Wolf Moon 11/7 - Linhardt's Birthday
8 Red Wolf Moon 11/9 - Free Time
- Paralogue Battle: Tales of the Red Canyon
- Paralogue Battle: True Chivalry
9 Red Wolf Moon 11/10 - Lecture Day
10 Red Wolf Moon 11/16 - Free Time
11 Red Wolf Moon 11/17 - Lecture Day
12 Red Wolf Moon 11/21 - Holy Kingdom of Faerghus Founding Day
13 Red Wolf Moon 11/23 - Free Time

8. Paralogue Battles Available

Paralogue Battles Available

Starting from 11/9, there will be Paralogue Battles available for you to play. Both of these have a suggested level of 15 so make sure to properly level up all of your characters or you will suffer the consequences!

Learn How to Level Up Fast

Paralogue Battle Availability

NameAvailable Until
Tales of the Red Canyon1/25
True Chivalry2/22

White Clouds Chapter 8 - The Flame in the Darkness Part 2 Guide

The Remire Calamity Walkthrough Chart

1Red Wolf Moon 11/30 - Mission Day
2A cutscene will trigger after the title of the mission is displayed
3[Jeralt: Conversation Options]
・What's going on?
→ Neutral reply
→ Neutral reply
4Another dialogue with your House will play
5[House Leader: Conversation Options]
What's wrong with you? (Dimitri)
→ Neutral reply
Are you OK? (Dimitri)
→ Dimitri's relationship goes up
I'm revolted too. (Edelgard)
→ Edelgard's relationship goes down
It really is horrifying. (Edelgard)
→ Neutral reply
It's horrifying (Claude)
→ Hilda's relationship goes down
What can we do? (Claude)
→ Neutral reply
6[House Leader: Conversation Options]
They will not be forgiven. (Claude)
→ Neutral reply
I won't let them escape. (Claude)
→ Neutral reply
7Fight and win the battle at Remire village
8After the battle a cutscene with Jeralt plays
9[Flame Emperor: Conversation Options]
・I will join your cause.
→ Neutral reply
・I must refuse.
→ Neutral reply
10[Jeralt: Conversation Options]
→ Neutral reply
・How so?
→ Neutral reply
11[Jeralt: Conversation Options]
・You might be right.
→ Neutral reply
・It's thanks to the students.
→ Neutral reply
12[Jeralt: Conversation Options]
・A reason to leave?
→ Neutral reply
・Wasn't I born after you left the monastery?
→ Neutral reply
13After the cutscene with Jeralt, a dialogue with your House Leader will occur
14[House Leader: Conversation Options]
I felt the same. (Dimitri)
→ Dimitri's relationship goes up
You weren't yourself. (Dimitri)
→ Neutral reply
I wish that were true. (Edelgard)
→ Neutral reply
I wasn't strong enough. (Edelgard)
→ Neutral reply
It is. (Claude)
→ Neutral reply
I wasn't strong enough. (Claude)
→ Neutral reply
15[House Leader: Conversation Options]
The Flame Emperor said he wasn't involved. (Dimitri)
→ Dimitri's relationship goes down
Where is this anger coming from? (Dimitri)
→ Neutral reply
He said he wasn't involved in this incident. (Edelgard)
→ Neutral reply
He asked me to join forces with him. (Edelgard)
→ Neutral reply
The Heroes' Relics. (Claude)
→ Neutral reply
World domination. (Claude)
→ Claude's relationship goes up
I don't know. (Claude)
→ Claude's relationship goes down
16[House Leader: Conversation Options]
You're pushing too hard. (Claude)
→ Neutral reply
We can't go easy on her. (Claude)
→ Claude's relationship goes down
17A cutscene with Rhea and Seteth will play
18[Rhea: Conversation Options]
・Who are these villains?
→ Neutral reply
・Why did Tomas come to the monastery?
→ Neutral reply
19[Rhea: Conversation Options]
・What now?
→ Neutral reply
・They must be stopped
→ Relationship goes up
20[Rhea: Conversation Options]
・It's nothing.
→ Neutral reply
・I had never heard the name of the goddess.
→ Rhea's relationship goes down

The Calamity at Remire Battle Tips

Battle Has 2 Phases

The battle at Remire village has 2 phases. The first phase of the fight will have you rescue civilians from rampaging villagers. The second phase of the fight has you fighting against the commander of the enemy.

Defeat Rampaging Villagers to Rescue Civilians

Defeat Rampaging Villagers To Rescue Civilians

In order for you to rescue the villagers, you will need to kill their attackers. Villagers will not be considered rescued until you have successfully eliminated the enemies following them around.

Commander Is On Southern Part of Map

Commander Is On Southern Part of Map

Advance your units to the Southern part of your map. Once you reach a certain point. The commander will reveal himself. The Death Knight will also start killing off allies, but you can ignore him as he is far from Jeralt.

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Anonymous 5

hildas relationship goes up if you say its horrifying, not down

Willow 4

Blue Lions Route Day 4ish

An acquaintance of yours? (Neutral)
He called you his nephew... (Neutral)

So you and Edelgard... (Dimitri +)

So that's why he was worried about her... (Sothis +)

In the library (Sothis +)

Anonymous 3

I felt the same. (Dimitri)
→ To be confirmed = Dimitri relationship up

The Flame Emperor said he wasn't involved. (Dimitri)
→ To be confirmed = Dimitri relationship down

Anonymous 2

11/9 - lots of large fish, (din)faculty and knight mixer
11/12 - rare monster, fish of mystery
11/23 - (din)founding of the kingdom celebration

Enzerubebii 1

That nice of you make the relationship go up just so you know.i just wanted to help

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