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Read this Fire Emblem: Three Houses guide to learn how to unlock the Advice Box! Including correct Advice Box answers, benefits & uses, and more!!!

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How To Unlock The Advice Box

Complete Mercedes's Quest In Chapter 3

Complete Mercedes

During your Free Time in Chapter 3, accept Mercedes's quest called "Words of Wisdom" to unlock the Advice Box. After unlocking the activity, you'll be able to answer notes from the Advice Box during your Free Time.

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Advice Box Doesn't Cost Activity Points

Much like Gardening and Fishing, answering notes in the Advice Box will not spend any of your Activity Points so make sure to answer any notes that arrive.

Go To Cathedral & Speak With Counselor

Go To Cathedral & Speak With Counselor

When you want to answer notes from the Advice Box, head to the Cathedral - towards its southern left side. You'll find the Counselor there and they'll tell you how many notes are still unanswered.

Suggest Advice To Anonymous Character

Suggest Advice To Anonymous Student

After talking to the Counselor, you'll be given a note that you'll have to answer. There are 3 suggestions you need to choose from.

Answering Has 30-Second Time Limit

Answering the note will have a 30-second time limit. Make sure to answer quickly or you'll run out of time.

Benefits & Uses Of Advice Box

Increase Support Levels With Characters

Increase Support Levels With Students

When you answer the note correctly, you'll receive an increase in Support Level points for that certain character.

Advice Box Question Tips

Check Character's Silhouette To Identity

Check Character

The easiest way to answer correctly is to guess the character's identity. You'll get a clue by checking the silhouette included in the note.

Base Answer Off Of Character's Personality

Once you've guessed the character's identity, you can make a more solid suggestion based off of that character's personality. So make sure to get to know the students more throughout the school year.

Advice Box Questions - Before Time Skip

Claude iconClaude Q: I see it all the time. Someone falls for a scheme and then gets angry about it. But rather than being mad at the schemer, shouldn't they be busy plotting their revenge?
A: Sounds like the logic of a schemer.
Claude iconClaude Q: I often overhear people commenting about how strange I am. I don't really get it. Shouldn't it be expected that everyone has their own unique perspective on life?
A: Just follow your path and don't worry about them.
Dimitri iconDimitri Q: I have always despised the heat, even as a child. Still, one must be prepared to fight anywhere, no matter the conditions. Have you any advice for enduring the heat?
A: Look for clothing and armor that breathe better.
Leonie iconLeonieQ: Let me just ask you straight. What do you think makes a great mercenary?
A: The will to fight for those who can't protect themselves.
Raphael iconRaphaelQ: Meat and vegetables are both delicious, but some people complain about not liking one or the other. I just don't understand how anyone can snub a good meal!
A: A well-prepared meal should be enjoyed by all.
Dorothea iconDorothea
Sylvain iconSylvain
Q: I wonder if I'll ever find a partner who understands I don't mean any harm when I flirt with others. Does someone like that really exist?
A: You're bound to meet someone open-minded someday.
Dorothea iconDorotheaQ: Even if I find love, I won't be able to live without money. I would like to get married someday, but I refuse to go back to being poor. What should I pursue?
A: Love and money aren't mutually exclusive. Strive for both.
Shamir iconShamirQ: I don't like interfering in squabbles between noble brats, but the parents complain if I don't. It's annoying.
A: It could be entertaining to make the parents fight instead.
Lysithea iconLysitheaQ: I often head ridiculous rumors about ghosts appearing in the monastery. It's nonsense and it's disrupting my studies. There aren't really ghosts, are there?
A: You have nothing to worry about. There are no ghosts.
Lorenz iconLorenzQ: I typically decorate with red roses when I host a tea party but lately, I am considering the virtues of variety. Do you have any thoughts on flowers I might try?
A: White lilies are pleasant and calming.
Ignatz iconIgnatzQ: I have some experience painting landscapes, and now I'd like to try my hand at a portraiture. Can you think of anyone who would model for me?
A: Manuela would be open to modeling for you.
Cyril iconCyril*There's just a drawing of what looks like a student throwing trash on the ground*
Let's add trash bins all throughout the monastery.
Ingrid iconIngrid Q: I want to make someone change his boorish behavior, but he doesn't seem to care no matter how much I urge him to reconsider his actions. I'm at my wits' end!
A: It's probably time for your professor to step in.
Marianne iconMarianne Q: I'm not good at cleaning up. I try my best, but before I know it, everything's messy again.
A: Cleaning is easy when you have a plan of attack.
Caspar iconCaspar Q: I feel like the tough fighters who become legends mostly use swords and lances. Are those really the weapons you have to wield if you want to make your mark on history?
A: You should fight with the weapon that best suits you.
Mercedes iconMercedes Q: Being a bit older than everyone else, I want the others to rely on me like an older sister. Is there anything I can do to make myself more approachable?
A: Don't worry, you already are.
Linhardt iconLinhardt Q: I've slept almost everywhere in this monastery, but lately I've been wanting to try sleeping outdoors. Do you know somewhere I could sleep under the stars?
A: A courtyard full of blooming flowers.
Hanneman iconHanneman Q: There's someone whose Crest I wish to study. I've asked many times, but I can't get them to consent. There must be some way to persuade them.
A: Nothing beats sincerity.
Gilbert iconGilbert Q: I've reunited with my daughter after years of being apart, but I'm the one who left her in the first place. I don't know what to say, or even how to speak to her.
A: Just love her and treat her with kindness.
Alois iconAlois Q: If you feel overwhelmed by teaching, just ask me for help. I predict that guiding these imps through their teenage years will be IMPortant ofr Fodlan's future. Ha! Get it?
A: I'll let you know if I have any concerns.
Rhea iconRhea Q: I have as many worries as anyone else, but I must always feign dauntlessness. It can be rather taxing at times.
A: Find time to relax every now and then.

This list will be updated with more Advice Box questions as soon as they're confirmed. Check back soon!!!

Advice Box Questions - After Time Skip

Ingrid iconIngrid Q: Isn't there a way to turn withered, barren land into soil that is rich and abundant with crops? It pains my heart to see people dying of starvation.
A: Check the library for books on unique farming techniques.
Annette iconAnnette Q: Sometimes I make really, really big mistakes. But I can't afford to make mistakes on the battlefield, you know? Isn't there a way for me to fix that?
A: Just stay calm and be aware of your surroundings.
Dedue iconDedue Q: How can I convince someone who is working himself sick to take a break?
A: Invite him to sit down to a relaxing meal.

This list will be updated with more Advice Box questions as soon as they're confirmed. Check back soon!!!

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