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Daily Events - To Do List

Daily Events - To Do List | Pokemon Sword Shield

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Daily Events - To Do List | Pokemon Sword Shield - GameWith
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Read this to find out daily events & what to do daily in Pokemon Sword and Shield - Activities & every day resets, like weather, Street Market, Watt Vendors, Ingredient Sellers & more!!!

Daily Events List Chart
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Daily Events - To Do List Chart

Daily Things To Do
▼ Check The Weather
▼ Visit The Street Market
▼ Battle Morimoto In Circhester
▼ Gather Watts In Pokemon Dens
▼ Do Max Raid Battles
▼ Check Watt Traders
▼ Check Ingredient Sellers
▼ Shake Berry Trees
▼ Do The Loto-ID
▼ Battle Cafe

To Do #1: Check Wild Area Weather

Pokemon Change With The Weather

Check the weather

Make sure to check the weather daily and note which Pokemon are available to catch in the Wild Area. If you are trying to fill up your Pokedex, this is a must-do activity every day! Remember that each zone of the Wild Area will have its own weather so make sure to explore the Wild Area to find out which Pokemon appear!

Check Out How Weather Affects Pokemon!

To Do #2: Visit The Street Market

Buy New Unique Items Every Day In Stow-on-Side

Street Market

The Street Market in Stow-on-Side Market

has new items on sale every day. These items can include battle items or necessary items for trade evolutions. Make sure to check here every day. Check Out the Bargain Shop Items Here

Items You Can Get From The Street Market

Cracked PotBroken Pot
ProtectorReaper Cloth
Quick ClawPower Band
Metal CoatMiracle Seed
Mystic WaterSharp Beak
Poison BarbTwisted Spoon
Dragon FangSilk Scarf
MetronomeBlack Sludge
Razor ClawBinding Band

※We are still in the process of confirming other items!!!

Sell Valuable Items For Money

Once every day, the man on the left will offer to buy one item from you at a high price. The item being sold is random and will change every day, so be sure to visit often for great deals!

List of Items You Can Sell

ItemSelling Price
Tiny Mushroom2,000
Big Mushroom10,000
Balm Mushroom25,000
Star Piece14,000
Big Pearl12,000
Pearl String27,500
Comet Shard30,000
Rare Bone11,111
Check Out How To Earn Money Fast!▲ Back To The Daily To- Do List

To Do #3: Battle Morimoto

Get Exp And Money Every Day in Circhester


GAMEFREAK's Morimoto will be available for you to fight once you've finished the game. He is located in a room on the 2nd floor of the big hotel in Circhester. You can challenge him every single day and get 13,000 for winning! This is useful for getting both exp and money!

To Do #4: Gather Watts From Pokemon Dens

Dens Reset Every Day

Den Watts

Pokemon Dens in the Wild Area will reset every day, charging up with energy. This is an extremely quick way of earning Watts, so it's recommended you do this every day. Remember that big dens will give you 2,000 Watts just by interacting with them!

Check Out How To Farm Watts Fast!▲ Back To The Daily To- Do List

To Do #5: Do Max Raid Battles

Dens Change Every Day

Max Raid

While you're doing your daily Den routine, you should also participate in Max Raid Battles, as the Pokemon that appear will change every day. Max Raid Battles are a great way to catch high IV Pokemon and get items!

Items You Can Get From Max Raid Battles

EXP Candy
Rare Candy
Dynamax Candy
Valuable items (Nuggets, etc)
Check Out Max Raid Battles Guide!

To Do #6: Check Watt Traders

TRs Change Every Day

Watt Trader

There are 7 Watt Traders in the Wild Area who will sell you random TRs every day in exchange for Watts. These will give you extremely valuable TRs, such as Flamethrower, Shadow Ball, and more, so make sure you check all of them every day!

Check Out All Watt Trader Locations!

To Do #7: Check Ingredient Sellers

Curry Ingredients Change Every Day

Ingredients Seller

Just like the Watt Traders, Ingredient Sellers' stock changes every day. If you're looking to fill up your Curry Dex, visiting all the Ingredient Sellers is a must!

Check Out Curry Recipe Guide Here!▲ Back To The Daily To- Do List

To Do #8: Shake Berry Trees

Get Berries Every Day


Berry trees reset every day, allowing you to shake them and acquire new berries. Berries are useful not only for cooking curry, but also for competitive battles, so keep your Berry pouch full!

Check Out Berry Locations List!

To Do #9: Do The Loto-ID

Get A Chance To Win Prizes Every Day


If you access any Rotomi PC in a Pokemon Center, you can do the Loto-ID. This will generate a random number and check to see if any Pokemon you own have a trainer ID which matches it. If there's a match, you win a prize!

Check Out Pokemon Center Features Here!

Trade With Many Players To Increase Your Odds

Because the Loto works based off Pokemon IDs, you should trade with as many trainers as possible to get different IDs to increase your chances of winning!

Check Out Our Trading Forum Here!

To Do #10: Double Battle at the Battle Cafe

Battle Cafe

Daily Double Battle Challenge with Rewards

Battle Cafes are a special shop that allows you to participate in a special double battle once per day. Each battle won will reward you with consumable items including Sweets and Candies.

Learn More on Battle Cafes Here!

Batte Cafe Found in Motostoke, Hammerlocke and Wyndon

There are 3 Battle Cafes you can visit in Galar, which can be found in Motostoke, Hammerlocke and Wyndon.

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