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Find the latest news and updates for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone 2021! Learn more info about update patch notes, new features, announcements, events, & more!!!

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January 14 Weapon Nerfs

DMR, Type 63, & Diamatti Again

Another round of weapon nerfs has just hit Warzone. Weapons that were nerfed were also the ones previously altered last January 6. Aside from the nerfs, bug fixes were also introduced in the patch.

Nerfed Weapons

Check Out Latest Patch Notes Here!

January 6 Weapon Nerfs Incoming

Incoming Warzone Weapon Nerfs

Developers of Cold War & Warzone, Raven Software, have tweeted an incoming patch that will nerf several weapons in Warzone today, January 6. The said weapons are reported to have been dominating matches due to their damage output and recoil management. They also went on that it will only affect Warzone and not Cold War's multiplayer. The update is expected to arrive in the following days.

Weapon To Be Nerfed

Soap Coming To Warzone?

Latest Intel Mission Teases Operator

Soap In Warzone

The latest mission challenge, "The War Room", ends by showing the players the confrontation between Zakhaev and Captain Price. The cutscene ends with Captain Price talking to Soap McTavish. Is this a sign that the original Modern Warfare protagonist will join the fight in Verdansk?

Check Out More Details About Soap In Warzone Here!

Update 1.30 Season 6 Patch Has Arrived!

Warzone Integration With Cold War Season 1

This patch mostly prepares Call of Duty Cold War's contents to sync with Warzone, most notably the addition of all Cold War weapons to Warzone, including new weapons from Season 1.

Check out Patch Notes - Update 1.30 & Changes here!

2 New Season 1 Weapons

Season 1 New WeaponsCheck out All Cold War Weapons & Gun List here!

New Warzone Maps & Gulags

New Warzone Maps & Gulags

A new Rebirth Island (Alcatraz) map has been added to Warzone! This smaller 40 player map features more intense close-quarters engagements and a faster pacing. Also, a new gulag similar to Nuketown is now added as well!

Check out Alcatraz Guide here!

New Operators Joining Warzone

New Operators Joining Warzone

The new update also adds new Cold War operators to Warzone, further enhancing the player's roster list.

Alcatraz Map In Warzone?

Leaked images tweeted by user @BlackOpsLeaks!!!

Introduction Of Rebirth Island

Alcatraz is a map featured in Call of Duty Black Ops 4's Battle Royale, Black Out, and was also featured as a Zombies map in previous Black Ops games. Now purportedly known as "Rebirth Island", the map will feature new graphics and textures, and will be part of Warzone.

Check Out More About Alcatraz Here!

New Prestige System Incoming

Connected With Black Ops Cold War

New Prestige

A new system for player progression and Prestige is set to arrive once Season 1 of Black Ops Cold War releases this coming December 2020. With this new system, players can expect season-exclusive rewards that are usable for Warzone, Modern Warfare, and Cold War!

Check Out The New Prestige & Progression Guide Here!

Warzone Pro Pack Bundle Available Now

Ghost Skin & 2400 COD Points

Warzone Pro Pack

A new bundle has arrived and players can only purchase it with real money, for 20 USD (price depends on your region) instead of the usual COD Points. However, the bundle comes with 2400 COD Points that can be used for other ingame purchases. You can also enjoy an Epic skin for Ghost and some Double XP tokens that come with the bundle.

Check Out The Warzone Pro Pack Bundle Contents Here!Older News Updates

Mace: Dia De Los Muertos Bundle Is Out

New Skins For Mace & RAM-7s

Dia De Los Muertos Bundle

The Mace: Dia De Los Muertos Bundle is now out for players to purchase and enjoy. This bundle pack costs 1600 COD points and contains skins for the operator Mace and the RAM-7 Assault Rifle. Purchasing this bundle also unlocks both of them, making them usable in multiplayer or Warzone.

Check Out Mace: Mia De Los Muertos Bundle Contents Here!

Haunting Of Verdansk Halloween Event!

New Modes & Csometic Events!

Haunting Of Verdansk Halloween Event

A new Halloween event: The Haunting Of Verdansk is upon us. It brings new Modes for Warzone & Modern Warfare as well as tons of cosmetic items!

Haunting Of Verdansk Schedule

Schedule October 20, 2020 10:00 PDT ~ November 3
Check out Haunting Of Verdansk Event Guide here!

New Horror Operator Skins

New Horror Operator Skins
h3: New Warzone ModeCheck out Trick Or Treat Event Guide here!

New Multiplayer Mode

Onslaught ModeOnslaught Mode Sniper Only ModeSniper Only Mode

Night Mode Incoming?

Coming In Halloween Season Near Oct. 20?

Haunting Of Verdansk

Night Mode for Warzone is rumored to come around October 20 as part of the seasonal event: "Haunting Of Verdansk". The nightly icon & the inclusion of Verdansk hints a night mode may be coming. The event was teased in Season 6 Roadmap.

Check out Warzone Night Mode Guide here!

Season 6 Update 1.28 Is Live

Multiple Warzone Bug Fixes

Season 6 1.28 patch notes

Season 6's Update 1.28 brings with it new fixes that are mostly concentrated on Warzone. A new playlist has also dropped for both Modern Warfare multiplayer and Warzone.

New Weapon: JAK-12


Although not mentioned in the official patch notes, the JAK 12 (AA12) Auto Shotgun is the newest weapon for Season 6 and is now available for players to unlock and enjoy.

Check Out The JAK-12 Shotgun Here!

Season 6 Update 1.28 Download Size

  • PS4: approx. 10 GB
  • Xbox: approx. 10+ GB
  • PC: approx. 10+ GB (Warzone + MW)
Check Out The Season 6 Update 1.28 Patch Notes Here!

Survival Mode Now On PC & Xbox One

Survival Mode Arrives After 1 Year

Survival Mode after 1 year

Modern Warfare's Survival Mode, a game mode where up to 4 players must survive against increasingly numerous and hardy enemies, was exclusively available only on the PS4 for 1 year. Now, players on the PC and Xbox One can finally enjoy this game mode with friends.

Xbox Users Must Download Survival Pack

To play the game on the Xbox One, players must download the 5.9 GB Survival Pack first. For players that don't plan on playing Survival, this is optional and can be deleted to free up some space.

Check Out The Survival Mode Guide Here!

Season 6 Roadmap Announced!

Season 6 Roadmap Announced!

Season 6 not only will bring in tons of new content like new weapons, new operator & maps, but will also introduce seasonal events to the roster as well! check out what's new in the Season 6 Roadmap Guide!

Key Additions

Check out Season 6 Roadmap Guide here!

New Maps

Check Out The Map List Here!

Subway Train Stations & Routes Revealed

New Way To Fast Travel

The official Twitter account of Call of Duty has revealed the new subway feature in Warzone by posting the route map. This brings another dynamic into the game, allowing players to get to certain points of the map faster and quicker.

Check Out The Season 6 Subway Map Here!

Season 6 Announced

A new season is set to arrive this coming September 29! The update comes with new operators for both Modern Warfare and Warzone, new weapons, maps and locations, and more. A new Battle Pass is also set to arrive, together with new tiers filled with season-exclusive items.

Check Out The Season 6 Release Date & Time Here!

Mara Kawaii Cat Bundle Is Out

Kawaii Cat Bundle

The long-awaited Mara Kawaii Cat Bundle is finally out and is purchaseable in the in-game store for 2400 CP. This unique skin changes Mara's outfit and some select weapons into something very distinct.

Check Out The Kawaii Cat Bundle Here!

COD Black Ops Cold War Release Date

Game Launches On November 13

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War On November 13

The trailer and the official Twitter account of Call of Duty have posted the official release date of Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. The release date is set on November 13 with pre-orders now open for all consoles and the PC.

Check Out COD Black Ops Cold War News & Leaks Here!

Preorder To Get Open Beta

Preoder for open beta

Players that pre-order the game can get the privilege of getting into the Open Beta. Players can also get the Frank Woods as an Operator that they can use for both Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Playable On Next-Gen Consoles

COD Black Ops Cold War Cross-Gen Bundle

COD Black Ops Cold War is also set to release on the PS5 and the Xbox Series X. Players can purchase the next-gen bundle to play it first on current consoles, then on next-gen ones for no extra cost once it gets released. You can check the pre-order page for the PS4 and PS5 on the Playstation Store website.

Know Your History Event & COD Black Ops Cold War Reveal Trailer

Know Your History Event Launches New COD Trailer

Know Your History Event

Players can join the time-limited "Know Your History" game mode in Warzone to view the new COD's trailer. With new rules, event-exclusive goodies, and scripted events, players are in for a wild ride in this game mode!

Check Out The Know Your History Event Guide Here!

COD Black Ops Cold War Trailer

The new Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War has finally been revealed. While it was revealed to the world using Warzone's Know Your History Event, players that were unable to catch it can view it using Call of Duty's official Youtube channel.

Warzone Vehicles Removed

Vehicles Removed Due To Game Breaking Bug

All vehicles have been currently removed in Warzone due to a gamebreaking bug that affects all players in a match. It is yet unknown when vehicles will come back again in the game.

Vehicles List & Guide

Game Of Summer Tournament

Unlimited Trial Entries Recorded By Regions

Unlimited Trial Entries Recorded By Regions

Games Of Summer is a unique tournament event where players compete for Medals in unlimited Trials, getting better medals for better performance. The even will start August 28 at 10 a.m. PT until Sep. 7. Aside from earning rewards, the results will be recorded based on country and leaderboards will reveal the top 15 countries.

Check out Games Of Summer Guide here!

August 25 Season 5 Reloaded Patch Notes & Changes

Season 5 Reloaded Officially Begins!

Season 5 Reloaded Officially Begins!

The second quarter of Season 5 kicks off Aug. 25! Featuring new weapon, new operator & a trial tournament where everyone is welcome!

Check out Season 5 Reloaded Patch Notes & Changes here!

New Weapon: FiNN LMG Coming Soon!


A new weapon teased back in Season 5 is arriving soon! The FiNN LMG is said to have decent accuracy, recoil & mobility but possibly lower damage per shot compared to the heavier LMGs.

Check out FiNN LMG here!

New Operator: Morte

New Operator: Morte

Morte is a new Operator joining the Allegiance as a member of Warcom. Together with other operators from his faction, Morte drops into Verdansk to join in on the fight! Note that he is not part of the Season 5 Battle Pass.

Check out Morte Operator here!

August 20 Patch Notes & Changes

Mostly Weapon Nerfs & Fixes

FR 5.56

The patch comes with the fix for the FR 5.56 (FAMAS)'s underbarrel shotgun's devastating damage in Warzone. Update also includes the nerfing of weapons like the Bruen MK9 and the 725's Sawed-off Barrel attachment.

Check Out The August 20 Patch Notes Here!

Pawntakespawn Removes Tapes

Tapes & Clues Are Now Gone

Pawntakespawn tapes are gone

The 5 tapes in pawntakespawn.com have been removed after the release of the final bunker. Players looking to see the clues for themselves may have to resort to recorded videos instead. The other URLs pasted below the TV screen can still be visited.

Check Out Pawntakespawn Details Here!

New COD To Be Revealed On August 26

The official Call of Duty page has revealed a short video titled "Know Your History" confirming the title of the next Call of Duty. The video contains snippets of defector Yuri Bezmenov. The video ends with the title of the next game, "Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War" plastered on the screen, followed by a text announcing a worldwide reveal on August 26.

Check Out The COD Black Ops Cold War News & Leaks Here!

Pawntakespawn Gets Updated

Updated Pawntakespawn

More clues are popping out on the website, pawntakespawn.com and players are scrambling to know what they mean. These clues can be seen by visiting them in Verdansk. These clues also strongly hint at the setting of the next Call of Duty that is due to come out later this year.

Check Out Pawntakespawn Details Here!

Locations Unlocked With Pawntakespawn Videos

Bunker 7 Access Codes & New COD Easter Eggs

B7 Bunker Access Code

Another clue is now up and is found in the B7 Bunker in Verdansk. Players are required to input the proper code to open the bunker. The bunker itself contain several Legendary crates and easter eggs.

Check Out The B7 Bunker Code Here!

Farmland Access Codes & New COD Easter Eggs

Farmland Access Codes

A new clue has been found again and this time it is inside a farmhouse in Verdansk. Players must input a code in order to access the insides of the room. The room itself contains a few items, several codes, and easter eggs for the next clue.

Check Out The Farmland Access Code Here!

August 15 Patch Notes & Changes

811 Patch Notes

August 15's update introduces the weapon visual glitch fix and also changes the map rotation of several game modes. A big update has been launched to apply the changes.

Check Out The August 15 Patch Notes Here!

Season 5 Twitch Drop Event

Season 5 Twitch Drop

The Twitch Drop event is time-limited and runs only on August 12, 10am PT to August 19, 10am PT. In this event, you only need to watch streams to get in-game prizes. You need to have a COD account and a Twitch account to participate in this event.

Check Out The Season 5 Twitch Drop Event Here!

August 11 Patch Notes & Changes

Weapon Nerfs & Buffs

811 Patch Notes

August 11's update introduces a few nerfs and buffs to several weapons, mostly LMGs. It also includes some minor bug fixes.

Check Out The August 11 Patch Notes Here!

August 11 Playlist Update & New Mace Skin

New Playlist Update For Warzone And Modern Warfare!

Weekly Playlist Update

New playlist update is now live! Try your skills with Bare Bones Moshpit that takes away killstreaks and others for a fair fight, or the Plunder Quads to make mayhem with 3 buddies!

Check Out August 11 Playlist Update Here!

New Bundle For Mace Also Available

The Executive Armorer

A new bundle for Mace called "The Executive Armorer" is now available for purchase in the in-game store. The bundle costs 2400 COD Points.

Check Out The Executive Armorer Bundle Here!

Pawn Takes Pawn Teaser

Pawn Takes Pawn

COD Streamers have solved clues sent to them by the developers of the upcoming COD 2020. Cooperating with other streamers, the group collectively solved the riddle, revealing a cryptic website pawntakespawn.com. Is this a set for a new teaser for COD 2020?

Check Out The COD 2020 Clues Here!

Free Multiplayer Event This Weekend!

Free CODMW Multiplayer Weekend (August)

Free CODMW Multiplayer Weekend (August)

Warzone players on the PS4, Xbox One, & PC can access the core game's multiplayer this coming August 7~ 12. Players who don't have the core game can take advantage of this weekend to gain a sneak peek on the multiplayer experience of Modern Warfare in 5 multiplayer maps including the new Suldal Harbor & Petrov Oil Rig in Season 5.

Check Out Free Weekend Multiplayer Events Here!

Season 5 Is Now Live!

Season 5 roadmap
Release DateAugust 5, 2020
*update at August 5 00 A.M. PDT

The August 5 Update brings with it the Season 5, new weapons, new maps, the new Lerch Operator, the AN94 & more. In addition to this, additional contents such as new game modes, and maybe double XP will be coming in the following weeks!

Check Out Season 5 Patch Notes (Version 1.24) Here!

Weapon Inspect Feature Now Available!

See Your On-Hand Weapon In Its Full Glory

Added along Season 5 is The Inspect Weapon feature that lets you raise your weapons in combat to do a quick inspection of it in style. See the weapon you have on your hand as you raise it and move it around, providing a good chance for a nice screenshot.

Check Out How To Inspect Weapon Guide Here!

Official Season 5 Trailer Released

Season 5 Official Trailer

Opens The Stadium & New Maps

Verdansk Stadium

A new trailer for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone's Season 5 is now live. The video showcases the various maps, operators, and finally, the opening of the stadium in Verdansk.

New Season 5 Maps

New Weapons: APC9 & AN-94

New Weapons

The trailer also reveals 2 new weapons: the APC9 and the AN-94. Both are very likely to be free weapons that can be gained via Season 5's new Battle Pass.

Check Out All Weapons Here!

New Melee Weapon Dual Kodachis

New Melee Weapon: Dual Kodachis

The Dual Kodachis are a new melee weapon making their debut in Season 5 of Modern Warfare and Warzone. These will be available in the middle of the season. They seem to be similar to the Kali Sticks that made their appearance in Season 4.

Check Out The Dual Kodachis Here!

Shows More About New Operators


The trailer also showcased 2 new operators: Lerch and Velikan. Both are part of the Shadow Company, a new group that's part of the Allegiance. It is safe to assume that Lerch can be had via the Battle Pass as he is the cover Operator for Season 5.

Check Out All Operators Here!

Season 5 Release Date Announced

Release DateAugust 5, 2020

Season 5 is set to release on August 5, 2020. This brings an all-new battle pass, new operators, and more new contents to both MW and Warzone.

Check Out The Season 5 Release Date Here!

PS4 Users Can Preload

Players on the PS4 can now preload and prepare for the upcoming 1.24 update for Modern Warfare and Warzone. The update download size is a hefty 36 GB so best prepare space if you're looking to download it.

Check Out The Update 1.24 Preload Guide Here!

July 9 Playlist Update & Events

Stimulus Trios Mode

Another new playlist is up this week for Warzone. We now see the departure of 200 Player Quads and the introduction of the Gulag-less Stimulus Trios Mode. On the other hand, we see no changes with the current lineup for Modern Warfare's Multiplayer.

Check Out The Full July 9 Playlist Update Here!

July 6 Playlist Update & Events

July 6 Playlist

It's playlist rotation time again! This week, we get to see Blueprint Gunfight and the return of Gunfight Tournament for Modern Warfare. On the other side of the fence, Warzone is back with Plunder and Blood Money, together with 200 Player Quads.

Check Out The Full July 6 Playlist Update Here!

DDoS Attack Server Error Fixed


There has been reports of DDoS Attacks on the Battle.net server as of June 29th, which caused the COD MW & Warzone server to be temporarily inaccessible. The connection issue due to the DDoS Attack is announced to be fixed as of June 30. Click the link below for more details.

DDoS Attack / Blizzard Server Status Information

Season 4 Reloaded & Patch Notes

New Major Patch 1.23 Coming In On June 29th!

 New Major Patch 1.23 Coming In On June 29th!

A major patch with tons of new content named "Season 4 Reloaded" that features a new weapn Rytec AMR, new maps and also triple feed 3XP event. Unfortunately, there were also many weapon changes like Grau 5.56 Nerf. Check out the full patchnotes below!

Season 4 Reloaded Patch Notes - Update 1.23 here!

Multiple Weapon Balance Changes

Multiple Weapon Balance Changes

Many hot weapons like the Grau 5.56 & MP5 received balance changes as well as all sniper rifles. Be sure to ge ahead by reading the changes below!

Check out Version 1.23 Weapon Nerf & Buffs here!

Chat Mute Error & Issue

Chat Mute Error & Issue

According to a multiple user reports players have been experiencing in-game voice chat issue where they cannot hear other player's VC. Click the link below for details.

Click Here For Voice Chat Mute Error Details

Royal Ruckus Charity Tournament Ended

Royal Ruckus Charity Tournament Ended

The Royal Ruckus Charity Tournament have ended and the results are in! Click the link below for the tournament rundown.

Click Here For Royal Ruckus Charity Tournament Rundown

Will Grau 5.56 Be Nerfed?

Grau 5.56 Nerf Could be A Thing

Our Take On Why And How The Grau 5.56 May Be Nerfed

A hot topic since season 4 release is the discussion of whether or not Grau 5.56 will be nerfed. We take a deep dive analysis on why and how it could be happening.

How Will Grau 5.56 Be Nerfed And How It Could Change The Meta

Season 4 Has Released

Season 4 Released

Season 4 is officially here! This new season brings with it a new Operator, new weapons, and other cosmetic rewards! Unlock these new rewards by purchasing the 4th season's battle pass!

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COD 2020 Leaked

COD 2020 Leaked

Recent posts on social media sites have revealed a few details as to the upcoming COD game in 2020. Fans have been speculating that the game may be set in the cold war of Vietnam.

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Operator Captain Price Debuts In Season 4

Captain Price On Season 4 Battle Pass

Captain Price Debuts In Season 4

Captain Price is in due for another business trip; next stop, Verdansk. Check out the details on the upcoming Operator Captain Price in this article!

More Details On Captain Price Operator Here

Lore Explained & Story So Far Until Warzone Season 4

Lore Explained & Story So Far Until Warzone Season 4

While waiting for the Warzone Season 4 to launch, why not check up on the lore and story about the Warzone slowly being unraveled? Click the link below for the storyline explanation for all events of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare in chronological order!

Click Here For Storyline Explaination

When Does Season 4 Start?

Starts Around June

Season 4 Starts Around June

Season 3 is set to end at around the first week of June. Season 4 will most likely commence as soon as season 3 ends. This may bring with it an all new battle pass, and even a new weapon! Read about the latest info via the link below!

Check Out Season 4 Details Here!

2XP Everything From May 29!

Get 2XP This Weekend!

 2XP Everything From May 29
Event DurationMay 29 10AM PT ~ June 1 10AM PT

Starting from May 29, you get 2XP, 2XP weapon XP, and 2x Battle Pass tiers for an entire weekend! As Season 3 comes to an end, get in the fight immediately at Modern Warfare & Warzone!

Check out Double XP (2XP) Events here!

Update Version 1.21.1 Releases!

Weapon Balances & New Maps!

What Are Update Changes For Patch 1.21
Release DateMay 19, 2020

The 1.21.1 Update brings with it weapon balances, new maps & more gulag weapons. In addition to this, additional contents such as new game modes, more stable bug fixes are introduced!

Check out Update Version 1.21.1 Changes here!

Armor Box Introduced!

Instantly Replenish Armor Plates With Armor Box!

Armor Box Introduced!

A new field upgrade just came to Warzone: the Armor Box. Deploy one and interact with it to fill your Armor Plate reserves fast! Obtain it from Buy stations, or looted in the field.

Check out Armor Box Guide here!

New Operator Incoming: Iskra

New Operator: Iskra

New Operator: Iskra

Iskra is the latest Operator to join Cod MW and Warzone. This Urzikstani native returns to Verdansk as part of the Chimera faction to help stop the Al-Qatala threat! Get this Operator as part of a bundle in the game's store when it releases this week!

Check Out the Iskra Operator Here!

Update Version 1.25 Released

Playlist Update & .357 balancing

Sempai truck skin

This week's update focus mostly on playlist like Shipment 24/7 & some tweaks for .357. For in-game stores, check out the new skin for Mace operator, and the eye-catching Senpai truck camo!

Check Out the Update Patch 1.25 Here!

New Weapon: MK9 Bruen Coming This Week!

LMG Acquired Through Challenges Or Bundles


A New weapon: The MK9 Bruen will be coming this week! It is an LMG that is said to boast high accuracy and reliable damage and will become available through store bundle or completing challenges.

Check out MK9 Bruen Stats here!

Multiplayer Free Access Weekend

Experience COD:MW's Multiplayer This Weekend

Free Weekend
Event DurationApril 24, 2020 ~ April 27, 2020

Warzone players on the PS4, Xbox One, and PC can access the core game's multiplayer this coming April 24 - 27. Players who don't have the core game can take advantage of this weekend to gain a sneak peek on the multiplayer experience of Modern Warfare in 5 maps.

Check Out More On Free Multiplayer Events Here!

Ronin Operator Released!

New operator Based On Real Life Combat Instructor


A new operator: Ronin is released and available for purchase at the in-game store! Ronin is unique in that he based off of a real life tactical instructor known across the globe!

Check out Ronin Operator Guide here!

Season 3 Is Out Now!

COD MW Warzone Season 3

The third Season of Call of Duty Modern Warfare and Warzone is now out and it brings with it new content for players to enjoy. New customization options, including weapons and skins, are available for both the base game and the newly launched Warzone game modes.

Check Out the Season 3 Battle Pass Guide Here!

2 New Weapons

Renetti New Weapon

Season 3 comes with 2 new weapons, the Renetti Handgun and the SKS Marksman Rifle. Both weapons can be unlocked by leveling up the Battle Pass.

Check Out All Weapons Here!

3 New Operators & Mil-Sims

Alex New Operator

3 new Operators are set to appear during season 3, with 1 already available once you buy the Battle Pass. Aside from the new Operators, Default Operators can now be customized with Mil-Sims, uniforms that are based on real-life military organizations.

Check Out All Operators Here!

2XP Everything From May 5

2XP Everything Starting Right Now!

2XP Everything From May 5
Event DurationNow ~ May 8

Starting from right now, you get 2XP, 2XP weapon XP, and 2x Battle Pass tiers until May 8 (Friday)! Get in the fight immediately and start the Modern Warfare & Warzone!

More on Double XP (2XP) Events

Update Version 1.20 Released

New MW & Warzone Updates

New MW & Warzone Updates

Update 1.20 brings with it all new features to both Modern Warfare and Warzone! This includes an all new LMG, new modes, and even a new way to customize your weapons just the way you like it!

Check Out the Update Patch 1.20 Here!

Version Update 1.19.6 (April 23)

A Minor Exploit Fix Patch

A Minor Exploit Fix Patch

A new update rolled out on Apr. 23 which fixed some exploits that were present in the game. It is near 200 MB and must be downloaded for both Warzone and Multiplayer.

Check out Update 1.19.6 Patch Notes here!

Warzone Reached 50M Players

Official tweeted that Warzone reached 50M players. It's not even a question given the game quality. Conglaturations to the development team.

New Playlists Updated For Apr. 22!

Shoot House Is Back In Cabin Fever 24/7!

New Playlists Updated

A brand-new playlists has been introduced starting Apr.22! While ralism ground war was removed, the update also added back cranked and the fan-loved Shoot House!

Playlist Updates

・Cabin Fever 24/7 (Shipment, Rust, Shoot House, Hackney Yard, and Hideout)
・Stir Crazy
・Realism Ground War
・Removed Aniyah Palace from Ground War

Update Version 1.19 Released

Season 3 Live As Well

Update Version 1.19 Is Now Live!

A new version update: 1.19 has been released on April 8 and is now live! It introduces the new Season 3 battle pass as well as balance and bug fixes, mostly for Shotguns.

Check out Version 1.19 (Apr.08) Patch Notes here!

Season 3 Announced

New Season Coming In April

New Season Coming In April

In a recent tweet, the official Call of Duty Twitter page has announced the start of the game's third season! This includes a new Battle Pass, new rewards, and more surprises in store!

Check Out the Season 3 Battle Pass Here!

2XP Everything From April 17

2XP Everything From April 17
Event DurationApril 17 10 PM PDT ~ April 20 10AM PDT

Starting from April 17, you get 2XP, 2XP weapon XP, and 2x Battle Pass tiers for an entire weekend! Get in the fight immediately and start the Modern Warfare & Warzone!

More on Double XP (2XP) Events

Update Version 1.19.2 (April 14)

Update Version 1.20 (April 14)

Version 1.20 introduces new play lists both for Warzone & Modern Warfare with general patch fixes. A new trio mode seems to be so new!

More on Patch Notes Version 1.19.2 (Apr.14)

2XP Everything From April 3

Double XP Weekend
Event DurationApril 3 ~ April 6

Starting from April 3, you get 2XP, 2XP weapon XP, and 2x Battle Pass tiers for an entire week! Get in the fight immediately and start the Modern Warfare & Warzone!

Check Out Details Of 2XP Events

Free Battle Pass Tiers & Free Tiers Event

Free Battle Pass Tiers & Free Tiers Event

Redeem 10 free tiers by April 5 at 11PM PT, 2020. The event if for everybody and can get reward. Don't miss the chance to get tiers in the weekend!

Check Out Details Of Free Tiers Event

March 26 Update 1.18 Patch

Warzone Fixes & Improvements


The update comes with a slew of improvements for the popular two Warzone modes, Battle Royale & Plunder. Several bug fixes were also made, stomping out several exploits.

Check Out The Update Patch Notes Here!

New Operator, New Playlist

Talon New Operator

A new Operator, Talon, is now available for players to use and play as. Talon can only be acquired by buying him from the in-game store. Players can also enjoy the Cabin Fever playlist featuring popular compact maps.

Warzone Mode Is Now Out!

Warzone Free-For-All Has Arrived!

Release DateMarch 10, 2020

A free-to-play Warzone mode has launched on march 10, 2020! The "Warzone" panel has unlocked at the main menu for all CoD MW players. To celebrate, many new items and events has been announced!

Warzone - Battle Royale & Plunder Mode

New Patch 1.17

VLK Rogue

Warzone also brings with it a new patch that irons out a couple of bugs. The patch also introduces a new weapon, the VLK Rogue, a light-weight shotgun with high mobility.

2XP Everything For A Whole Week!

2XP Everything For A Whole Week

For an entire week until March 17, there's 2XP for almost everything including XP, Weapons XP and even Battle Pass tiers!

Double XP (2XP) Events News & Token System Guide

Server Errors & Can't Connect

Players are reporting being unable to connect to either Blizzard's servers or Call of Duty Modern Warfare's servers. This may be due to the fact that the new game mode is free-to-play, making it difficult for the servers to handle the sudden influx of new players. Players can only wait until the traffic is fixed on the server side.

Check Out The Connection Error Guide Here!

The Tomogunchi Arrives In Modern Warfare

Official Trailer

The latest Modern Warfare update adds a new cosmetic item for you to customize your character with! What separates this from other cosmetic items, is that you get to interact with it while playing matches! Introducing: the Tomogunchi!

Check Out the Tomogunchi Here!

Care For a Virtual Pet

Care For Your Own Virtual Pet

This Wristwatch allows you to care for and nurture your own virtual pet while playing matches! Feed and play with it, meet its needs by getting kills, objectives, wins, and more! The better you care for it, the happier it will be as it grows up to be a Tomogunchi adult!

February 26 Update 1.16 Patch

Bazaar Is Out, Lots of Weapon Fixes, And More!

Bazaar New Map

Season 2 continues to give with the launch of Bazaar, a small symmetrical map that's perfect for chaotic CQCs. Together with the update are loads of weapon nerfs and buffs, tons of new modes, and a bunch of general quality of life improvements.

Check Out The Update Patch Notes Here!

Battle Royale Mode Teased & Leaked

Battle Royale Mode Teased & Leaked

Whether its the Season 2 Trailer or the newest leaks from a developer, a Battle Royale Mode seems to be coming to CODMW in the future. Note that features here are yet unconfirmed by official sources and is subject to change.

Is There A Battle Royale Mode?

Season 2 Twitch Drop Event

Watch Twitch To Get In-Game Items

Season 2 Twitch Drop Event
Event DurationFebruary 12 10am PT ~ February 19 10am PT

Season 2 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is again opening with a Twitch Event. Players can get in-game items by just watching eligible streams in Twitch. Rewards include an XP token, a Spray, an Emblem, and a Calling Card.

Check Out The Twitch Drop Event Here!

Season 2 Is Now Up!

New Battle Pass, Ops, Game Modes, and Maps!

Season 2 Battle Pass

Season 2 is now live, bringing with it a number of new game modes, playlists, guns, and a new battle pass. It also comes with a hefty amount of updates and balance fixes for multiplayer and general play.

Check Out The Latest Patch Notes Here!

Season 2 Roadmap Revealed

Confirms Day One & In-Season Content

COD MW Season 2 Roadmap
Start DateFebruary 11

The official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 Roadmap has been revealed, confirming new content and features. Like in Season 1, content will be introduced during the launch day and across the whole season. A new battle pass tier is set to host new rewards and challenges for players to overcome, netting unique rewards and blueprints.

Check Out The Season 2 Update Summary Here!

Season 2 Trailer Leaked (Updated)

UPDATE: Official Trailer Is Out

The developers have released the official trailer of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 2 using their official Youtube channel. It presents exactly what the season 2 trailer leak contains: several new maps, new guns, and new operators.

Leaked In Reddit

Season 2 Trailer Leak

The supposed official trailer video for the release of Season 2 has been leaked in Reddit. The leaked video showcases several maps, a new operator, "Ghost", and 2 new weapons. The developers, Infinity Ward, have yet to release the video through their official channels.

SOURCE: Reddit r/modernwarfare!!!

Check Out The Season 2 Update Summary Here!

Double XP & Weapon, Tier XP Live NOW ~ Feb.11

Final Rush Until End Of Season 1

Get grinding this week (Now ~ Feb.11) as Double XP and Double Weapon XP, Double Tier XP is up, all the way untill the end of this season! Take advantage of the XP boost by playing in small maps such as Shoot House 24/7 for faster kills and rotation!

*No information regarding time zones were stated in the official twitter post!!!

SOURCE: Infinity Ward Official Twitter!!!

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January 29 Update 1.14 Patch

New Game Modes & Weapon Nerfs

Gunfight Custom

Deathmatch Domination and Gunfight Custom are now part of the available game modes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Weapons such as the MP5 and the M4A1 have received nerfs while the M13 has been buffed. Shipment 24/7 is also back in rotation.

Check Out Update 1.14 Patch Notes Here!

Stat Reset Error Bug

Bug Resetting Users' Stats

This bug came with the just-released January 22 Update 1.13 and prompted players to reset their stats due to a perceived data corruption. Players who chose "YES" have had their stats reset.

Bug Has Been Fixed

A rollback has been implemented, resetting the stats of those affected by this bug to that before they selected "YES". Those affected are also required to redo their Custom Loadouts.

Check Out The Stat Reset Error Bug Fix Here!

January 22 Update 1.13 Patch

Crossbow, Bug Fixes, New Playlist


Update 1.13 has just dropped and it brings with it a new weapon, the Crossbow, and a lot of bug fixes for multiplayer. It also brings back Shoot the Ship (Shoot House & Shipment), and also introduces the classic Capture the Flag into the list of available game modes.

Double XP & Weapon XP On Jan. 18 ~ 20

Get grinding this weekend (January 18 ~ 20) as Double XP and Double Weapon XP is up! Take advantage of the XP boost by playing in small maps such as Shoot House 24/7 for faster kills and rotation!

*No information regarding time zones were stated in the official twitter post!!!

SOURCE: Infinity Ward Official Twitter!!!

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Season 1 Extension

Season 1 Now Until February 11

Season 1 is now extended up to February 11, 2020. Infinity Ward have stated that this is to make room for more events, game modes, challenges, and some time for players to earn a new Crossbow.

Check Out The Season 1 Update Summary Here!

January 14 Playlist Update

Shoot House 24/7 Is Back, Gunfight 3v3 Is Live

Shoothouse 24/7 is back!

The latest playlist brings back the community favorite, Shoot House 24/7, replacing Shipment 24/7 in the playlist. Gunfight 3v3 is also now live, bringing two more players into the fray. Cranked and Dropzone only game mode is also in effect under "Same Day Delivery" Playlist. This update also inserts Gun Game into the Quick Play Filter.

Check Out All Multiplayer Game Modes Here!

Outback Relief Bundle Donation

100% Profits Go To Australian Fire Relief Efforts

Infinity Ward have pledged to donate 100% of the profits made with the Outback Relief Bundle to fire relief efforts in Australia. To those looking to get this bundle, you can have it for 1800 COD points.

Outback Relief Bundle Contents

  • Bushranger (D-Day Operator Skin)
  • Big Game (AX-50 Legendary Blueprint)
  • Koala (Charm)
  • Try Harder (Sticker)
  • Gun Art (Calling Card)
  • Hungry (D-Day Operator Quip)
  • Stick 'N' Knife (Finishing Move)
  • Battle Pass 1 Tier Skip

1/11 Patch & Hotfix

General Bug Fixes

Karst River Quarry

Update 1.14 brings with it a few bug fixes concerning the Karst River Quarry map, Trials Mode, and Infected Game Mode.

Check Out The Complete Update 1.14 Patch Notes Here!

1v1 Gunfight & 1/7 Playlist Update

A New Mode & Shipment 24/7


The January 7 playlist update introduces 1v1 Gunfight, making it playable for players along with 2v2 Gunfight. For those looking to grind weapon levels, 5v5 Shipment 24/7 is back and has replaced Shoot House 24/7. Grind is also out, getting replaced with Gun Game.

Check Out All Multiplayer Modes Here!

Double Weapon XP On January 4 ~ 5

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will implement a Double Weapon XP weekend on January 4 ~ 5. Players can take advantage of this time to unlock more attachments for their weapons.

SOURCE: Call of Duty Official Twitter Account!!!

Check Out Current Double XP Events Here!

Grind & 12/31 Playlist Update

New Game Mode: Grind

Grind New Game Mode

A new game mode, Grind, has replaced Dropzone and is now part of the current playlist. This new game mode combines both Kill Confirmed and Hardpoint, requiring players to bring back dog tags to specific areas for them to be counted as points.

Playlist Updates

Check Out All Multiplayer Modes Here!

Season 1 Refresh Update 1.13

Lots Of Fixes, New Maps & Modes

Season 1 Refresh

The Season 1 Refresh introduces a number of fixes to the game, stomping gameplay bugs and improving overall user experience. The UI has also been updated in some menus. The update also comes with Cranked, a new game mode. New maps and spec ops missions have also been added.

Check Out The Full Season One Refresh Patch Notes Here!

Vacant & Shipment Arrives!


The claustrophobic maps of Vacant and Shipment are now available for players to enjoy. Replacing "Shoothouse 24/7" is a game mode called "Season One Mosh Pit" giving players the chance to enjoy only the two maps in a variety of modes.

3 New Spec Ops Missions

Strongbox Spec Ops

The update also comes with 1 new Spec Ops and 2 new Classic Spec Ops Missions. Players can again jump back into the game to experience these new missions with their friends to earn XP and sweet rewards!

Check Out All Spec Ops Missions Here!

Season 1 Update 1.12

Weapon & Progression Fixes

Weapon & Progression 1.12 Fixes

Update 1.12 brings with it a number of fixes for some Blueprint weapons, Challenges, and Spec Ops: Survival.

12/10 Map Rotation & Playlist

New Game Modes & More Hardcore

Gunfight: OSP

This new playlist update replaces a number of game modes with newer ones, with Gunfight being replaced by Gunfight: OSP and Reinforce being changed to Infected. Hardcore also gets more modes with the inclusion of NVG Moshpit and Shoot House 24/7.

Season 1 Update 1.11

New Map Rotation & Fixes

Shoot House 24/7

Shoot House 24/7 is back and has replaced Crash 24/7, allowing players to once again only play in the Shoot House map. The update also brings with it several bug fixes for both Multiplayer and Spec Ops.

Season 1 Update

Includes New Maps, Modes, & Weapons

Call of Duty Season 1

Season 1 is finally out and with it are a number of updates and game modes that further enrich the game's already robust experience. It also brings with it a 100-Tier Battle Pass and an in-game store.

Check Out The Full Season 1 Update Here!

Twitch Drop Event

Watch Twitch To Get In-Game Items

COD Twitch Drop Event
Event DurationDecember 3 10am PT ~ December 10 10am PT

Season 1 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare opens with a Twitch Event. Players can get in-game items by watching eligible streams in Twitch. Rewards include an XP token, a Spray, an Emblem, and a Calling Card.

Check Out The Twitch Drop Event Here!

Season 1 Roadmap Announced

Season 1 Introduces New Maps, Modes & Spec Ops Missions

Season 1 Roadmap Announced
Release DateDecember 3, 2019

CoD: MW's first season is just around the corner! The first season has a lot of new contents, including new maps, new modes, new spec ops experiences, including a battle pass and more!

Double XP Until December 3

Double XP For Season 1

All players will get to enjoy double the experience (XP & Weapon XP) until December 3. To level up fast, try to do missions and challenges as well. Note that using XP Tokens will have no effect as they do not stack with double XP events.

Check Out More Double XP (2XP) Events Here!

Gunfight Mode Tournament Beta

Gunfight Tournament is Live

Gunfight Tournament is Live

The Gunfight Tournament is now live! Squad up with your friends and participate in a bracket style tournament against 16 other teams for a chance to earn tons of XP and cosmetic rewards!

Check Out the Gunfight Tournament Here!

November 25 Hotfix 1.11 Patch Notes

Gun Game

Shortly after the 1.10 update, a hotfix was implemented that made additional changes and improvements to the game. This includes quality of life changes for certain game modes, spec ops changes, and more!

Check Out The 1.11 Hotfix Here!

November 25 Title Update 1.10 Patch Notes

New Spec Ops Missions, Realism & Moshpit Are Back, General Fixes

Spec Ops

Two new Spec Ops Missions, "Harbinger" and "Brimstone" are now available for players to enjoy. Multiplayer also gets a new rotation of game modes in this patch. Plus general bug fixes across all platforms with the PC getting some extra fixes for stability.

Check Out All Spec Ops Missions Here!

Companion App Available

Companion App Available

The Call of Duty companion app allows you to access and check out everything you need to know about current events in Call of Duty! Aside from news and updates, you can also track stats, participate in weekly challenges, and more!

Check Out The Companion App Here!

November 19 Title Update 1.09 Patch Notes

Fixes For Missions & Officer Progression, & Some Weapon Adjustments


Missions and Challenges are now fixed, allowing progression to properly work. Ground War's persistent respawn screen bug has also been fixed. For weapons, the AUG gets a slight buff while the 725 gets another round of significant nerfs.

November 12 Title Update 1.08 Patch Notes

Weapon Fixes, Footstep Sound Rework, & Adjustments in Piccadilly

Piccadilly New Location

Both the M4A1 and the 725 are again nerfed in this patch. Piccadilly's spawn points for both TDM and Domination have been adjusted, and its Domination B Flag has been moved near the busses. Footsteps have also been reworked.

November 8 Title Update 1.07 Patch Notes

Weapons Fixes And New Maps

1.07 Patch

2 brand new maps and Hardpoint Mode are arriving to all players in this patch, as well as many bug fixes. Weapons, especially the 725 and M4A1, also saw some major changes.

New Maps

November 2 Title Update 1.06 Patch Notes

Stability Improvements & Bug Fixes

Stability Improvements & Bug Fixes

Title Update 1.06 focuses on fixing stability issues for the game. Several players should experience less crashes with this update. Additionally, some bugs were addressed such as the Tac Insertion bug, and footstep loudness among others.

October 25 Title Update Patch Notes

October 25 Title Update Patch Notes

From bug fixes to game stability, the October 25 Title Update looked to fix the issues found during the launch of the game. It also contains a Playlist update with the inclusion of Free for All & Ground War Game Modes.

Check Out the October 25 Patch Notes Here

Connect Failed Error at Launch

What is the Connection Failed Error?

Across all platforms, players are unable to connect and launch Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The error message "Connection Failed. Unable to Access Online Services" shows up when trying to launch the game.

Check Out How to Fix the Connection Failed Error

Happening to All Platforms

The issue is not limited to a single platform. PC, PS4, and Xbox One players are all experiencing the error. This could be due to all platforms sharing a server to accommodate crossplay.

How To Join Adidas Pusha T Sneaker Giveaway Event

How To Join Adidas Pusha T Sneaker Giveaway Event

Adidas & COD MW teams up to bring you a limited-edition "Pusha T Kingslayer Ozweego" Sneakers that has the authentic Modern Warfare themed appearance! Get the chance to get one for free in a lucky draw!

Check out Adidas Pusha T Sneaker Giveaway Event here!

Preload Date For PC, Xbox, PS4 Announced!

Download Game Files Before The Launch Day!

Download Game Files Before The Launch Day!

The dates & times for the Modern Warfare 2019 Preload for PC, Xbox, PS4 has been announced! Don't miss out on the chance to download the game before launch so you can play immediately on launch day!

Check Out Preload Dates Guide Here!

Battle Pass System Announced!

New Season-Based Loot System

New Season-Based In-Game Loot System

A New Battle Pass system is introduced to the Modern Warfare in-game economy: It is a season-based system where players can unlock cosmetics items by playing the game.

Check out Battle Pass Guide here!

Spec Ops Survival Mode PS4 Exclusive

Exclusive Mode For PS4

Exclusive Mode For PS4

As part of an ongoing partnership between Sony and Activision, the Spec Ops Survival mode will be a PS4 exclusive. For the time being, players on other platforms will not be able to access the mode until October 2020.

Check Out Spec Ops Survival Mode Here!

Different From Spec Ops Mode

Please note that Spec Ops Survival is different from the Spec Ops mode. Spec Ops will be available for all players upon the game's release. Spec Ops Survival is a variation of the mode which will be the console exclusive.

Crossplay Feature Available

Crossplay Available in Beta

Crossplay Available in Beta

During the Open Beta, players will be able to match up and fight against players on different platforms. Crossplay will support all multiplayer modes, but will not support competitive or ranked modes.

Check Out How to Crossplay

Several Control Scheme Options

To level the playing field, players are given free reign on their input methods. They can choose whether to play on controller, or on a keyboard and mouse regardless of platform.

Match Up With Anyone You Want

By default, you will be matching up with players that have similar input methods. However, you can change this setting to be able to match up against players with different methods!

Open Beta Weekend

Experience the Game Before Release

Experience the Game Before Release

Players will be able to experience the game before its release via the open beta. The Beta allowed players to experience some of the multiplayer modes, realism mode, and the new Ground War mode.

Check Out the Open Beta Here!

Open Beta Schedule

StartSeptember 19, 2019
EndSeptermber 23, 2019

Get the Hammer Shotgun

Get the Hammer Shotgun

As a Beta reward, players will be given the fully customized "Hammer Shotgun" if they reach a certain level before the Beta ends!

Check How To Get The Hammer Shotgun!

2019 Release Information

Releases on October 25, 2019

Releases On October 25 2019

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 25, 2019. You can pre-purchase the game and choose which edition you want to get. Each edition has different bonuses & features.

Check Out Release Information Here!

Editions of CoD: MW

  • Standard Edition
  • Operator Edition
  • Operator Enhanced
Check Out The Game Editions Here!

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