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Check out this guide about the new free Warzone Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty Warzone (CoD MW)! Know more about the Duo mode, Battle Royale rules, features, strategies for solos, teams and tips!!!

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This Week's Game Mode Rotation

Current Warzone Playlist

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Warzone Rumble Returns

Warzone Rumble

Experience a wild 52 vs 52 Team Deathmatch in the vast land of Verdansk with Warzone Rumble! Two teams outlast the other team to reach 400 points to win. This mode features custom loadouts, vehicles, and quick respawns!

Warzone Rumble

Preparation & Coordination Is Crucial

:Careful Preparation & Coordination Is Crucial

Since you will be forced to run a 2 man team, your team's perk and loadouts may be needed to be shifted to cater to versatility to fill in multiple roles. Be sure to also coordinate with your teammates often; having a man downed will cripple your chances of survival dramatically as you will need to face the odds alone until your member can be regrouped.

Key Tips To Win

Bunkers & Shacks For Rare Loot

Open Bunkers For Rare Weapons


Bunkers and locked shacks have popped up all around Verdansk for players to open. Getting into these sealed bunkers and shacks rewards players with powerful and rare tools and weapons.

Pass Codes Are Available

bunker and shack pass codes

All bunkers and shacks have their own respective passwords. These codes do not change so players can look them up and use them in every match.

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What Is Battle Royale?

Last Man Standing

Battle Royale

The one rule of Warzone Battle Royale is simple: survive. The game starts by dropping players into a huge open map of Verdansk. Here, players will need to fight and outwit each other until only one team remains. Aside from hostile competitors, players must also contend with the map's creeping gas.

3-Man Team Or Solo Fight For Survival

3 man team fight for survival

There are 2 ways to play Battle Royale: Solo or Trio. In Solo, the player contends with 149 other players for the top position. The default mode places the player as part of a 3-man team as they battle their way to the top.

Unique Warzone Battle Royale Features

  • Players can complete Contracts or Objectives to earn cash
  • Cash can be collected to purchase weapons and killstreaks
  • Players are given the chance to get back to the fight after getting killed
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Practice With Bots To Get A Hang Of The System!

Practice With Bots To Get A Hang Of The System!

Not familiar with the mechanics for Battle Royale? Come practice with bots to get a hang of the game flow by setting up a practice game with bots! The bots has a lower difficulty than standard ones so don't be afraid to take a look!

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Warzone Map - Verdansk Sectors & Zones

Battle In Verdansk

Verdansk Full Map

The Battle Royale Mode is held in the large open map of Verdansk. Players who played Spec Ops missions will find themselves quite familiar with this new map. Verdansk has 5 main sectors that players can explore and fight in.

Explore And Loot

The whole map of Verdansk and its interiors are open for players to explore. In order to survive the mayhem, players are encouraged to scavenge for supplies as they fight until the bitter end.

5 Sectors Of Verdansk

  • Sector 1: Verdansk North
  • Sector 2: Verdansk West
  • Sector 3: Verdansk Southwest
  • Sector 4: Verdansk Central and South
  • Sector 5: Verdansk East
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Warzone Gas Mechanics

Keep Out Of The Gas

battle royale gas

The gas limits the movement of players, damaging them should they get near it. Gas acts as the game mode's borders, forcing players to continuously move forward to a safe spot, thereby also forcing them to encounter other players. The gas expands after a specific amount of time and the game will give players a heads-up before it starts to creep in.

Game Ends When Only 1 Team Remains

The gas will eventually cover the entirety of the map but this does not mean that the game is over. The game will only be over if there is only one player or team left standing in the fight.

Use Vehicles To Escape

use vehicles to escape

One quick way to outrun the gas is to use vehicles. Driving vehicles can help you cover a lot of ground in a short period of time. However, do note that vehicles produce very audible noises that other players can use to pinpoint your location.

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Warzone Money - Cash Uses & How to Get

Use To Buy Perks & Equipment

Supply Drops & Buy Stations

Scattered across the map are Buy Stations that you can use to purchase equipment and items that can help you in the fight. You can use cash collected from completed contracts to get a better edge over your opponents.

Check Out Buy Stations Here!

Use For Weapon Drop

Only Way To Get Loadouts In Battle Royale

You can also buy a Weapon Drop using the Buy Stations. Safely getting the Weapon Drop allows you to use your Custom Loadout, together with the Perks, in the fight.

Check Loadout Drops Here!

Dying In Battle Royale - Warzone Gulag

1v1 For A Second Chance

Gulag 1v1

A unique twist in Modern Warfare's take on the Battle Royale mode is that players can be revived even after getting killed. They can do so by participating in a 1v1 Gunfight match up inside the Gulag map. The player that wins gets revived back into the game. Note that the Gulag map is a separate instance from the Battle Royale map.

Check Out the Warzone Gulag Here!

No Third Chance

Players who died and were revived via the Gulag cage match will not be given another chance once they die again.

Gulag Loadouts Are Now Drawn From A Pool (May 19)

After the version 1.21.1 update, Loadouts will now randomly choose from 6 ARs and 4 SMGs. It will be all automatic, no burst or single fire guns included. Familiarize yourself with these to gain an edge!

Gulag Loadout Weapons List

Check out Update Version 1.21.1 Patch Guide here!

Revive With Redeployment Token

Players who died and have failed to win in a 1v1 match can also wait for their teammates to revive them via a Redeployment Token. Teammates can purchase the said token via a Buying Station to revive a fallen teammate, increasing the team's chances of winning.

Warzone Battle Royale Gameplay Tips

Stick Together!

stick together as a team

A party that sticks together, survives together. There is strength in numbers and while being a lone wolf can be tempting, sticking together with your team allows all of you to cover possible angles and to call out on immediate threats.

Communication Is Key

Even if you are playing with random players, communicate and ping useful sites and spotted enemies. This highly increases your team's awareness of your surroundings and your chances of survival.

Guard Critical Points

Even with the absence of skill, Battle Royale is a game mode that can be won through sheer cunning. Make use of sites such as Buy Stations and use them as bait for enemies to come in. Then when the timing is right, fire away or close in for the kill.

Don't Hurry To Revive

reviving teammates

One of the possible hard choices in Battle Royale is thinking about whether to revive a fallen teammate or not. Weigh the situation and think if it is worth risking getting fired upon by the enemy team just to revive a fallen teammate. You can also opt to backup and wait for better circumstances or you could just revive your teammate via Redeployment Tokens.

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