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Read this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 (CoD: MW) guide to know more about weapon stats. Includes a complete stats list, detailed explanations, how to change and modify stats, & more!!!

Weapon Stats Overview

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All Weapon Stats List

Weapon Stats List

AccuracyDetermines how accurate a weapon is when firing from the hip
DamageDetermines the amount of damage done to an opponent in a single shot
RangeDetermines the range at which the weapon's damage and effectiveness start to fall off
Fire RateDetermines how fast a weapon is able to fire multiple bullets
MobilityDetermines your player's movement speed, and ability to quickly aim
ControlDetermines how much recoil a weapon will display when firing, and how much sway a weapon does when aiming

Stats Determine Weapon Performance

Stats Determine Weapon Performance

Weapon stats determine a certain weapon's performance. These are divided into six different categories. Use these stats to choose the best weapon that fits your playstyle or loadout!

Adjust Stats Using Gunsmith

Adjust Stats Using the Gunsmith

A weapon's base stats are not final. These stats can be adjusted by equipping different attachments at the gunsmith. Please note that while attachments raise certain weapon stats, they can also lower other stats.

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Weapon Accuracy Stat

Hit Targets Using Hip Fire

Hit Targets Using Hip Fire

A weapon's accuracy will determine how close you are hitting your shots when firing from the hip. A higher accuracy stat will mean that you may not have to aim down your sights when firing to reliably hit your target.

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Determines Crosshair Size

This stat will also determine how large or small your crosshairs are. A higher accuracy stat will display a smaller crosshair, meaning that your bullets do not stray away too much from your crosshairs.

Weapon Damage Stat

Measures Damage Dealt Per Shot

Measures Damage Dealt Per Shot

The damage stat will determine how hard your weapon hits an opponent in a single shot. More powerful weapons such as shotguns and sniper rifles have extremely high damage, while weaker weapons rely on other stats to get the job done.

Affected by Range

Despite having a powerful weapon, its range must also be taken into consideration. Following this logic, a shotgun will not do as much damage if it is fired from afar since it has a low range stat.

Affected by Fire Rate

Another factor to your weapon's overall damage is the gun's fire rate. Having a higher fire rate will allow you to unload more bullets at targets in a shorter amount of time. Increasing your DPS, and letting you quickly down enemies.

Weapon Range Stat

Weapon's Effectiveness at Different Ranges


The range stat will determine how well your weapon performs when using to engage enemies at different ranges. Having a lower range stat will mean that the weapon will be less effective when shot at longer ranges.

Weapon Types Determine Ranges

Keep in mind that each weapon type will be most effective at different ranges. Shotguns and SMGs may be effective at close range while Sniper Rifles work best from afar.

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Weapon Fire Rate Stat

How Fast a Weapon Unloads Bullets

How Fast a Weapon Unloads Bullets

The weapon's fire rate will determine how fast a weapon can shoot out multiple bullets as you hold down the trigger! If you have a weapon with high fire rate, you can easily riddle an enemy with bullets in no time.

Magazine & Ammo Affect Fire Rate

The type of ammo or magazine you have on your weapon will affect its fire rate. Equipping lower caliber ammo or extended magazines can increase the fire rate of your weapon.

Weapon Mobility Stat

Determines Movement Speed

Determines Movement Speed

The mobility stat will determine how fast you move when you have a certain weapon equipped. Having lower mobility means that you move much slower while carrying that weapon!

Affects Aim Down Sight Speed

Your weapon's mobility will also affect your aim down sight speed. Having a higher mobility means that you can quickly transition from sprinting to aiming down your sights in order to get your shots off much quicker.

Weapon Control Stat

Determines Weapon Recoil

Determines Weapon Recoil

The control stat will determine how much recoil your weapon displays when firing. Higher control means that your gun will reliably stay on your target as you fire your weapon, allowing you to hit more shots!

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Affects Weapon Sway in ADS

Control will also affect the weapon's sway when aiming down your sights. Having higher control will keep the weapon from swaying as you aim in order to get an accurate first shot against your enemy!

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