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Learn how to play the multiplayer game mode: Search And Destroy in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 (CoD: MW)! Includes game mode tips, recommended equipment & weapons, and more!!!

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Search And Destroy Overview

Search And Destroy Overview
Match TimeRound LimitParty Size
2 Minutes61 - 6

2 teams take turns taking on roles of attackers and defenders: attackers will need to arm bomb on objectives, and defenders must stop them or disarm any bomb that has been set. No respawns.

Armed Explosive Must Be Disarmed For Defenders

Armed Explosive Must Be Disarmed For Defenders

Any planted bomb must be disarmed for the defenders to win, even if they wiped the attacker team. If the attackers can hold out until the remaining timer is so low that disarming is impossible, they have practically won.

More Objectives Added In Later Rounds

More Objectives Added In Later Rounds

More objectives will be added in later rounds, starting from only 1 objective at the first round to many later on. This will complicate matters for defenders.

Search And Destroy Recommended Weapons

Recommended Weapons List

Assault Rifle
Easily controllable Assault Rifle with good rate of fire. Unlocks fast at Rank 6.
Assault Rifle
Has a higher rate of fire over M4A1 yet manageable recoil.
Only bottleneck is the high unlock rank.
A stable & nimble SMG that'easy to handle. Unlocks rather quickly at Rank 12.
Riot Shield
Helps make breaches easier. Best pair with Overkill Perk to bring a rifle along.

Criteria For Recommendations

Weapons That Are Highly Mobile

The first 1 minute at the start of each round can make or break a game as players rush in to defend or attack objectives. If you can get into a good position faster than your opponents, the advantage will be huge, so mobility is a must.

Easy To Control & Can React Quickly

With a short time limit and only 6 players, there's no room for error - You don't want to be wrestling with your weapon's recoil or be outgunned in situations your weapon can't handle. Pick weapons that you can perform with, or at least control.

Easy To Obtain

A weapon that's locked behind many hoops and loops may be difficult to obtain and is impractical as recommendations, so a weapon's attainability is considered in the assessment.

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Search And Destroy Recommended Equipment

Frag GrenadeFrag GrenadeLethalCookable fragmentation grenade.
Molotov CocktailMolotov CocktailLethalImprovised incendiary device that explodes on impact.
ClaymoreClaymoreLethalProximity-activated explosive mine.
C4C4TacticalLarge explosive that sticks to surfaces and can be detonated remotely with click.
Flash GrenadeFlash GrenadeTacticalBlinds and deafens targets
Stun GrenadeStun GrenadeTacticalSlows victim's movement and aiming
Smoke GrenadeSmoke GrenadeTacticalDeploys a smoke screen that blocks vision and automated targeting systems

Lethals That Fit Your Role

Choose lethals based on your team's roles: for attackers, bring something that can help with an attack or make a breach. For defenders, lethals that help defend objectives, possibly remotely will be preferred.

Secure Rear Entrances with Claymore

Secure Your Rear With Claymore

Place claymore behind you or next to vital hallways as you move across the map. It can secure your flanks or pick off stragglers in the later phase of battle.

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Flash Grenades

The Flash Grenade is a viable tool that can be used to for both offensive and defensive ways. Throw one at the start of your assault or use it to disorient enemies storming into one.

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Stun Grenade As Alternative

If you are fearful of flashing your own team or yourself with flash grenades, use stun grenades instead.

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Search And Destroy Recommended Perk

E.O.D.E.O.D.Take reduced damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire. Hack enemy Claymores, Proximity Mines, and C4.
Battle HardenedBattle HardenedReduce strength of enemy flash, stun and EMP effects.
ShrapnelShrapnelSpawn with an extra piece of lethal equipment. Explosive damage delays enemy health regeneration.
TrackerTrackerEnemies leave behind a footprint trail. See markers at enemy death locations., and hide the death markers of enemy you kill.
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Defend Against Explosives With EOD Perk

All sorts of explosives will be used in full force by both teams: frags, C4, and mines are part of the strategy. Save yourself from them with EOD perks. Though you can hack enemy explosives, don't bother as it is too time consuming for this mode.

Stay In The Fight With Battle Hardened

Your opponents will be using all sorts of tactical equipment to distract you. Stay in the fight during key moments with the Battle Hardened Perk!

Extra Options With Shrapnel

Since grenades and other explosives are extremely useful in Search And Destroy, having 2 will greatly benefit your game. 2 C4s, 2 proximity mines can make life hell for attackers.

Hide Death Markers With Tracker

Hides Death Markers Of Your Kills

The Tracker perk hides the death markers of your kills. As death markers are a big giveaway to your presence & position, it can help you take out defenders in secret allowing for a unexpected objective strike.

Search And Destroy Tips

No Respawns or Revives

No respawns are available in Search And Destroy, and in contrast with Cyber Attack Mode the fallen cannot be revived to be brought back into the fight. Death is permanent until a new round starts.

Pick Up Bomb before Leaving

Pick Up Bomb before Leaving

For attackers, someone needs to pick up the bomb. The objective can only be armed by the player with it, so be sure to discuss it with your team!

Move In Irregular Patterns

As you approach the objective and is bursting in at the starting phase of an assault, change your movement patterns frequently: move in jagged lines, slide around etc as it will throw your attacker off aim. If done on a team scale, it will disorient any defenders.

Use All Possible Items To Get An Edge

Always remember to use your tactical and lethal equipment when you can, especially on a team scale. An objective can be quickly suppressed by the sheer volume of attacks going out.

Always Move In Groups

It's a very bad idea to try to storm or defend objectives by yourself. This will just get you killed. Always move in groups and cover each other.

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