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Double XP (2XP), Triple Feed (3XP) Events News
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Double XP (2XP), Triple Feed (3XP) Events News

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Double XP (2XP) & Triple Feed (3XP) means double the fun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2020 & Warzone. Read this guide for the latest Double XP Event in July 2020, & the New Token system!

2 XP Events2 XP Tokens

Current Double XP (2XP), Triple Feed (3XP) Events

2XP Everything From July 3

2XP Everything From July 3
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Event Duration July 3 10AM PDT ~ July 6

Starting from July 3, you get 2XP, 2XP weapon XP, and 2x Battle Pass tiers for an entire week! Get in the fight immediately and start the Modern Warfare & Warzone! This is also the time to grind attachments for new weapons as weapon balance changed in Version 1.23.

Check out 1.23 Weapon Balance - Nerf & Buff Guide here!

Triple Feed (3XP) Event Coming!

 Triple Feed (3XP) Event Incoming!

In the Season 4 Reloaded roadmap, it has been hinted that there will be an XP event called Triple Feed (3XP) coming soon. Chances are it will be a Triple XP for all items, but check back often for more 3XP news!

Check out Season 4 Battle Pass Guide here!

What Are Double (2XP) XP Events?

Double the XP Gain for a Limited Time

Double the XP Gain for a Limited Time

Double XP or 2XP Events are limited time events that allow you to earn double the amount of weapon and rank XP. At times, this even doubles XP earned from other sources. These events usually happen on weekends.

May Be Restricted To Certain Game Modes

Remember that Double XP Events may be limited to certain game modes. The rewards provided may not be available in other game modes.

Check out How To Level Up Rank Fast Here!

Past 2XP Events

See Past 2XP Events Here!

2XP Everything From May 29!

 2XP Everything From May 29
Event DurationMay 29 10AM PT ~ June 1 10AM PT

Starting from May 29, you get 2XP, 2XP weapon XP, and 2x Battle Pass tiers for an entire weekend! As Season 3 comes to an end, get in the fight immediately at Modern Warfare & Warzone!

No 2XP Events For this Week

There are currently no active 2XP Events for this weekend (May 22~25) announced. Check back often for latest events!

2XP Everything From Now!

2XP Everything From Now!
Event DurationMay 5 ~ May 8

Starting now, you get 2XP, 2XP weapon XP, and 2x Battle Pass tiers until May 8 (Friday)! Get in the fight immediately and start the Modern Warfare & Warzone!

2XP Everything From May 1

 2XP Everything From May 1
Event DurationMay 1 10AM PT ~ May 4 10AM PT

Starting from May 1, you get 2XP, 2XP weapon XP, and 2x Battle Pass tiers for an entire weekend! Get in the fight immediately and start the Modern Warfare & Warzone!

2XP Everything From April 17

2XP Everything From April 17
Event DurationApril 17 10 PM PDT ~ April 20 10AM PDT

Starting from April 17, you get 2XP, 2XP weapon XP, and 2x Battle Pass tiers for an entire weekend! Get in the fight immediately and start the Modern Warfare & Warzone!

2XP Everything Extended Until April 7

2XP Everything From April 3

Double XP Weekend
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Event DurationApril 3 ~ April 6

Starting from April 3, you get 2XP, 2XP weapon XP, and 2x Battle Pass tiers for an entire week! Get in the fight immediately and start the Modern Warfare & Warzone!

Veterans Day Twitch Stream Reward Event

Veterans Day Twitch Stream Reward Event

Watch Twitch streams on Veterans Day from a list of steamers for 1 ~ 2 hours to get a 2XP token (30 Min) and a calling card! Only available on November 11, and must connect Call of Duty account to your Twitch Account.

Event Information Table

PeriodNovember 11, 2019
What1 hour: 2XP (30 Min) For Multiplayer, 2 hours: “Ode to the Brave” Calling card
Check Out Streamer List & Twitch Connection here!

Sign Up To COD League And Get 2XP

Sign Up To COD League And Get 2XP

Sign up using your e-mail to get updates for the Call of Duty League! You will also get a 30-minute 2XP Token! Keep in mind that you can opt out of the newsletter at any time!

Sign Up Here!

Instruction Sent Through Email

Instructions on how to get the Double XP token will be sent to your email. It may take awhile for the mail to arrive.

Event Information Table

PeriodNow ~ October 20, 2020
What2XP For Multiplayer

Flash 2XP Event On October 27th!

A flash 2XP event will take place from 12PM ~ 5PM PST only on October 27th (Sunday). It will have both 2XP and 2X Weapon XP, so hurry and start battling!

2XP Everything For The Whole Week!

2XP Everything For The Whole Week!
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Event DurationMarch 10 ~ March 17

Starting from March 10, you get 2XP, 2XP weapon XP, and 2x Battle Pass tiers for an entire week! Get in the fight immediately and start the Warzone!

Warzone - Battle Royale & Plunder Mode

Double Weapon XP From Twitch

Twitch Drop Event Season 2
Event DurationFebruary 12 ~ February 19

Watch eligible channels and get a 1 Hour Double Weapon XP token! Players are required to have a Twitch account linked to their Call of Duty account to avail of this event. Use this to quickly level up your favorite weapon and unlock better attachments!

Check Out The Twitch Drop Event Here!

Mountain Dew & Doritos 2XP Event

Mountain Dew® & Doritos® 2XP Double Experience (x2 Exp) Event

Update: Promo has ended as of December 31, 2019

Earn double the experience in multiplayer throughout several months as PepsiCo & CoD: MW team up to provide in-game rewards such as 2XP double experience (x2 exp) and in-game cosmetic items!

Event Information Table

PeriodOctober 6 ~ December 31, 2019
What2XP For Multiplayer
Mountain Dew® & Doritos® Event Explained here!

What Are XP Tokens?

Token-Based XP Boost System With A Timer

2XP Tokens are a new 2XP system introduced in CoD MW. By acquiring & activating a 2XP Token, players will be able to get double experience in multiplayer for a limited duration.

Increased Flexibility For Players

The new 2XP Token system gives players more flexibility in their gameplay by letting players decide when they want a boost. For example, a casual player can save up on tokens and only use them on weekend long-hour playthroughs.

How To Get 2XP Tokens

Get Them Through Gameplay


Players can earn 2XP Tokens by simply playing the game. Completing objectives and challenges will reward you with tokens which you can use later on.

Check out All Challenges Guide here!

Complete Campaign Missions

Completing campaign missions will grant rewards that include XP tokens! Finish the campaign for rewards you can use in multiplayer!

Unlockable Reward Per Mission

1. Fog of WarXP Token
2. PiccadillyMP Operator - Throne
3. Embedded XP Token
4. Proxy WarMP Operator - Yegor
5. Clean HouseWeapon XP Token
6. Hunting PartyMP Operator - D-Day
7. The EmbassyXP Token
8. Highway Of DeathWeapon XP Token
9. HometownWeapon XP Token
10. The Wolf's DenMP Operator - Wyatt
11. Captive Weapon XP Token
12. Old Comrades MP Operator - Azure
13. Going Dark XP Token
14. Into the Furnace MP Operator - Bale
All Campaign Missions List & Walkthrough here!

Through 3rd-Party Partnership Products

Through 3rd-Party Partnership Products

Purchasing special 3rd-party products from retailers and partners may reward special codes you can redeem to receive XP tokens. Come back to this page often for the newest events!

Via the Companion App

Via the Companion App

You can also earn Double XP tokens as rewards by logging into the Call of Duty App. Keep in mind that these rewards are given weekly, so logging in once a week will allow you to easily get the most out of the app!

Check Out the Companion App Here!

Rewards are Random

Keep in mind that you will not always get double XP Tokens for logging in into the app. You may sometimes get other rewards.

What Do 2XP Tokens Do?

Earn Twice the XP In Public Multiplayer Matches


When the tokens are active, players receive double the XP for multiplayer in-match accomplishments and achievements. The boosted XP is awarded immediately and is reflected in the total XP you earned listed in the After Action Report.

Check out All Multiplayer Modes List here!

Weapon XP Tokens Exist

There are Weapon XP Tokens that increases the weapon XP gained instead. it can be earned through challenges and campaign missions.

Token Timer Depletes In Real-Time

Unlike previous systems, the Token Timer runs on real time instead of match time, meaning the timer runs even when you're not in a match, such as when editing loadouts or options. Only activate an XP Token that fits your play session time to get the full effect.

Timer Counts Even After Exiting The Game

The Token Timer runs even when you exit the game. Any left-over duration will be wasted if you close the game to go sleep, eat, etc.

See The Timer In Lobby

You can check the remainder of the Token timer at the right-hand side of the screen in the Multiplayer pregame lobby. It will appear when a token is activated.

No Daily Token Activation Limit

Unlike previous titles, CoD MW will not have any limitations on how many 2XP tokens you can activate within a day, offering more freedom for players on how to spend their tokens.

Activate As Many Tokens As You Like

You can activate multiple tokens at the same time for increased total duration. The effects, however, will not stack, so only do so when you're sure to play a long session.

In-Game Tokens Have No Time Cap

Partnership XP Tokens obtained through code redemption are capped at a total of 40 hours. In-game tokens however have no such caps and can be used for as long as the player has tokens.

How To Use 2XP Tokens

Activate Tokens In The Multiplayer Lobby

Activate Tokens in the Lobby

Tokens can be activated after joining a queue for a match in the Multiplayer lobby. Once you do that, a button to View Tokens will appear on the right side of your screen (3 is only for the PC version). You can then select the Token you wish to activate.

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