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Read this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 (CoD MW) walkthrough guide of the campaign "Mission 6: Hunting Party"! Find out gameplay tips, mission weapons, rewards, and more!!!

Table of Contents

Story Progression Chart

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Mission 6: Hunting Party Mission Walkthrough

Mission 6: Hunting Party Walkthrough

1Head down the alley, watch the airstrike, move up until you meet the tripwires. Disarm them.
2Push up and stay away from the armor, an IED will blow it up. Get behind cover to hide from the machinegun fire, and use smoke (or wait for your temmates to use them)
3Turn right to the opening. Enemies will come from the left, deal with them.Push Left into the buidling, fighting off enemy swarms while avoid going into the open due to MG fire. When infantry is dealt with, throw smoke greandes to provide cover and advance.
4Approach from the right alleyway will let you flank most of the enemies. Push through and head to the objective building. Once inside, infantry ambush at the stairwell, and a tripwire on the stairs. Disarm it by jumping through the broken ledges.
5Head upstairs and clear out the MG position. Go down the stairs at the end of the building.
6Exit the building and go right. Wait for the cutscene and then push up. Stay away from the armor as it will be blown up by RPG. Clear out the entrance to secure the entry. Watch out for crossfires and don't kill firendlies.
7Clear the lobby paying extra caution to the MG at the end of the hall.
8Burst through the door. Civilians will run toward you only to be mowed down by enemies. Take a left and clear hostiles. A tripwire lays at the middle of the center hallway.
9Take a left. Enemies will swarm you from the end of the hallway, use M203 to wipe them out. Push up stairways to the infirmary.
10Move through the infirmary, taking out fake patients. Reach the end of the hall and stop for a bit to regroup.
113 corridors and a MG at the end is the final stronghold. Pop smoke to halt the MG while cleaning out resistance in each corridors. A tripwire lies near the end of the left corridor. get to the end and take out the MG.
12Wait for a cutscene, then go through the newly opened path. A tripwire lies behind the final door.
13Creep through the hall and apprehend the Wolf.

Mission Rewards - Mission 6: Hunting Party

Mission Rewards are unique items or exclusive gear unlocked for Multiplayer and Special Ops!!!

  • MP Operator Skin - D-Day
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Weapons In Mission 6: Hunting Party

Mission 6: Hunting Party - Mission Tips

1, 4, 8, 12. Disarm Tripwires

Disarm Tripwires

Tripwires litter this map, which will cause lethal explosions if triggered. Disable tripwires by approaching them and interacting with them.

Gain A Frag Grenade For Disarm

Gain A Frag Grenade For Disarm

You gain a Frag Grenade for disarming a tripwire. As tripwires are plentiful, you can frag away on this mission with ease.

12. Beware Of Tripwire Behind Doors

Beware Of Tripwire Behind Doors

A tripwire is placed behind this door. Interact with the door and open it a little to disarm it through the door crack.

2 ~ 12.Extra Caution On Friendly Fire

Extra Caution On Friendly Fire

Killing your allies even unwittingly will result in a fail. Team markers are hard to see, so always confirm your targets before dropping them.

10. Take Out Combatants Pretending To Be Patients

Take Out Combatants Pretending To Be Patients

Enemies will be laying in beds pretending to be patients. You can distinguish who's combatants and who's not mainly by their apparel (tactical gear, weapon etc).

Insta-Fail For Killing Civilians

Insta-Fail For Killing Civilians

If you shoot a civilian patient, the mission fails. Exercise extra caution as to not kill innocents.

3, 5, 7, 11. Use Smoke To Suppress Machine Gun Nests

Machine Gun nests can be found both outside and inside of buildings. Pop smoke grenade to shut down their aim them for a bit.

Campaign Progression Chart

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