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Warzone: Best Loadouts & Classes- Season 4

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Check out Warzone Best loadout & Class in Call of Duty (CoD) Warzone Battle Royale and Plunder! Find out the best weapon loadout & recommended equipment like GRAU 5.56, M13 & M4A1!

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Warzone Best PKM Beginner Loadout (Balanced)

Best PKM Custom Loadout (Balanced)
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Primary PKM LMG
Secondary RPG-7 or PILA
LethalFrag Grenade or C4
Tactical Flash Grenade or Stim
Perk 1Double Time
Perk 2High Alert Perk
Perk 3Amped

Can Be Assembled Early On

Core components for this loadout can be easily assembled early on even if you haven't maxed out your Enlisted Ranks. Jump right into the fray and stay competitive even if you have just started Warzone!

All-Range, All-Purpose Balanced Loadout

Your PKM has high magazine, good range and high rate of fire. PKM's extremely versatile, and the rest of the Perks will back it up with increased sprint time from Double Time(Since LMGs are slower), knowing when you're spotted, and a faster weapon swap time.

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Can Handle Vehicles On your Own

An unexpected threat in Warzone are the vehicles running around and ramming people. As many players will be driving around, having a rocket in your loadout can mean a free kill or a deterrent from being rammed. Also useful for clearing out rooms.

Warzone Best M4A1, Kilo 141 - Renetti Beginner Loadout (Balanced)

Best M4A1 or Kilo 141 Custom Loadout (Balanced)
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Primary M4A1 or Kilo 141
Secondary .357, .50 GS or Renetti
Lethal Semtex or Thermite
Tactical Flash Grenade or Stim
Perk 1 Kill Chain
Perk 2High Alert Perk
Perk 3 Spotter

Balanced Early-Rank Loadout For Mobile Offensive

If you don't like lugging around a LMG, try M4A1 or Kilo 141 instead. They are maneuverable early-rank weapons that can be modified to be effective at most ranges and situations, letting you be more aggressive and mobile.

Consider Extended Mags Attachments

Due to the new Body Armor mechanics and having to fight whole teams, having a larger magazine size is highly beneficial. M4A1 and Kilo 141 both comes with 50 or 60 round magazine attachments.

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Track Down Supply Boxes For Killstreaks

As you will be on the move a lot, you can hunt down a lot of Supply Boxes scattered across the map. The Kill Chain perk lets you grab more killstreaks for use against hard targets to get ahead.

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Choose Renetti For Easier Control


If you have a hard time controlling the big recoils of .357 & .50 GS, pick Renetti as your sidearm instead. It has very good handing and decent range for a handgun to be effective as a backup weapon. Renetti was introduced in season 3.

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Warzone Best Grau 5.56 Defense Or Stealth Loadout (Balanced)

Warzone Best Grau 5.56 All-Range Loadout
Primary Grau 5.56
Secondary Renetti, .357 or RPG-7
Lethal C4
TacticalHeartbeat Sensor
Perk 1 E.O.D. or Cold-Blooded
Perk 2Ghost or High Alert
Perk 3Amped

Pick Between Defense Or Stealth

Grau 5.56's soft recoil and its longer ranges allows it to handle most ranges with ease. You can fight with it in most situations making it a solid choice as a main weapon, thus Overkill isn't really necessary. Choose between defense or stealth for the loadout.

Swap out Weapon As You See Fit

With Amped, you can swap to any weapons fast, meaning you can actually use them when you need to without fumbling. As weapons are plentiful in Warzone, swap out your secondaries based on your situation, whether its a shotgun for room cleaning or a sniper rifle for the open areas.

Warzone Best HDR & R9-0 Loadout (All-Range)

Best HDR & R9-0 Custom Loadout (All-Range)
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Snipe & CQB At the Same Time

This loadout focus on the 2 things players will encounter in Warzone: Picking each other off in the open fields and the ruthless CQB battles in buildings. HDR packs the punch to one-shot people at range while R9-0 shotgun has the burst damage & magazine size needed to clear rooms.

Avoid Thermal Detection With Cold-Blooded

Thermal optics gives a good advantage when looking for targets in the open fields, and many players will be using them. Counter this by having the Cold-Blooded perk which hides you from thermal detection.

See Dead Enemy Positions With Tracker

Tracker Perk lets you see skull icon at a dead enemy's position, useful in determining if there's enemy teams near your locations. it also hides the skull icons of players you kill, keeping their teams in the dark about where they fell.

Warzone Best Bruen Mk9 & Striker 45 Loadout

Bruen Mk9 Striker 45 Combo Loadout
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Cover All Ranges

Thanks to both weapons, you will be able to reliably hit your shots at any range. The Striker 45 SMG can help you defend yourself at close range, while the Bruen Mk9 LMG covers you at longer ranges! Equip the Amped perk to allow you to switch weapons faster during surprise encounters!

Move Around Faster

Due to the large size of the Warzone map, it's recommended to increase your mobility at all costs! The Double Time perk lets you increase the duration of your Tactical Sprint, and your crouch movement speed, making you a harder target to hit!

Warzone Best MP5 Or M13 Loadout (Stealth)

Best MP5 Or M13 Custom Loadout (Stealth)
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Primary MP5 or M13, Silenced
Secondary Any Handgun (preferably Silenced)
Lethal C4 or Thermite
Tactical Flash Grenade or Stim
Perk 1Cold-Blooded
Perk 2 Ghost or High Alert Perk
Perk 3 Spotter

Achieve Max Stealth With Unique Attachments

M13 & MP5 has unique attachments that greatly enhances stealth by eliminating weapon tracer & target kill skull icon. These attachments are .300 Blackout 30-Round Mags (M13) & Subsonic Integral Suppressor (MP5). We'll be using this in this build for max stealth.

No Need For Tracker Perk

The benefits provided by Tracker Perk overlaps with the effects of these unique attachments, so there's no need to pick Tracker. We chose Spotter instead as it let the user see & hack equipment through walls which will be good intel on enemy whereabouts.

Avoid All Digital Surveillance With Cold-Blooded & Ghost

Cold-Blooded & Ghost will keep you off all digital surveillance whether its the UAV, Heartbeat Sensor or Thermal optics. No one will be able to track you unless its by direct line of sight.

Swap Ghost With High Alert If No UAV

If you feel there's not a whole lot of UAV being used or isn't too concerned about them, swap Ghost for High Alert so you know when you've been seen by enemies.

Bait Enemy Revivors With C4

A nasty trick will be to down an unsuspecting opponent, throw a C4 and then run away. When you can hear the enemy teams trying to revive, blow the C4. You'll find plenty of unsuspecting prey if you stealth your way along.

Warzone Best MK2, SKS Loadout (Support)

Best MK2 Custom Loadout (Support)
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Primary MK2 Carbine or SKS
Secondary Any Launcher
Lethal Proximity Mine or Thermite
Tactical Smoke Grenade or Stim
Perk 1Double Time
Perk 2 Restock or Pointman
Perk 3 Spotter

Support Your Teammates With the Versatile MK2

This support build focus on patching up any potential roles that your team may have missed due to specializing on certain loadout. The MK2 can deal with targets close and far flexibly, letting the user pursue other role tasks. Hang back a bit from your team to observe and support when needed.

Higher RoF & Magazine Size With SKS


SKS, introduced in Season 3, is a good alternative with its high rate of fire (RoF) & decent magazine size. It doesn't deal as much damage per shot as the MK2 but is just as deadly with its ease of follow up shots and manageable recoil.

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Spot Traps & Deal With Vehicles

Most loadout cannot deal efficiently against enemy vehicles, so It'll be up to you to pop that enemy vehicle or chopper. Also, spot enemy equipment like Claymore & C4 to prevent your team from walking into a trap.

Deploy Smoke Grenade To Max Effect

Smoke Grenades if used smartly can turn the tides of an encounter. Popping one when retreating or reviving a teammate can greatly increase its success. As most players will focus on other tacticals like Flash or Stims, you need to pick up the slack one again.

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Choose Pointman If Your team Focus on Contracts

Pointman increase your team's cash when completing contracts, making it advantageous in modes like Plunder. More cash also means more Self Revive purchases as well as teammate revives, so it might add up a lot if your team does Contracts.

Warzone Best 725, Mk2 Looted Weapon Loadout

Loadout Before You Get Loadout Drops

Loadout Before You Get Loadout Drops

This loadout is for the starting phase of Battle royale when players has yet to make enough cash to call in Loadout Drops to get their custom loadouts. It comprises of weapons looted in the field.

Assault Rifles, SMG Added to Looted Guns

Another list of weapons mainly Assault Rifles & Submachine Guns (SMG) has been added to the lootable weapons pool. These include but not limited to: AK-47, M13, Kilo 141, Ram-7 & Striker 45.

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4 New Weapons Can Be Looted

725, MK2 Carbine, .50 GS, and EBR-14 are added with 3/24, 2020 patch update to the lootable guns in Warzone. Players can now find them scattered in supply boxes & in the field. They provide burst damage and mid-ranged battle options to the game,

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Loadout Drops Cost Increased To 10,000

 Loadout Drops

As the cost for Loadout Drop is increased to 10,000 in patch 1.19, you'll be fighting longer with looted weapons. Familiarize yourself with these loot weapons before dropping in.

Check out Update Version 1.19 (Apr.08) Patch Notes here!

Loot Weapons Balanced Loadout

Primary 725 Shotgun or MP7
Secondary MK2 Carbine, Any looted Assault Rifle
Lethal Any
Tactical Any or Stim

Provides Ranged And Burst Damage

This loadout lets you deal with most situations at all ranges - burst damage when in tight CQB with 725 or MP7, and mid-range combat with Mk2 carbine or assault rifle. Do not miss any opportunity before getting enough cash for your dream loadout!

Good Starter to Jump Into Contracts

As these weapons are easily found in the field, you can jump right into contracts without having to farm around to get Loadout Drops. Start chasing Contracts immediately before the opposition gets the chance!

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What Are Warzone Custom Loadouts?

10 Customizable Loadout

Customizable Loadout

Custom Loadouts are a sets of weapon & perks combination presets made by the player. It is accessed from the Weapons tab in Multiplayer or Warzone Interface, and has 10 slots for players to use.

Shares Loadout With COD MW Multiplayer

Your Warzone loadout will mirror COD MW Multiplayer loadouts and vice versa. While its convenient that you can carry them over, you will now also have to balance your 10 Custom Loadout slots for Multiplayer and Warzone.

Unlocked at Rank4

Unlocked at Rank Private 4

You will be able to unlock Custom Loadouts once you reach Rank 4 or "Private 4" in Enlisted Rank. If you are not yet at that level, you will only be able to use pre-made classes in Multiplayer.

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Loadout Drops Needed To Access For Battle Royale

Loadout Drops Needed To Access For Battle Royale

In Battle Royale mode, you must buy & call in Loadout Drops available at Buy Stations first to access your custom loadouts. Plunder mode has no such restriction and can be selected as usual.

Battle Royale Mode - Warzone Guide

Some Perks Have Different Abilities In Warzone

Some Perks Have Different Abilities In Warzone
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Some perks has their effects altered in Warzone, giving different bonuses fit for the Warzone mechanics instead. These are:

Perks That Differs From COD MW

Kill Chain Increased chance of finding Killstreaks from Supply Boxes
Hardline Decrease the cost of Field Upgrades, Armor Plates & Killstreaks bought at Buy Stations
Pointman Increase entire squad's cash when completing Contracts
Tune Up Reduces revive time by 25%
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Warzone Best Loadout - How To Get Them In Warzone

Battle Royale: Use Loadout Drops

Battle Royale: Use Loadout Drops

In Battle Royale Mode, you'll need to acquire loadout drops and interact with it to gain loadouts. It can be bought at Buy Stations or will drop once enough gas circle closes.

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Deploy With Loadout In Plunder

In plunder, there is no restrictions on how to get weapons as you start with your desired loadout. Loadout Changes can be made while you respawn.

Check out Plunder Mode Guide here!▲Back To Table Of Contents

Warzone Best Custom Loadout Criteria

Below is a list of criteria that was used to recommend custom loadouts for Warzone.

Flexibility & Versatility

The recommended loadouts need to be versatile and flexible enough to handle the ever-changing dynamics of the Warzone maps, such as increased fighting range, enemy location uncertainty and overall chaos. We try to consider these in our builds.

Increased Survivability

Warzone punishes death rather harshly in its Battle Royale and Plunder modes, so we try to add things that can sustain or defend the player so they can stay alive longer. Staying alive gives you more opportunity to win in the fast paced battles of Warzone.

Focus On Weapon & Perk Strengths

The recommended loadouts mostly centers around weapon characteristics & strengths that best suits the situation in consideration. They will attempt to enhance or cover the weapon's weakness/ restrictions.

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Damage & Accuracy Considered

DPS & Ability To Kill

With the new Body Armor mechanics, getting consistent hits are just as important as dealing out damage fast. Loadouts should also have a high DPS to get ahead in the fight.

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