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Best Shotguns & Setup - Season 6

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Read this Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare / Warzone guide to learn about the best Shotguns in the game! Find out the best season 6 shotguns loadouts, attachments, and more!!!

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Best Weapon & Best Loadout Articles

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Best Shotguns: S Rank - Season 6

This tier list is for Shotguns in Modern Warfare's Multiplayer Modes & Warzone

Details of these recommended weapons can be found below!!!

Shotguns Out-Performing Their Roles

S ranks are given to shotguns that have good performance and/or require very little resource to reach decent status. Some of these require a bit of practice with as you need to land hits to maximize the advantage but they are worth the effort.

R9-0 Shotgun - Best Shotgun Setup

R9-0 Shotgun Basic Information
Unlock Level1
Check Out R9-0 Shotgun Stats Here!

Can Handle Slugs & Additional Ammo

As a magazine-fed shotgun, the R9-0 trumps other due to its capability to continuously churn out shells. It can also equip Slugs as its main ammunition. Given certain attachments that can increase its range and tighten its spread, the R9-0 can manage mid-range encounters.

Never Aim Down Sights!

You can also make use of the setup below for run-and-gun strategies. With this loadout, the R9-0 can be used as a close-ranged weapon and does not require the user to use ADS to land some shots.

R9-0 Recommended Attachments

Monolithic SuppressorMonolithic SuppressorMonolithic Suppressor provides superior sound suppression and increased range. Moderate weight increase affects agility.
FORGE TAC SentryFORGE TAC SentryHeavy duty tapered barrels tightens pellet spread and slightly extends range with only a minor increase to weight.
Sleight of HandSleight of HandTraining in reloading faster when under pressure.
1mW Laser1mW LaserLow power 1mW red laser improves hipfire accuracy while remaining undetected.
Merc ForegripMerc ForegripExtended foregrip reduces vertical recoil and provides stability from the hip for fast paced guerrilla tactics.

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VLK Rogue - Best Shotgun Setup

VLK Rogue Shotgun Basic Information
Unlock LevelUsing a shotgun with 5 attachments, get 7 kills in 15 different matches.
Check Out VLK Rogue Stats Here!

High Mobility Shotgun

With certain attachments, the VLK Rogue can transform into a high-mobility shotgun. This kind of build allows you to race through enemy lines to flank them and catch them unaware.

Can Equip Dragon's Breath Rounds

The VLK Rogue can equip a magazine of Dragon's Breath, introducing damage over time whenever it lands on an enemy. This can be very devastating and is recommended to use if you have the magazine already unlocked.

R9-0 Recommended Attachments

ChokeChokeDevice used to narrow the spread of shotgun pellets.
XRK Race GripXRK Race GripFaster ADS & Recoil control for easier follow up shots
No StockNo StockFaster movement & ADS speed with negligible increase in recoil
5mW Laser5mW LaserBetter hip fire accuracy for a visible laser. Sprint to hide the laser as the Sprintout time for VLK is very fast
16 Warlord16 WarlordExtends damage range without slowing you down

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Best Shotguns: A Rank - Season 6

This tier list is for Shotguns in Modern Warfare's Multiplayer Modes & Warzone

Details of these recommended weapons can be found below!!!

Weapons That Does What Its Supposed To Very Well

A-ranked weapons are Shotguns that does what its designed to do. Its stats are suitable for the task at hand and is not gimped by some bad stat that affects its roles.

Needs Some Attachments To Fully Shine

A-ranked weapons do require some attachments to fully develop but is still usable without them. Once you decked their attachments out, their performance will grow substantially.

725 - Best Shotgun Setup

725 Shotgun Basic Information
Unlock Level17
Check Out 725 Stats Here!

Still A Viable Shotgun

Despite the numerous nerfs since release, the 725 still stands as one capable weapon. You can fit it to fight in either range or close-combat encounters

Can Use Slugs

For clearing enemies afar, you can equip Slugs to the 725. You can also supplement it with additional attachments that increase the weapon's range.

725 Recommended Attachments

ChokeChokeDevice used to narrow the spread of shotgun pellets.
Tempus 32 CompetitionTempus 32 CompetitionLonger barrel increases muzzle velocity and extends range. Additional weight stabilizes shots, but hinders mobility.
Tac LaserTac LaserHigh power 5mW Tactical Green laser greatly improves accuracy while aiming down sights. Exposes position when active.
Sleight of HandSleight of HandTraining in reloading faster when under pressure.
Tempus SlimgripTempus SlimgripUltralight forend grips allow greater control while performing high speed maneuvers.

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Origin 12 - Best Shotgun Setup

Origin 12 Shotgun Shotgun Basic Information
Unlock Level31
Check Out Origin 12 Stats Here!

High-Capacity Shotgun

The strongest point of this weapon is that it can carry an insane amount of shotgun shells. With this weapon, you can confidently sweep a room without every needing to reload.

Origin 12 Recommended Attachments

ChokeChokeDevice used to narrow the spread of shotgun pellets.
FORGE TAC GeminiFORGE TAC GeminiDual thin-walled smooth bore barrels widen pellet spread and improve agility with only a minor decrease to range.
5mW Laser5mW LaserUltra bright 5mW green laser greatly improves hipfire accuracy and speeds up target acquisition after sprinting. Exposes position when active. Only for the aggressive.
25 Round Drum Mags25 Round Drum MagsDrum magazine hold 25 shells of 12 gauge, maximizing ammo capacity at the expense of mobility.
Stippled Grip Tape (Rear Grip)Stippled Grip Tape (Rear Grip)Stippled pistol grip tape maintains control performing high speed maneuvers. Less stable but very agile.

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Best Shotguns Criteria

Decent Damage Fall-off

Shotguns that are capable of dishing out acceptable damage at mid-range take the cake here. Although they are close-combat weapons, Shotguns that can take on enemies that are a bit further ranks higher in the list.

Reload Speed Or Ammo Capacity

Top Shotguns allow the user to rectify mistakes with additional shells or faster reload times. Shotguns that have slow reloads and low ammo capacities rank lower in the list.

Ammo Variety

Some Shotguns sport different ammo types for different situations. Having several types of ammo available is an advantage as there is no need to frequently change weapons to suit a map.


How soon these Shotguns can be acquired is also considered in the ranking. If a weapon takes forever to grind out, then it may affect its ranking since players might be better off grinding attachments for other weapons instead.

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