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Origin 12 Shotgun - Shotgun Stats
CoD: MW 2019 | Origin 12 Shotgun - Shotgun Stats | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

CoD: MW 2019 | Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Origin 12 Shotgun - Shotgun Stats

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Weapon Stats for Origin 12 Shotgun Shotgun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (CoD: MW). Read here to find information about the stats, unlock level, setup and attachments for Origin 12 Shotgun.

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Origin 12 Shotgun - Stats & Unlock Level

Origin 12 Shotgun Shotgun Basic Information

Origin 12 Shotgun Shotgun Basic Information
Weapon TypeShotgun
Weapon FeatureSemi-automatic shotgun with large ammo capacity allows for continuous firing. Effective at close range.
Unlock Level31

Depending on weapon unlock level, you may need to firstly level up to unlock the weapon.

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Origin 12 Shotgun Stats

Origin 12 Shotgun Stats
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Origin 12 Shotgun Traits

Weapon Traits

High-Capacity Semi-Auto Shotgun

The Origin 12 makes use of a magazine to hold its shells. With this design, the user can fire continuously without needing to reload or spend precious time to cycle a round.

Low Damage & Range

As a drawback to its unrivaled fire rate and ammo capacity, the Origin 12 has the weakest damage in the shotgun class. It also has the second to the lowest range stat.

Origin 12 Shotgun - Compatible Attachments For Setup

More Attachments will be updated in the future.


AttachmentEffect &
Unlock Requirements
Breacher Device【Effects】
Muzzle attachment that enables 1 hit melee kills.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 3
Flash Guard【Effects】
Suppress the flash of your weapon to help keep your target visible, and your position concealed. Slightly lowers muzzle velocity.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 6
Tactical Suppressor【Effects】
Titanium can with stainless steel baffles. Silences weapon with very little additional weight.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 19
Muzzle Brake【Effects】
Redirects gasses outward to stabilize the weapon for better control of sustained fire.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 21
Expels gases upward to aggressively fight muzzle climb.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 29
Device used to narrow the spread of shotgun pellets.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 31
Lightweight Suppressor【Effects】
Lightweight aluminum suppressor sacrifices range for stealth and agility.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 36


AttachmentEffect &
Unlock Requirements
FORGE TAC Precision【Effects】
Heavy duty tapered barrels tightens pellet spread and slightly extends range with only a minor increase to weight.
【Unlock Requirements】
FORGE TAC Wideshot【Effects】
Lightweight smooth bore barrel widens pellet spread and improves agility with only a minor decrease to range.
【Unlock Requirements】
FORGE TAC Impaler【Effects】
Extended barrel increases muzzle velocity and range. Additional weight and length stabilize shots but hinder mobility.
【Unlock Requirements】


AttachmentEffect &
Unlock Requirements
1mW Laser【Effects】
Low power 1mW red laser improves hipfire accuracy while remaining undetected.
【Unlock Requirements】
5mW Laser【Effects】
Ultra bright 5mW green laser greatly improves hipfire accuracy and speeds up target acquisition after sprinting. Exposes position when active. Only for the aggressive.
【Unlock Requirements】
Tac Laser【Effects】
High power 5mW Tactical Green laser greatly improves accuracy while aiming down sights. Exposes position when active.
【Unlock Requirements】


AttachmentEffect &
Unlock Requirements
Solozero Optics Mini Reflex【Effects】
Well rounded precision sight from Solozero Optics provides a balanced sight picture.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 2
Corp Combat Holo Sight【Effects】
Advanced holographic sight of American origin.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 5
Aim-Op Reflex Sight【Effects】
Reflex sight of western origin. Provides higher precision.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 7
Cronen LP945 Mini Reflex【Effects】
Circular reflex frame from Cronen keeps the focus on target.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 13
Operator Reflex Sight【Effects】
Reflex sight of American origin. Provides higher precision.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 18
Scout Combat Optic【Effects】
Precision optic with 3.25x magnification for long range target acquisition.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 22
PBX Holo 7 Sight【Effects】
Advanced holographic sight of American origin.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 25
VLK 3.0x Optic【Effects】
Russian combat optic with 3.0x magnification provides reliable target acquisition.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 32
Viper Reflex Sight【Effects】
Reflex sight of Russian origin.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 34
APX5 Holographic Sight【Effects】
Advanced holographic sight of Russian origin.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 37
G.I. Mini Reflex【Effects】
G.I. Miniature reflex optic features a wide, thin frame for an unobstructed sight picture.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 41
Cronen C480 Pro Optic【Effects】
Advanced optic with 3.5x magnification provides excellent target acquisition.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 45
Monocle Reflex Sight【Effects】
Russian reflex sight with a low-intrusion frame for improved target tracking.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 48
Solozero NVG Enhanced【Effects】
Advanced 3.25x Gen 3 night vision with thermal overlay for enhanced situational awareness. Not compatible with NVG goggles.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 50


AttachmentEffect &
Unlock Requirements
FTAC Hunter【Effects】
Heavy duty stock keeps your aim steady for precision shots.
【Unlock Requirements】
FORGE TAC Ultralight【Effects】
Stock designed for agility while aiming down sights.
【Unlock Requirements】
No Stock【Effects】
The ultimate run and gun modification when agility is more important than precision. Removing the stock greatly increases movement.
【Unlock Requirements】
FORGE TAC Dart【Effects】
Tactical stock designed for fast target acquisition.
【Unlock Requirements】


AttachmentEffect &
Unlock Requirements
Merc Foregrip【Effects】
Extended foregrip reduces vertical recoil and provides stability from the hip for fast paced guerrila tactics.
【Unlock Requirements】
Commando Foregrip【Effects】
Heavy weight angled grip keeps the weapon steady while aiming, and helps maintain control during heavy fire.
【Unlock Requirements】


AttachmentEffect &
Unlock Requirements
12 Round Mags【Effects】
Extended magazines hold 12 shells with a slight weight increase.
【Unlock Requirements】
8 Round Slug Mags【Effects】
437 gr handcast slugs with a low muzzle velocity and tremendous stopping power. Zero'd in at 30 meters to compensate for bullet drop.
【Unlock Requirements】
25 Round Drum Mags【Effects】
Drum magazine hold 25 shells of 12 gauge, maximizing ammo capacity at the expense of mobility.
【Unlock Requirements】

Rear Grip

AttachmentEffect &
Unlock Requirements
Granulated Grip Tape (Rear Grip)【Effects】
Smooth and granulated tape for a relaxed and controlled grip. Keeps you steady and on target.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 4
Rubberized Grip Tape (Rear Grip)【Effects】
Rubberized grip keeps gun tight in hand. Less steady, but helps control recoil.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 10
Stippled Grip Tape (Rear Grip)【Effects】
Stippled pistol grip tape maintains control performing high speed maneuvers. Less stable but very agile.
【Unlock Requirements】
Level 23


AttachmentEffect &
Unlock Requirements
Frangible - Disabling【Effects】
Bullets slow enemy movement and briefly disable tactical sprint when shooting legs.
【Unlock Requirements】
Increases bullet penetration and damage against equipment and killstreaks.
【Unlock Requirements】
Frangible - Wounding【Effects】
Bullets cause target healing to be briefly delayed.
【Unlock Requirements】
See enemy nameplates at greater distances.
【Unlock Requirements】
Fast Melee【Effects】
Training in executing melee maneuvers with great speed.
【Unlock Requirements】
Heavy Hitter【Effects】
Melee produces greater stun on targets.
【Unlock Requirements】
Sleight of Hand【Effects】
Training in reloading faster when under pressure.
【Unlock Requirements】
Mo' Money【Effects】
Earn additional XP for kills.
【Unlock Requirements】
Fully Loaded【Effects】
Start with Maximum Reserve Ammo.
【Unlock Requirements】
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