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Learn all about how to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2020 & Warzone! Know essential tips and guides on how to get better in the Campaign and Multiplayer with this beginner's guide!!!

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Best Weapon & Best Loadout Articles

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Multiplayer Mode Overview

Game Mode Of Modern Warfare

Game Mode of Modern Warfare

Multiplayer Mode is one of the three main game modes of Modern Warfare. In Multiplayer, you will face off against other players in several matches with differing rules!

Other Gameplay Modes

Play After The Campaign

Usually, Multiplayer Mode is played after the player has finished campaign. This way, you will learn the ropes and different gameplay mechanics of the game before going up against other players!

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Play With Friends on Multiple Platforms

Modern Warfare features crossplay, allowing all players to squad up and play with their friends regardless of the platform they're playing on! You'll need an Activision account to play cross-platform with other players.

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How Do I Aim Better?

Understand the Basics of Aiming

Understand the Basics of Aiming

The fundamental of FPS boils down to not only to improving your twitching and aiming reflex, but also to understand the importance of positioning and appropriate maneuvers. Mastering this concept will be the first step in winning in competitive matches!

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You Can Change Your Sight's Reticle

You can customize your Sight to feature a more visually appealing crosshair. You can do this by completing challenges to unlock the reticle itself. You can change your sight's reticle in the Armory.

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Learn The Basics & Good Habits

Follow these 5 simple tips on recoil, aiming and etc. to get a better chance of gaining a head-start in building skills necessary to perform! Start with good habits to benefit long term!

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Understanding Multiplayer Modes

Quick Play

Understanding Multiplayer Modes

Quick Play is the option for fast matchmaking, combining the que for many multiplayer modes. As each Game Mode will have different rules and objectives, make sure you check them out before heading out!

Quick Play Modes

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Ground Wars

Ground Wars

Ground Wars features a large map allowing many players (32 vs 32) to contest for objective captures. Captured objectives will reward points to the team. First team to reach the score limit wins. Vehicles will have more impact on these maps, as they will help you move around much faster!

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Get To Know the Multiplayer Maps

Get To know the Multiplayer Maps

Many maps are available for battle by modes, and getting to know the terrain before you head out will assist in your warrior path. Check out the maps before heading out!

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Understand Enlisted & Officer Ranks

Unlock Base Items By Completing Enlisted Rank

Unlock Base Items By Completing Enlisted Rank

Enlisted Ranks is the starting Rank tier that all players must max out (55 total) before they can proceed with most end-game contents. It will unlock most of the base in-game items for players to begin making their custom loadouts.

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Challenge Yourself With Officer Rank

Officer Rank are seasonal rank tier that resets between seasons, and require players to max out the Enlisted Rank before they can access. Players can earn many seasonal & special items by raising their Officer Rank and completing Officer Challenges.

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Leveling Up In Multiplayer

Unlock Custom Loadout At Rank 4

Unlock Custom Loadout At Rank 4

Leveling up your rank to Private 4 unlocks Custom Loadouts! Here, you'll be able to create your own loadouts based on what you've unlocked, letting you experiment with different equipment and perks to create your super soldier!

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Use Default Loadouts To Understand Weapon Handling

5 default loadouts are available to you before you can unlock the Custom Loadouts. These loadout have their own strength and weaknesses, and allows you to test out certain items before unlocking them!

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Unlock New Weapons, Tactical, Lethal & Field Upgrades

Unlock New Weapons, Tactical, Lethal & Field Upgrades

With each rank up, you may unlock new items and upgrades. These include: New Weapons, Tactical & Lethal Equipments, Field Upgrades, and more. Each item you unlock will provide you with new build options, so focus on reaching top rank first!

Weapons & Equipment List

Take On Challenge For XP & Other Rewards

Take On Challenge For XP & Other Rewards

Challenges are in-game objectives that can be completed by meeting the designated conditions, rewarding experience (XP) , camo, or other special items. Complete them for XP boosts to level up faster and win all sorts of prizes!

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Double XP Gain For A Limited Time With Events

Double XP Events are a limited time events that doubles the amount of Rank, weapon, and sometimes other XP gained from all sources. These events are usually done over the weekends. Make use of them to get large amount of XP fast!

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Leveling Up Is Permanent

Leveling up your rank is permanent. Once you level up, you will not be able to lower your rank anymore! You do not need to fear being demoted to a lower rank due to a bad game!

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Making Builds With Custom Loadout

Swap Weapons & Perks At Custom Loadout

Swap Weapons & Perks At Custom Loadout

Once you've unlocked custom loadouts, you can swap out all sorts of perks and weapons to create your very own loadout. Mix-match perks and equipment to find out which gives you the most satisfaction!

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Save Up To 5 Custom Loadouts

You can save 5 custom loadouts slots in-game, so create some extra situational loadouts to handle sudden battlefield challenges, like an AA build for taking out gunships or a Sniper build when you need to spot for the team.

Test Out New Items With Bots

Each weapon, equipment & item will have their very own characteristics and handling. You won't know which ones are your best weapons unless you try them out personally, so don't be afraid to try new gears and equipment. Use bots to help get a grip.

Check out How To Set Up Bots here!

Find Your Favorite Weapons

Find your Favorite Weapons

Guns are plentiful in CoD: Modern Warfare with over 30 weapons in Assault Rifles, SMGs, LMGs, Sniper Rifles, etc to choose from. Try each category to find out which fits your playstyle!

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Ease Of Use Over "Pro" Weapons

You'll be tempted to choose "pro" weapons as your first weapon, but there is more to gunfights than guns - tactics & situational awareness are important too. Picking a controllable weapon will let you learn key elements of a firefight rather than wrestle with your weapon.

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Unlock Attachments For Weapons

Enhance Your Weapons With Attachments

Enhance Your Weapons With Attachments

Attachments are mods that you can add to each parts of the weapon. They will alter the stats of the weapon and may provide some benefits, such as extra control for lowered movements. Min-Maxing attachments can make or break a weapon.

Check Out Gunsmith Attachments Here!

Add or Remove Attachments At Gunsmith

Add or Remove Attachments At Gunsmith

You can add or remove attachments at Gunsmith through the interface of each weapons if you have unlocked them. Each weapon has their own attachment trees that must be unlocked individually.

Attachments Affect Weapon Stats

Attachments Affect Weapon Stats

Most if not all attachments will affect your weapon's overall stats. A majority of the mods that you attach to your weapon will increase a specific stat, while lowering a different stat at the same time.

Check Out Weapon Stats Here!

Attachments Unlocks By Making Kills

 Attachments Unlocks By Making Kills

Attachments are unlocked by ranking up weapon levels which can only be increased by making kills with that weapon. You won't be able to use attachments you've unlocked from weapon A for Weapon B, but must unlock it again by making kills with weapon B.

Check Out How To Level Up Weapons Here!

Some Attachments Are Essential To Certain Builds

Some attachments are crucial to builds, like suppressors to stealth builds or reflex sights for run'n gun sniper builds. Unlock as many attachments as you can before moving on, since you'll never know when you'll need it for a build.

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Unlock Weapon Camo For A New Weapon Look!

Unlock Weapon Camo For A New Weapon Look!

Weapon Camo can be unlocked by increasing the Camo Category with weapon levels, and the individually unlocked by meeting the criteria. Gain new looks for your favorite weapons!

Check out All Weapon Camouflage List here!

Customize Your Operator

Swap Operator Appearance In the Barracks

Swap Operator Appearance In the Barracks

Tired of your looks? Change them in the Barracks! Some avatars may require you to complete tasks & challenges to unlock.

Check out All Operator Skins List here!

Edit Your Identity With Emblems, Calling Cards

Edit Your Identity With Emblems, Calling Cards

Emblems and Calling Cards combine into a unique name banner that shows off your identity in the multiplayer. Show off your nationality, or your fighting styles with these customizable icons!

Announce Yourself To The World With Calling Cards!

Announce Yourself To The World With Calling Cards!

Announce yourself to the world with Calling Cards! Calling cards are banners that will appear when you kill / get killed by other players, get objectives, or on a killstreak, presenting an eye-catching reminder of your identity.

Check Out Character Customization Here!

Start A Clan For Clan Tags

Additional tags exists for those that created clans. Show off your teamworks by striking fear in your opponents with your distinguished clan icon!

Equip a Tomagunchi to Your Watch

A Tomagunchi is a virtual pet that you can equip on your soldier's wristwatch. This pet will keep track of your stats and incentivize getting kills. Feed and care for your Tomagunchi by getting kills or else it will starve!

Check Out the Tomagunchi Here!

Add Weapon Charms to Guns

Add Weapon Charms to Your Guns

Weapon Charms can also be attached to your guns to show off your personality and style! These charms offer no gameplay advantages and are purely cosmetic.

Certain Editions Come With Cosmetic Items

All Ghillied Up Operator Pack

Keep in mind that purchasing premium editions of the game immediately unlocks exclusive cosmetic items to further customize your character! These come with the Operator and Operator Enhanced editions!

Check Out Game Editions Here!

Included Cosmetic Packs

  • "All Ghillied Up" Operator Pack
  • "Crew Expendable" Operator Pack
  • "War Pig" Operator Pack

Earn Items In Seasons With Battle Pass

The Battle Pass system allows players to earn cosmetic items in-game through active "Seasons". Play the game to get seasonal rewards or purchase them directly.

Check out Battle Pass System Guide here!

Cosmetic Items May Be Found Through Microtransactions

Some cosmetic items may be obtained through in-game Microtransactions. Players can decide if they want to get items faster through this method.

Is there Microtransactions & Lootboxes In-Game?

Optimizing Settings & Controls For Multiplayer

Make Sure To Meet System Requirements

For players on the PC platform, make sure that your rig meets the minimum system requirements needed to play the game! If you do not meet all requirements, this may cause some issues with your game and could render the game unplayable!

Check Out System Requirements Here!

Optimize Your Settings & Key Binds

Optimize Your Settings & Key Binds

Optimizing your display settings and controls will give you the extra second you need to get ahead! Minimize your risk of fumbling with keys or lagging while engaging by understanding the settings & controls!

Check Out the Best Settings Here!

Choose To Crossplay Or Not

Playing on a PS4 and don't want to fight Keyboard & Mouse players? You can restrict which platforms will be matched with you by changing Crossplay options.

Check Out How To Crossplay Here!

Learn The New Controls And Moves

Learn The New Controls And Moves

New controls and moves like mounting has been added to the game. Mounting will drastically reduce your silhouette plus reducing weapon spread, so learn about them before moving out to battle!

New Controls & Actions Guide

Do Epic Finishing Moves

finishing move

Finishing moves are unique melee finishers that can only be used when you get behind an opponent. Use it to finish off enemies like a boss!

Check out How To Do Finishing Moves here!

Use Good Headphones Or Sound System

It is also recommended to use an excellent pair of headphones or sound system when playing this game. You can use the auditory cues of the game such as footsteps and gunshots to pinpoint locations of enemies during fights!

Adjust Volumes & Audio Mix

Adjust Volumes & Audio Mix

You should also further tweak the sound options in your settings to better bring out important sound cues. These include lowering the music volume, increasing effects volume, and choosing your preferred Audio Mix.

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