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Check out this guide about the new free Warzone Plunder mode in Call of Duty Modern Warfare (COD MW)! Know more about Plunder Mode rules, features, strategies and tips, and more!!!

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Is Plunder Mode Gone In Season 4?

Plunder Mode Removed But Is Now Back

Initially removed and replaced with Warzone Rumble at the start of Season 4, the Plunder Mode makes its return with its variant, Blood Money. This game mode might be removed and reintroduced from time to time as per the playlist updates of the game.

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Co-Design Director Confirms Mode Return

Infinity Ward's co-design director of Multiplayer, Joe Cecot have confirmed that this mode will indeed make its return down the line, as these mode including Plunder Mode are out of rotation briefly.

Excerpted Tweet

What Is Warzone Plunder Mode?

Free-For-All Cash Grab Battle Mode

Free-For-All Cash Grab Battle Mode

Plunder mode puts an emphasis on collecting in-match currency know as Cash, scattered around the map. Players gain cash for doing activities, but also lose cash for dying. Team with the most cash when the match ends will win.

Deposit Cash For Safekeeping

The Plunder mode offers different ways to deposit your hard earned cash so no one can steal them. Cash Deposit Helipad & Cash Deposit Balloon are ways to do so, but using them will cause smoke that will warn other players.

No Gas For Plunder Mode

Unlike Battle Royale Mode, there is no collapsing circle in Plunder mode, letting your team explore the map as you see fit. In fact, exploration is encouraged to gain more cash.

Warzone Map - Verdansk Sectors & Location

Have The Most Amount Of Cash To Win

The team that has the most amount of cash when the match ends will win the round. Before that happens however, there will be a lot of events that will trigger to keep things spicy.

Key Event Milestones

Cash Reached Description
(Any team)
General location of top teams will constantly be exposed on Tac Map
(Any team)
Unlocks Cash Deposit Helipad
1 Million
(Any team)
Triggers a Bonus Round & Frenzy

Reach 1 Million Cash To Kickstart Bonus Round

Reach 1 Million Cash To Kickstart Bonus Round

Any team that reaches 1 million cash combined, whether in storage or on their person will trigger a 2-minute Bonus Round known as Frenzy. In Frenzy, the teams will compete again for cash just as normal, with the final winner being the team with most cash.

First Team's Million Will Auto Store

If your team was the first to reach the 1 million mark, your money will be automatically stored as the bonus round transition begins. You then gain/ lose money as usual in bonus round, but will have a hefty reserve to get a better chance at winning.

How To Earn & Deposit Cash In Plunder Mode

How to Earn Cash In Plunder Mode Chart

Methods Description
Killing Players Killed players drop a percentage of their cash which can then be picked up
Supply Boxes Supply boxes are more plentiful in Plunder and contains cash
Loose Cash Cash dropped all over the place and can be picked up directly
Contracts Finishing Contracts reward cash distributed evenly to the whole team
Cash Drops Supply planes periodically drops down cash. Pay attention to your Tac Map for location
Heist Banks in Verdansk contain lots of cash, but their security system will alert other team of your heist attempt
Black Choppers Only appearing during bonus round, these chopper gunners will shoot at anything but contains huge amounts of cash if shot down

Cash Found All Over Verdansk Locations

Cash Found All Over Verdansk Locations

Cash is placed all over the Verdansk map in all locations, meaning exploration is one of the most steady ways to gain cash. Look for not-so-exposed locations with limited entry to gather cash in relative peace.

Top Teams Will Be Exposed On Tac Map

Top Teams Will Be Exposed On Tac Map

A Crown icon will show the general area of the top earning teams on Tac Map after any team reaches 200k cash. Top 2 teams with undeposited cash will be shown with a Bag icon. Players can attempt to hunt them down, or run into ambush set by these players.

Check Circle Around Icons For Cash Count

Teams exposed with the Crown or Bag icon will also have a circle around these icons. The smaller these circles are, the more cash these teams carry. Use it to determine if robbing them is worth your effort.

All Cash Deposits Alert Enemies

Whether its Helipad or a balloon, depositing cash will cause a visible smoke to appear that may expose your position & intent. Always stay alert until the cash is finally tucked away and be ready for a fight.

How To Deposit Cash Chart

 Find Helipad With Tac Map
Method Deposit Amount Per UseDescription
Cash Deposit Helipad Unlimited Stationary facility. Only unlocks after any team reaches 300k cash
Cash Deposit Balloon Limited Available from the start at Buy Stations. Can be destroyed before deposit completes

Find Helipad With Tac Map

After any team reaches 300k cash, you can find Cash Deposit Helipad all over Verdansk. Look for a piggy-bank icon on your Tac Map to find a nearest one around you.

Buy Cash Deposit Balloon From Buy Stations

Buy Cash Deposit Balloon From Buy Stations

Cash Deposit Balloons are the mobile version of the helipad that requires deployment to use. They can only deposit limited cash each use but with the right terrain, it could be a safer way to make a deposit.

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Balloons Drop Upon Death

If you are killed while carrying a Cash Deposit Balloon, it will drop and be available for use by those that picks it up. Don't buy too many Balloons even if you have ample cash.

Death Penalty In Plunder Mode

Dying Loses Cash But Can Redeploy

Dying Loses Cash But Can Redeploy

Unlike Battle Royale, players killed in Plunder can redeploy after a while losing a portion of their undeposited cash. Still, avoid taking too much risks and getting killed over trivial gains.

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Can Use Custom Loadout As Normal

Can Use Custom Loadout As Normal

Plunder players does not need to go through the hoops & loops of battle royale players to get their custom loadouts. It is available when they spawn and when they redeploy.

Warzone: Best Custom Loadouts

No Loadout Drops Available

As the loadout is determined when spawning, there will be no loadout drops to be purchased or found. This also means you cant change loadouts mid-battle unless you die.

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Warzone Plunder Mode Tips

Deposit Cash With Balloons On Roofs

Deposit Cash With Balloons On Roofs

When trying for a deposit, using the balloon on roofs of high buildings may be safer as entryways to the roof section may be limited. However, if fighting there is not an option, a structure with an exposed roof may be your best bet.

Make Use Of Smoke Grenades

Whether its the Helipad or Balloons, making a deposit will often expose you. Use Smoke Grenade or Smoke grenade launchers on assault rifles to cover your cash deposits.

Make use Of Vehicles As Mobile HQ

 Make use Of Vehicles As Mobile HQ

Vehicles grant your team some protection and better mobility, letting you cross territories fast for fresh cash looting. And sometimes, it's better to just drive away than be stuck in a firefight, so try to find a vehicle quickly. Note that Launchers make short work of vehicles so be ready to bail.

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Great Mode To Grind XP Through Contracts

Great Mode To Grind XP Through Contracts

Due to its accessibility and relatively forgiving rules, you will have much better chance at completing a Warzone Contracts in the Plunder Mode compared to the Battle Royale. If you are in need for XPs, consider taking Contracts for good sum of XP and Cash.

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Ideal For Opening Secret Bunker 11

In the Verdansk map, there is a hidden bunker labelled 'Bunker 11', only accessible through special keycard or unlocking it via the telephone booth puzzle. Due to the Plunder Mode not having any gas-restrictions, this makes it an ideal mode for hunting the puzzle pieces to unlock this secret bunker easter egg.

Verdansk Map - Sectors & Zones

Battle On The Entire Verdansk!

Verdansk Map

The Plunder Mode is also held in the large open map of Verdansk. It has 5 main sectors that players can raid and fight in.

5 Sectors Of Verdansk

  • Sector 1: Verdansk North
  • Sector 2: Verdansk West
  • Sector 3: Verdansk Southwest
  • Sector 4: Verdansk Central and South
  • Sector 5: Verdansk East

Explore And Loot For Cash

The whole map of Verdansk are open for exploration and contains loot like Cash, Supply Boxes and other goodies. Certain locations like the Bank has safes full of cash but a tough security system!

Warzone Map - Verdansk Sectors & Location

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