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All Multiplayer Modes List

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Learn the multiplayer game modes in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 (CoD: MW)! Find out the different modes, how to play, rules & conditions!

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Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch
Match TimeScore LimitParty Size
10 Minutes751 - 6

Two teams fight with the sole objective from the opposing team. First team to reach the score limit, or with a higher number of points once the runs out, wins.

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Match TimeScore LimitParty Size
0 Minutes2001 - 6

Each team will need to capture and defend different points in the map to earn points. The first team to reach the score limit wins. Kills & deaths do not count towards the team's overall score.

DOM 20 Player

DOM 20 Player
Match TimeScore LimitParty Size
0 Minutes2001 - 6

A variation of Domination mode with 20 players. Same rules from domination apply.

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Free For All

Free For All
Match TimeScore LimitParty Size

There are no teams in this game mode! In this kill or be killed mode, you must survive and get kills to rack up your score. The top 3 players with the most points when timer expires wins.

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Kill Confirmed

Kill Confirmed
Match TimeScore LimitParty Size
10 Minutes651-6

Kill Confirmed pits two teams against each other! Dying in this game mode will drop dog tags for either your team or the enemy team to pick up! Collecting these dog tags can reward your team points, or deny the enemy theirs!

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Match TimeScore LimitParty Size
5 Minutes2001 - 6

Two teams fight to capture and hold a point in the map designated as the "Headquarters". These points randomly appear on the map after a set amount of time, and capturing and holding them rewards your team with the points required to win.

Headquarters 20 Player

Headquarters 20P
Match TimeScore LimitParty Size
5 Minutes2001 - 6

A variation of Headquarters mode with 20 players. Same rules from Headquarters apply.

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Cyber Attack

Cyber Attack
Match TimeScore LimitParty Size
3 Minutes01 - 6

Two teams fight to retrieve an EMP device and plant it on the opposing team's Data Center, requiring both teams to play offensively and defensively. The round ends when either a team gets wiped out or if an objective gets destroyed. First team to win 5 rounds wins.

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2v2 Gunfight

2v2 Gunfight
Match TimeScore LimitParty Size
40 secondsN/A2

2 versus 2 game mode, with both teams having the same weapons and loadouts every round. To win a round, a pair must outlive and eliminate the opposing team. The pair with the most number of rounds won wins the whole match.

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Realism Game Rule

Realism Mode

Realism Game Rule is a special ruleset that can be added on top of any multiplayer game mode, and removes the HUD of all players. In this mode, you will not be given any indication if you hit or kill an enemy, no notification if your shots connect, and more. It's just you, your gun, and your instincts!

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Night Maps NVG Multiplayer Mode

NVG (Night Vision Goggles) Mode

Night Vision Goggles Mode

Night Vision Mode will pit two teams against each other in a map's night variation. Your HUD will be limited, forcing you to play more carefully since you do not know where an enemy may appear!

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Hardpoint Multiplayer Mode

Hardpoint Overview
Match TimeScore LimitParty Size
5 Minutes2501 - 6

2 teams of 6 players battle against one another to get control of Hardpoints and earn points for their team. It's a King of the Hill battle where the team with the most points wins.

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Search & Destroy Multiplayer Mode

Search And Destroy Overview
Match TimeRound LimitParty Size
2 Minutes61- 6

In this game mode, one team will be tasked to plant a bomb and set it off, while the other needs to prevent them from doing so. Rounds are won when a team completes their goal or if a team is wiped out.

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Ground War Multiplayer Mode

Ground War Mode
Match TimeScore LimitParty Size
20 Minutes2501 - 24
A larger and more chaotic Domination. Two teams of up to 32 players fight for control over specific locations in the map. The more locations, the more points as time passes. Both aerial and land vehicles are also available for each team's disposal.Check Out The Ground War Mode Guide Here!

Vehicles Takes On A More Important Role

Vehicles Takes A More Important Role

Vehicles takes on a more important role in Ground Wars: They can help flank or suppress an objective, or get players to locations and heights that's unreachable without vehicles. Learn to use them to dominate!

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Best Game Modes For Beginners

Team Deathmatch

Team Deathmatch is a fast paced mode that helps beginners ease into the fast pace of the game. Here, death does not give you a heavy penalty since respawning is quick. The main focus of the game is to get kills which eases the learning curve of the game.

Team Deathmatch Mode - Multiplayer Tips & Guides

Realism Mode

Realism Mode is recommended for players with good tactical decision-making skills, since it levels the playing field for all players. Veteran players will not be able to use different HUD elements to get easy kills from beginners.

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