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Check out this guide to find out all about Default Loadouts in Duty: Modern Warfare 2019(CoD MW)! Read about the best Default Loadouts, why use them, and the complete Loadout list!!!

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Best Weapon & Best Loadout Articles

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Default Loadout List - Pros & Cons

Default LoadoutDescription
AssaultA mid range fighter with fragging & scouting capability
・Heals up faster after kills
・Burst Fire has low spread
・Can scout with Snapshot Grenade
・Might be outgunned by faster firing guns in close quarters.
GhostStealthy infiltrator that is undetectable by electronics
・Has a good handling weapon with suppressor.
・Undetectable to most electronic surveillance
・Lacks burst damage such as explosives or frags
Heavy SupportBig-gun toting suppression expert that can hide behind his shield when the need arise.
・Lay down suppressive fire with LMG
・Increased survival options with Riot Shield.
・LMG effective vs helicopters and UAVs
・Lethal item is difficult to hit vs fast infantry
・Requires understanding of game & techniques to be effective.
DemolitionAn explosive expert that is good both against ground and air units.
・Good Burst damage & utility with C4, Gas Grenade
・Reliable primary weapon
・Can shoot down gunships & attack other vehicles
・Lacks a sidearm to fall back to when rifle is out of ammo.
・Constantly needs resupplying to be fully effective.
SniperExcels in long-range engagements and extreme close quarters, and nothing in between.
・Has long range with its sniper rifle
・Can spot enemy equipment, field upgrades, and killstreaks through walls
・Can defend rear with claymore
・Can assault buildings with shotgun & Stun grenade combo.
・Difficult to shine in mid-range engagements.
・Constantly has to juggle weapons as Sniper Rifle is unwieldy in close ranges, while shotgun is useless after close range.

Best Default Loadouts - Beginner

Best Beginner Default Loadout For Quick Play - Demolition

Best Beginner Default Loadout For Quick Play - Demolition

Demolition is the best recommended Default Loadout to use for beginner players. It has fun features without sacrificing versatility to face most situations.

The Reasons Are:

  • Has A Well-Built Gun.
  • Can Use Rocket Launcher.
  • Has C4 For LOLs.
  • Well-Rounded Perks

Has A Reliable Gun

Has A Reliable Gun

Demolition has a custom 4-attachments AK-47 Assault rifle that works reliably up to mid range. It can be depended upon to bring out damage in most situations.

Can Use Rocket Launcher

PILA can both be shot with guidance or not. It is a versatile weapon that lets players deal with both air and ground threats. Also fun to shoot into windows.

Has C4 For LOLs

Who doesn't like a remote-operated mega explosive? Jokes aside, getting C4 let players has more options in combat, such as defend key objectives remotely, deal with vehicles or clear rooms by throwing one through windows.

Well-Rounded Perks

Demolition's perks are well-rounded featuring offensive, utility, and defense perks. Rack up killstreak faster, while lessening enemy tactical equipment effects & taking less explosive damage will keep you alive longer.

Best Default Loadouts - Veteran

Best Veteran Default Loadout For Quick Play - Ghost

ghost loadout

Ghost is the best recommended Default Loadout to use for quick play's stealth playstyle that requires sound experience and tactical sense to effectively out maneuver opponents.

The Reasons Are:

  • A decent build that can be very mobile.
  • Hides Death Markers Of Your Kills.
  • Good handling weapon with a suppressor.
  • Undetectable to most digital surveillance.

A Decent Build That Can Be Very Mobile

Ghost loadout has a solid offensive capability in addition to being able to hide your presence from the enemy. A fast firing SMG, high damaging pistol, plus undetectable to electronics are a good combo when flanking.

Hides Death Markers Of Your Kills

Hides Death Markers Of Your Kills

The Tracker perk hides the death markers of your kills. As death markers are a big giveaway to your presence & position, the perk lets you ambush unsuspecting stragglers one after one for a high killstreak.

Good Handling Weapon With A Suppressor

Weapon Comes With A Suppressor

Ghost Loadout's main weapon AUG - SMG has a good rate of fire and handling and is on par with most fast-firing weapons. It also has a suppressor attachment already pre-installed, giving you a quiet edge over opponents.

Undetectable To Most Digital Surveillance

Undetectable To Most Digital Surveillance

Many killstreak emphasizes on detection, but with your Cold Blooded and Ghost perk, most digital surveillance will not detect you and show you on enemy HUDs. You can take positions without being exposed.

Why Use Default Loadouts?

Has Attachments Pre-Installed

Has Attachments Pre-Installed

Weapon Attachments are pre-installed when using a Default Loadout. Since Attachments require grinding weapon kill to unlock, you can jump into the fight better armed.

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Higher Rank Items Unlocked

Higher Rank Items Unlocked

Some perks, tactical & lethal items actually require a higher rank to unlock, but is immediately provided to you in Default Loadout. Test them out to get a hang of each items.

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Total Of 5 Default Loadouts

There are total of 5 Default Loadouts: Assault, Ghost, Heavy Support, Demolition & Sniper. These are unlocked as you rank up, and they're still available even when you unlocked Custom Loadouts.

Default Loadout List & Tips


Unlock Rank-Which rank unlocks this loadout
PrimaryFR 5.56
Assault Rifle
Has 3 mods
No Mods
PerksQuick Fix
Kill Chain
Killing players, capturing objectives and holding objectives will increase your health regeneration rate.
Killstreak kills count toward your next killstreak. Only applies to killstreak earned this life.
Extra lethal item on spawn, delays heath regen
LethalFrag GrenadeStandard Grenade
TacticalSnapshot GrenadeProvides a momentary glimpse of enemies within the blast radius

Burst Fire Is Great For Headshots

Burst Fire Is Great For Headshots

FR 5.56 has a 3-round-burst fire mode by default which the intervals between 3 shots is extremely short. This makes it a great weapon for targeting headshots.

Use Snapshot Grenade To Check Corners & Rooms

Snapshot Grenade are great for confirming if an area is occupied. Save your frags until you confirmed there's tangos in the room.


Unlock Rank-Which rank unlocks this loadout
Has 4 Attachments, particularly Suppressor
Secondary50 GS
3 Attachments, can 2~3 shot opponents
PerksCold Blooded
Undetectable by Ai targeting systems, thermal optics, and don't trigger High Alert >Undetectable by UAVs, Radar Drones, Heartbeat Sensors, and snapshot grenades.
Enemies leave behind a footprint trail. See markers at enemy death locations., and hide the death markers of enemy you kill.
LethalThermiteBurns fiercely for a short while after impact. Sticks to all surface.
TacticalSmoke GrenadeDeploys a smoke screen that blocks vision and automated targeting systems

Has Greater Freedom To Move

Ghost loadout has many perks that hide your presence against surveillance, and the main weapon has a suppressor, allowing you to move around the map easier.

Heavy Support:

Unlock Rank-Which rank unlocks this loadout
Has 1 Attachment: Optics
PrimaryRiot Shield
No Attachments
Carry 2 Primary weapons
Recharge Equipment over 30 seconds.
Faster weapon swap and rocket launcher reload speed.
LethalProximity MinePressure-triggered explosive that deals heavy damage to vehicles.
TacticalDecoy GrenadeCounter-intel grenade that simulates fake gunfire and radar signatures that confuse the enemy

Shoot Down Air Units!

Shoot Down Air Units!

Many Killstreak Abilities revolves around aircraft. Shoot them down with your M91 to get points and help your team.

All Killstreak List

Lure Enemy Into Mines With Decoy Grenade

A hilarious use to use your combo is to throw the mine, and then throw a decoy grenade near it when the enemy is approaching. It might trick them into your trap.


Unlock Rank2Which rank unlocks this loadout
Assault Rifle
Has 4 Attachments
Anti-Air / Straight shooting rocket
Battle Hardened
Take reduced damage from non-killstreak explosives and fire. Hack enemy claymore, proximity mines and c4.
Killstreak cost 1 less kill
Reduce strength of enemy flash, stun, and EMP effects
LethalC4Explosive that sticks to surfaces and can be detonated remotely.
TacticalGas GrenadeExplodes on impact with the ground, releasing a lingering cloud of tear gas that causes slowed movement, blurred vision, and coughing.

Use Gas Grenade When Defending Tight Corridors

Use Gas Grenade When Defending Tight Corridors

Gas Grenades causes slowed movement, blurred vision, and coughing, and also causes a smoke screen-like effect. You can give enemies attacking strategic corridors a headache by deploying it.


Unlock Rank3Which rank unlocks this loadout
Sniper Rifle
Has 3 Attachments
PrimaryModel 680
Has 1 Attachment
PerksCold Blooded
High Alert
Undetectable by Ai targeting systems, thermal optics, and Snapshot grenade
Vision pulses when enemies outside your view sees you.
See enemy equipment, field upgrades, and killstreaks through walls, mark them by aiming down sights while looking at it.
LethalClaymoreProximity-activated explosive mine.
TacticalStun GrenadeSlows victim's movement and aiming

Leave Claymores To Cover Your Rear

Leave Claymores To Cover Your Rear

Snipers, when looking for targets, are often sneaked up to from behind. Cover key doorways and your rear to prevent this.

Aiming Down Scope Causes Tint Glare

Beware Of Tint Glare

High-magnifying scopes gives off a bright glare when aiming down scope. Look down the scope only when you're about to make the shot.

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