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Learn how to play the multiplayer game mode: Capture the Flag in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 (CoD: MW)! Includes Capture the Flag tips, recommended equipment & more!!!

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Capture the Flag Mode Overview

Capture The Flag Game Mode
Round LimitScore LimitParty Size

Capture the Flag is a classic game mode that requires both teams to capture the enemy flag and return it to their base to gain a point. There are 2 5-minute rounds in Capture the Flag with both teams switching sides per round. The first team to reach 6 points or the team with the highest score when the match ends wins the match.

How to Win a Round

Return With The Enemy Flag

Return with the enemy flag

A team must grab the enemy flag and safely return it to their own flag's position to count a point. Capturing a flag broadcasts the carrier's position to the opposing team every 2 seconds. Note that a dropped flag is automatically returned to its original position once it has been recaptured by any member of the team.

Flag Must Be Secured To Score

Your team cannot score a point unless the flag is returned to the base

A team cannot get a score despite carrying the enemy's flag if their own flag is not secured. In order to get a point, the team's flag must first be returned to the base.

Capture the Flag Mode - Recommended Weapons

Recommended Weapons List

MP5MP5Great mobility with decent range. Can be relied upon even when hip-fired.
MP7MP7The SMG with the highest rate of fire. Can hose down multiple enemies when hip-fired.
M91M91Robust light machine gun sacrifices mobility for stability. High caliber sustained fire will neutralize targets at long ranges.
Holger-26Holger-26Versatile fully automatic 5.56mm light machine gun. Modular design can be configured for a broad range of engagements.

Criteria For Recommendations

Mobility & Speed

Submachine Guns offer far better mobility than the ARs and LMGs, making them great weapons for assaulting and capturing an enemy flag, or retrieving a lost flag.

Guarding The Flag

As having your team's flag is essential to score a point, having an LMG hunkered down in your team's capture point to defend is greatly recommended. Use any LMG and find a spot with a good overview of the flag for better results.

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Capture the Flag Mode - Recommended Equipment

SemtexSemtexLethalTimed sticky grenade.
Molotov CocktailMolotov CocktailLethalImprovised incendiary device that explodes on impact.
Smoke Grenade EquipmentSmoke GrenadeTacticalDeploys a smoke screen that blocks vision and automated targeting systems.

Use Lethals To Prevent Capture

Throw either a Semtex or a Molotov Cocktail to discourage enemy units from running in and capturing the flag, buying you some time to wait for reinforcements.

Use Smoke To Capture

Use Smoke To Capture

You can use Smoke Grenades to either cover your team when capturing a flag or when escaping after getting one. However, this Tactical can easily be countered by a Thermal Scope.

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Capture the Flag Mode - Recommended Perk

Double TimeDouble TimeDouble the duration of Tactical Sprint. Increase crouch movement speed by 30%
Cold-BloodedCold-BloodedUndetectable by AI targeting system and thermal optics. Does not trigger High Alert warning.
- Still visible to Recon Drones, but cannot be marked.
Tune UpTune UpReduce the charge time of field upgrades by 33%

Double Time For Faster Retrieval

Double Time helps in getting to the enemy flag faster as it doubles the duration of Tactical Sprints. Use it when charging towards the enemy flag or when returning with it to your base.

Cold-Blooded For Smoky Entrances

Use Smoke

You can equip the Cold-Blooded Perk if you plan on using Smoke Grenades to capture the enemy flag. Cold-Blooded makes you invisible to thermal optics, making it easier to go through the smoke and take the flag.

Tune Up With Ghost

Equipping Tune Up makes the charging time of your Field Upgrades faster. You can use this with Dead Silence to sneak past enemy defenses.

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Capture the Flag Mode - Tips

Coordinate With Your Team

Coordinate With Your Team

Unlike Team Deathmatch and other points per kill game modes, Capture the Flag requires coordination especially since you cannot respawn immediately after getting killed. Talk with your team and coordinate an assault or defense in order to win!

Follow Your Team!

When returning with a flag, look for secure routes back to your base. You can determine these paths by looking at where your teammates are. Also, once they see that you have the flag, your team will most likely guard your rear as you sprint towards the base!

Use Corners To Break Enemy Line Of Sight

Use Corners To break Enemy line of sight

Maps often have straight paths that make it easier for enemies to take a bead and gun you down as you run away with the flag. Use corners and vary your path as you race back to prevent enemies from getting a clean shot at you. Also remember that flag carriers transmit their positions every 2 seconds!

Use Killstreaks To Cover Areas

Use Killstreaks To Cover Areas

Killstreaks such as VTOL Jet and Support Helo can give you enough time and cover to capture 2 to 3 flags. Use them when your team needs to take the lead in scoring.

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