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Learn how to play the multiplayer: Realism game rules in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 (CoD MW)! Includes Realism tips, recommended equipment, and more!!!

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Realism Overview


Realism Mode

Realism Mode is a special set of rules that can apply to all multiplayer modes, which removes the HUD of all players. Under this rule, you will not be given any indication if you hit or kill an enemy, no notification if your shots connect, and more. Your tactical decisions will determine your success.

Most HUD Are Hidden

Most HUD Are Hidden

In realism, most HUDs are hidden to the players, forcing them to determine the effects on their own. This includes:

Hidden HUD In Realism:

  • Compass
  • Weapon & Equipment display
  • Ammo Count
  • Mini-map (Will appear for some killstreaks)
  • Hit Markers
  • Death Markers
  • Kills & Death
  • Killstreak Availability icon

Hit Markers & Death Alerts Are Non-Existent

Hit Markers Are Non-Existent

Hit markers will be non-existent in realism, so players will have to determine through sounds (bodies hitting the floor), the flying gun animations, or other means to make sure they actually landed their shots. this means you may have to walk up to a body for a positive kill confirmation.

Ally Markers Will Remain

Ally Markers Will Remain

Ally markers will remain visible, albeit appearing more slowly in realism. Though Friendly Fire is switched off, you'll waste ammo and expose your position if you shoot at every player that comes into your sights, so get friend or foe confirmation before shooting.

Increased Damage, No Friendly Fire


In Realism, everyone deals more damage and the time to kill is shorter, making every decision and second count. The default rule set does not feature Friendly Fire to avoid disruptions and trolling.

Example: Realism Team Deathmatch

Example: Realism Team Deathmatch
Match TimeScore LimitParty Size
10 Minutes751 - 6

Team Deathmatch mode with Realism rules applied. Mode plays like Team Deathmatch but with additional Realism restrictions, greatly changing the tactical conditions.

Realism Recommended Weapons

Recommended Weapons List

Assault Rifle
Easily controllable with good rate of fire. Available from the start.
AK-47AK-47Good damage with controllable recoil
MP5MP5Excellent stability and control making it viable for most encounters
AX-50AX-50Suitable for the more caution paced realism, using scopes to scout and hunt. Can one-shot kill most targets.
.50 GS.50 GS
Powerful handgun that can 2 shot opponents and effective up to mid ranges

Criteria For Recommendations:

Weapons That Are Easy To Control

Realism will have you juggling split-seconds tactical decisions due to the lack of intel from HUD. You don't have the time or the luxury of struggling with a high skill-ceiling gun, so just focus on manageable weapons.

Weapons With Good Balanced Stats

Players must be able to deal with a variety of situations at all ranges due to the slower, more cautious pace of Realism. As Run & Gunning is mostly out the equation, gimmicky or one-trick-pony weapons will hinder you in the long run, so a balanced weapon will be more desired.

Easy To Obtain

A weapon that's locked behind many hoops and loops may be difficult to obtain and is impractical as recommendations, so a weapon's attainability is considered in the assessment.

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Realism Recommended Equipment

ClaymoreClaymoreLethalProximity-activated explosive mine.
Frag GrenadeFrag GrenadeLethalCookable fragmentation grenade.
Molotov CocktailMolotov CocktailLethalImprovised incendiary device that explodes on impact.
Heartbeat SensorHeartbeat SensorTacticalA tablet that displays rough information about nearby enemies
Flash GrenadeFlash GrenadeTacticalBlinds and deafens targets

Lethals That Are Good For Most Situations

Realism will demand the players to constantly adapt to new tactical situations. Lethals with good utility will go be beneficial in the long run as they can be deployed more often.

Secure Rear With Claymore

As enemy movements are even harder to grasp, securing your rear has never been harder. Claymore solves this problem when you are trying to dig in into a building, securing your rear and other exposed entrances.

Deal With Threats Near And Far With Frags

Frag grenade can be a stable choice as it can do many things well: clear rooms, suppress enemy bunkers, clear enemies that's over a wall, etc. its utility makes it a stable choice for Realism.

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Passive Scouting And Flash For Tactical

Gain Better Sense Of Proximity Using Heartbeat Sensor

Heartbeat Sensor will give the player some idea of where the enemies are around him, letting them decide when is it safe to restock, when to reload, or set up an ambush.

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Flash Grenades Are Highly Effective Against Night Vision

Flash grenades are even more useful since player's ability to gather intel is greatly reduces, and one sudden flash could leave opponents disoriented more than ever. Flash Grenades are also highly effective against night vision, a common theme in realism!

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Realism Recommended Perk

High AlertHigh AlertYour vision pulses when enemies outside of your view see you.
RestockRestockRecharge equipment over 30 seconds.
ShrapnelShrapnelSpawn with an extra piece of lethal equipment. Explosive damage delays enemy health regeneration.
Battle HardenedBattle HardenedReduce strength of enemy flash, stun and EMP effects.
TrackerTrackerEnemies leave behind a footprint trail. See markers at enemy death locations.

Know When To Duck With High Alert

High Alert will make the edge of your screen pulse when you are seen by an opponent. Ducking immediately when you see it could make the difference between life and death.

Recharge Lethal, Tactical Equipment With Restock

Restock perk lets you recharge the use of Lethal, Tactical Equipment over 30 seconds. As you'll be using these equipments quite a bit, its good to be able to use recharge them yourself.

Figure Out Enemy Positions With Tracker

Tracker perk lets you see the tracks of enemies, giving you some idea of where opponents went. It may let you avoid possible ambush or find a weakness in enemy lines.

Reduce Tacticals Effect With Battle Hardened

Enemies in Realism are more likely to use their Tactical Equipment than other modes to stay ahead. Battle Hardened lets you reduce these effects giving you a better fighting chance. This skill is even more helpful in realism maps requiring night vision.

Double Your Options With Shrapnel Perk

Shrapnel Perk lets you spawn with an extra piece of lethal equipment, giving you more options for tactics. 2 Claymores, or 2 frags can greatly help in Realism.

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Realism Tips

Know When To Pull Back

In Realism, there's very little way to know if you hit or killed an enemy outright even in mid ranged engagements. Rather than being sucked into the fight and mowed down, know when to pull back a bit to fight another time can be more beneficial in the long run.

Always Reload your Weapon

There are no ammo counters for all your weapons & equipments. Always reload your weapons every time you have an opening to do so, or your weapon might go click when you need it to go bang.

Use Deployable Cover To Cover Different Angle

The Deployable Cover field upgrade can be a good addition for Realism because it lets you create obstacles on the fly, covering a exposed side with a bullet resistant wall. It can also fortify otherwise undefendable positions.

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Slow Down When in Doubt

Slow down and orient yourself when you're doubtful of how to proceed next in Realism, instead of charging around blindly. Ask yourself: Where are your allies? Which pathways are less exposed? How do you regroup with your team? Then act on the situation accordingly.

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