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Best Pistol Handgun & Setup - Season 6
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Best Pistol Handgun & Setup - Season 6

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Read this Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare / Warzone guide to learn about the best pistol in the game! Find out the best season 6 handgun and pistol loadouts, attachments, and more!!!

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Best Pistol: S Rank - Season 6

This tier list is for Pistols in Modern Warfare's Multiplayer Modes & Warzone

Extremely Reliable Sidearms

S Rank is given to pistols or handguns that extremely easy to use. These handguns are trusty sidearms which you can switch to if you ever need to deal some quick damage for finishing off an enemy, especially in heated and drawn out fights!

Renetti - Best Handgun / Pistol Setup

Renetti Handgun
Unlock LevelUsing a Pistol, get 2 Headshot kills in 15 different matches
Check Out Renetti Stats

Highly Customizable Handgun

The Renetti is an extremely customizable handgun, allowing you to tailor fit the weapon to behave the way you want. This versatility makes it a great secondary when you are fighting off multiple enemies.

Renetti - Recommended Attachments

Flash GuardFlash GuardSuppress the flash of your weapon to help keep your target visible, and your position concealed. Slightly lowers muzzle velocity.
Mk3 Burst ModMk3 Burst ModCustom pistol mod features a durable stainless steel barrel, MK3 series slide, and advanced trigger group that allows a blazing fast 3 round burst.
G.I. Mini ReflexG.I. Mini ReflexG.I. Miniature reflex optic features a wide, thin frame for an unobstructed sight picture.
FTAC SATUS CS-XFTAC SATUS CS-XTactical stock and foregrip combo provide an extremely stable firing platform.
Match Grade TriggerMatch Grade TriggerHigh precision trigger offers a higher rate of fire and steady shots while aiming. Not as accurate from the hip.

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.50 GS - Best Handgun / Pistol Setup

.50 GS Handgun
Unlock Level52
Check Out .50 GS Stats

Most Powerful Handgun

The .50GS is one of, if not, the most powerful handgun in the game. It packs quite a punch, but has a slow fire, rate. Make sure to increase the weapon's accuracy, and practice aiming to get the most out of this gun.

Effective Up To Mid Range

The weapon is able to deal damage from close up to the mid range. If needed, you can swap to this weapon when you run out of bullets on your primary in order to finish the job!

.50GS - Recommended Attachments

5mW Laser5mW LaserUltra bright 5mW green laser greatly improves hipfire accuracy and speeds up target acquisition after sprinting. Exposes position when active. Only for the aggressive.
AkimboAkimboAbility to hold a weapon in each hand
Lightweight TriggerLightweight TriggerHair trigger for the fastest fire rate available. Not as steady as the stock trigger.
Rubberized Grip Tape (Rear Grip)Rubberized Grip Tape (Rear Grip)Rubberized grip keeps gun tight in hand. Less steady, but helps control recoil.
FORGE TAC EnforcerFORGE TAC EnforcerExtra long slide extension increases muzzle velocity and extends range to the max. Additional weight helps stabilize shots but hinders mobility.

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.357 - Best Handgun / Pistol Setup

.357 Handgun
Unlock Level21
Check Out .357 Stats

Extremely Powerful With Snake Shot & Akimbo

On it's own, the .357 is an overall average gun, with decent damage and fire rate. However, its true potential is brought out by adding the Snake Shot and Akimbo attachments. This turns the seemingly normal pistol into a pocket shotgun!

.357 - Recommended Attachments

.357 Long.357 Long Extends range for better one-shot kill chance in Warzone
Snake ShotSnake Shot Turns .357 into a shotgun that can devastate up close
AkimboAkimbo Dual wield for higher burst damage & larger Mag size to wipe teams easier
Lightweight TriggerLightweight Trigger Faster trigger pull so you can get rounds down range faster
5mW Laser5mW Laser Better accuracy and recoil control when dual-firing

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Best Pistol: A Rank - Season 6

This tier list is for Pistols in Modern Warfare's Multiplayer Modes & Warzone

A Tier

Viable Sidearms

The A Rank is given to weapons that are viable options. A rank weapons do not have the stats to rival the S rank weapons, but can be useful when attachments are added.

X16 - Best Handgun / Pistol Setup

X16 Handgun
Unlock Level1
Check Out X16 Stats

Reliable Sidearm

The X16 is the first sidearm that you will have unlocked. Despite it being available early on, it is a great pistol to have in your loadout. It's well-balanced stats make sure that you get the job done during firefights.

X16 Recommended Attachments

Vanguard EliteVanguard EliteIncrease the weapon's damage range, bullet velocity, and recoil control in order to accurately hit targets.
1mW Laser1mW LaserEasily connect shots while firing from the hip. No need to waste time trying to ADS when you need to get a quick kill.
Match Grade TriggerMatch Grade TriggerIncreases fire rate while at the same time lowering recoil. Helps you stay on target especially during frantic fights.
Granulated Grip Tape (Rear Grip)Granulated Grip Tape (Rear Grip)Increases aiming stability to help you better hit your shots.

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Best Handgun / Pistol Criteria

Can Hold Its Own During A Fight

The best handguns are able to hold their own during a fight. If you run out of bullets during an encounter, there is no problem with switching to your secondary to finish the job. These weapons can also take out an enemy single-handedly if ever a new enemy appears.

Provides Mobility

A pistol should also provide you with some mobility. This is to compensate for their lower damage output compared to your primary. Being able to move around will allow you to make yourself a harder target during fights!

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