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Learn how to play the multiplayer game mode: Free For All (FFA) in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 (CoD: MW)! Includes Free For All maps, Free For All tips, recommended equipment, and more!!!

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Free For All Overview & Maps

Free For All
Match TimeScore LimitParty Size

It's every soldier for themselves! There are no teams, and everyone is has a large target painted on their backs. The top three players with the highest score when the timer expires wins!

Available Maps

NOTE: Maps in the list are based on available game modes for maps in Custom Games and Private Matches.

Free For All Tips: Recommended Weapons

Recommended Weapons List

Assault Rifle
Highly versatile weapon. Effective in multiple combat scenarios.
Fast firing close quarters weapon with a high mobility stat.
Shotgun that gives a guaranteed kill per shot. Best used in these small and intimate FFA maps.
.50 GS.50 GS
Excellent sidearm to have. Allows you to finish off enemies quickly during heated encounters.
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Criteria For Recommendations

Versatile Weapons For Different Scenarios

Free For All mainly favors players who go out on the field and aggressively look for kills. Having a versatile weapon that is effective at multiple ranges will allow you to get kills when engaging enemies at different areas on the map.

High Mobility Weapons

Weapons that offer high mobility also give you an edge in this game mode. Being quick on your feet allows you to cover more ground, and actively hunt down other players. Having high mobility also lets you easily reposition if you are compromised.

Free For All Tips: Recommended Equipment

Recommended Equipment List

ClaymoreClaymoreLethalProximity-activated explosive mine.
Proximity MineProximity MineLethalPressure-triggered explosive that deals heavy damage to vehicles.
Throwing KnifeThrowing KnifeLethalRetrievable knife that is lethal on impact.
StimStimTacticalMilitary stimulant that cauterizes combat wounds and refreshes Tactical Sprint.

Lethal For Extra Damage

Lethals more focused on dealing damage work great in Free For All. It would be better to have instant kill lethals such as the claymore, proximity mine, and throwing knife to immediately rack up your score!

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Cover Your Rear With Traps

No one's got your back in this game mode, meaning it's up to you to cover your rear and ensure that no enemy sneaks up behind you. Enemies may not notice the traps you've placed since this game mode is fast-paced and frantic.

Instantly Kill Enemies Head On

Instantly Kill Enemies Head On

The Throwing Knife is another excellent lethal to have since this piece of equipment can instantly kill enemies you come in contact with. You can quickly react to an enemy spotting you and instantly kill them even before they shoot.

Sustain Yourself Using Tactical

The best tacticals to have in this game mode should help sustain you during the match. By increasing your survivability, you can stay alive for longer and rack up your score much faster!

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Recover Health & Refresh Sprint Ability

Recover Health & Refresh Sprint Ability

The Stim is the perfect Tactical to have in this game mode as it heals you and refreshes your Tactical Sprint ability. This equipment can be used multiple times, meaning you die less often during matches.

Free For All Tips: Recommended Perk

Recommended Perk List

OverkillOverkillCarry Two primary weapons.
Scavenger  Perk GuideScavengerResupply ammo from dead players.
High AlertHigh AlertYour vision pulses when enemies outside of your view see you.
AmpedAmpedFaster weapon swap and rocket launcher reload speed.
TrackerTrackerEnemies leave behind a footprint trail. See markers at enemy death locations.
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Focus On Offense or Survivability

The perks listed above give you either an edge in offense to get more kills, or allow you to survive for longer during matches. These help you get higher scores during the match and reach the top 3!

Give Yourself an Offensive Edge

Offensive perks such as overkill, scavenger, amped, and tracker increase your offensive edge by increasing your versatility in range, helps in tracking enemies and more!

Warn Yourself of Danger

The High Alert perk focuses on your survivability since it pulses your vision to warn you that you are within an enemy's line of sight. This can help you react much faster and choose whether to fight or flee!

Free For All Tips

Reload When the Coast is Clear

Reload When the Coast is Clear

Reloading your weapons makes you vulnerable to enemies since you do not have the ability to fire back. Only reload your weapons when the coast is clear or better yet, behind cover or inside buildings.

Use Your Compass to Track Enemies

Use Your Compass To Track Enemies

Your compass will be useful in hunting down enemies during this mode. When an enemy fires, they will show up as red diamonds on your compass. Actively hunt down these enemies once their positions are revealed to you.

Take Advantage of Enemies in Fights

Take Advantage Of Enemies in Fights

When you find these enemies, they will most likely be in a firefight. You can use this to your advantage by killing them while they're distracted. You can also shoot down the other enemy as they may have less health already.

Watch Out For Incoming Enemies After Fights

Watch Out For Incoming Enemies After Fights

Keep your guard up after engaging an enemy. There is a possibility that enemies may have spotted you on their compass and are homing in on your position.

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