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Player Progression: Enlisted & Officer Rank Guide

Warzone | Player Progression: Enlisted & Officer Rank Guide | Call of Duty Modern Warfare

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Warzone | Player Progression: Enlisted & Officer Rank Guide | Call of Duty Modern Warfare - GameWith
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Read this guide to find out about the progression system in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 (CoD MW). Learn about Enlisted & Officer Ranks, weapon levels, unlock benefits & more!!!

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Rank Progression Rewards List

Enlisted Rank Reward List

Ranking up will unlock rewards in the form of weapons, equipments, loadouts, and more! Check out the list below to find out the unlockable rewards for each rank up!

Reward 1
Reward 2
1 Feature
Default Loadout
2 Default Loadout
3 Default Loadout
4 Feature
Custom Loadout
5 Killstreak
Support Helo
6 Assault Rifle
7 Lethal
Molotov Cocktail
8 Perk
9 Killstreak
10 Field Upgrade
Dead Silence
Show 11-55 Enlisted Rank Reward
Reward 1
Reward 2
11 Perk
High Alert
Sniper Rifle
12 Submachine Gun
13 Perk
Sentry Gun
14 Tactical
Smoke Grenade
15 Killstreak
Precision Airstrike
Marksman Rifle
MK2 Carbine
16 Assault Rifle
FR 5.56
17 Launcher
18 Scavenger
19 Field Upgrade
Stopping Power Rounds
Co-Op Role
20 Killstreak
Snapshot Grenade
21 Handgun
22 Melee
Combat Knife
Riot Shield
23 Killstreak
24 LMG
25 Lethal
26 Perk
Battle Hardened
27 Field Upgrade
Trophy System
28 Assault Rifle
Care Package
29 Perk
30 Field Upgrade
Deployable Cover
Heartbeat Sensor
31 Shotgun
Origin 12 Shotgun
32 Lethal
33 Marksman Rifle
34 Perk
Kill Chain
Submachine Gun
35 Launcher
36 Killstreak
Counter UAV
37 Handgun
Sniper Rifle
38 Tactical
Gas Grenade
39 Assault Rifle
40 Field Upgrade
Tactical Insertion
Throwing Knife
41 Killstreak
Emergency Airdrop
42 Perk
Quick Fix Perk
Submachine Gun
PP19 Bizon
43 Lethal
Proximity Mine
44 Launcher
Infantry Assault Vehicle
45 Killstreak
Cruise Missile
Field Upgrade Pro
46 Field Upgrade
EMP Drone
Co-Op Role
47 Assault Rifle
FN Scar 17
48 Killstreak
Advanced UAV
49 Perk
50 Tactical
Decoy Grenade
51 Killstreak
White Phosphorus
52 Handgun
.50 GS
53 Assault Rifle
54 Lethal
Submachine Gun
55 Killstreak
Field Upgrade
Weapon Drop

Game Progression Determined By Ranks

Unlock New Items By Gaining Ranks

Unlock New Items By Gaining Ranks

Game progression in CoD: Modern Warfare Multiplayer is determined mostly by player Rank. Rank determines the amount of in-game contents that are unlocked such as weapons, killstreaks, access to seasonal events and more. Rank is increased by gaining EXP.

Divided Between Enlisted & Officer Ranks

Enlisted Rank unlocks most of the in-game base items and acts as a semi-tutorial phase of the game. Officer Ranks has players competing for seasonal prizes in an end-game challenge.

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Unlock Weapon-Related Attachments With Weapon Level

Unlock Weapon-Related Attachments With Weapon Level

Weapons have a different progression system called Weapon Levels that are tied to individual weapons, its level based on how many kills the player makes with that weapon. It will unlock attachments & camo to use exclusively for that weapon at the gunsmith.

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Rank Progression Explained

Start With Enlisted Ranks (1-55)

Enlisted Ranks is the beginning Rank tier that all players must max out to get the most of in-game assets. Raising Enlisted Ranks will unlock most of the gear that you will need to start making your custom loadouts.

Unlocked Items Include:

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Restricted To Default Loadout At Start

At Rank 1, you will be restricted to 3 predetermine default loadouts and a few Killstreaks & Field Upgrades. You get more default loadouts for the first 2 levels, so start getting a hang of equipment by using them.

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Gain Custom Loadouts At Rank 4

Gain Custom Loadouts At Rank 4

Custom Loadout is the system which players can choose which weapons, perks, equipments they want to bring into battle, which unlocks at Rank 4. Knowing how to min-max your custom loadout will greatly effect your performance.

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Max Enlisted Rank at 55

Max Enlisted Rank at 55

The maximum rank for Enlisted Rank tier is Command Sergeant Major V (55). By then, you've unlock most of the base items you'll need to proceed. Enlisted Ranks will not reset.

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Proceed To Seasonal Officer Rank (Lv. 1-100)

Proceed To Seasonal Officer Rank (Lv. 1-100)

Once you complete the Enlisted Rank, players gain access to Officer Rank: a Seasonal ranking system that gives out cosmetic Weapon Blueprint and maybe items with each progression. Officer Rank also unlocks Officer Rank Challenges.

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Different Prestige System

For those familiar with the franchise, there will be no Prestige system to be introduced in Modern Warfare as of this time. Instead, it is replaced by Officer Ranks.

Officer Rank Resets Between Seasons

Officer ranks will reset at the start of each season to give a clean slate for all players, restarting everyone in the Officer Ranks back to Rank 56. Enlisted Ranks however, will not reset. If you have not reached Officer Rank before the next season starts, you will need to complete all Enlisted Ranks first before unlocking Officer Rank.

Officer Rank Rewards & Challenges

Officer Rank Rewards & Challenges

Finish Officer Challenge For XP & Ribbons

Gain Exp to rank up on officer ranks. Each time you level up, a Officer Challenge will unlock. Similar to Daily Challenges, these objectives will reward XP but also give the player a special Seasonal Ribbon.

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Evolve Your Ribbons To Emblems

Earning 10 ribbons rewards a Season Emblem, which will evolve each time with 10 additional ribbons earned. Collecting all 100 Ribbons (1 per Officer Rank) unlocks an Animated Emblem as proof of your performance.

Extra Cosmetic Weapon Blueprint At Max Officer Rank

You'll receive another cosmetic Weapon Blueprint when you reach the end of Officer Rank. Use it to showoff your achievement to other players!

Gained Ribbons & Emblem Are Recorded

While Officer ranks will reset between seasons, your highest Officer Rank attained, Officer Challenge Ribbon & Emblem for each seasons will be permanently recorded into your Player level and will not be lost.

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