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Warzone | How To Get Better: Top 5 Tips | Call of Duty Modern Warfare - GameWith
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Find out how to win & get better in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 (CoD MW) with this Multiplayer Tips Guide. Be on path to victory with recoil control, aiming & cover usage!!!

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How Should My Mouse Sensitivity Be?

Set Your Mouse To Higher Sensitivity

Set Your Mouse To Higher Sensitivity

A low sensitivity mouse setting will be troublesome in the fast-paced encounters of CoDMW because of the distance you need to pull the mouse to get on target. Getting used to a higher setting will do wonders long-term.

Be Able To Do A 180° Turn In 4cm

Your mouse sensitivity should allow you to do a 180° field view direction change within 4cm of mouse movement.

How Do I Control My Gun Recoil?

Pull Mouse In Opposite Direction Of Gun Bounce

To get a nice tight bullet grouping, control the recoil by pulling your mouse in opposite of the direction the gun is kicking when full auto. How well you do this greatly determines your effectiveness in CODMW.

Practice By Shooting At Walls

Practice recoil control by shooting at walls from ranges until you can get a tight group. Start close and then slowly increase your distance.

Identify Types Of Recoil

Change the direction of mouse pull based on each gun's recoil patterns. You'll need to compensate for vertical & horizontal recoil.

Use Only Guns You Can Control

If you cannot get a tight shot grouping under pressure, then no matter how "good" that gun is, you will not perform well with it. Move on until you've got more experience.

How Do I Aim Better?

Hold Off Firing Until Its A Clear Hit

Hold Off Firing Until Its A Clear Hit

Many players, when encountering enemies, will keep pulling the trigger while thrashing their crosshairs, hoping something would hit. This "Spray & Pray" method seldom work as the crosshair becomes impossible to control due to the mounting recoil. Don't fire unless you have them in your sights.

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Fire In Bursts

Prolonged full auto firing will build up recoil that is hard to deal with. Instead, fire in bursts to reset the recoil for more precise shots. A good rule of thumb is fingers off trigger in 0.5 Seconds.

Use "Mount" To Greatly Reduce Recoil

Use Mount To Greatly Reduce Recoil

If you are having a hard time with recoil, make use of the "Mount" mechanic in-game. It will steady your weapon against a surface greatly reducing recoil.

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When Should I Aim Down Sights?

Aim Down Sights(ADS) Whenever Firing

When firing the weapon, you'll get a massive bullet spread penalty unless you're aiming down sights. Make it a habit to always ADS before firing, and practice it to become faster.

Hip Fire Is Unreliable

Hip Fire Is Unreliable

Many players will inevitably try to hip fire when they are startled or when the enemy is close. The spread & accuracy will drop off the roof giving no real advantage, so just calm down and use your sights.

Hip Fire Builds Require Much Investment

Many "Hip Fire" builds that focus on not using sights do exist, but they need attachments like lasers, grips & stock to be truly effective, requiring high investments. Master the tried & true method of ADS before moving on to gimmicky ideas.

How Do I Die Less?

Make Use Of Cover To Avoid Exposure

Make Use Of Cover To Avoid Exposure

Exposure refers to an angle that the enemy has a line of sight at you and can fire upon you. If you stand in a open plaza, you're exposed to every window, doorway & street that can draw a line to you, while if you walk down a doorless hallway, you're only exposed in the front and rear.

Plan Your Every Movement Route

How many times did you actually die in a heads-on firefight? Probably less than the time you've died from someone shooting you outside of your field of view. The more angles you expose yourself to, the more likely you'll get killed from some random angle, so focus on minimizing exposure whenever moving.

Use Terrain To Cover Your Sides

Always choose the terrain when moving to lower the possible angles of exposure. For example, when moving towards the map, don't go right through the center plaza but instead move along the edges of the map so at least one side is always secure.

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