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Check out this guide to see all weapon camo (camouflage) in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone 2021! Know each camo category, appearance, how to unlock & equip camo, & more!!!

All Camo Category

Weapon Camouflage Explained

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All Spray Paint Camo Category List

Challenge Requires Making Kills

Challenge Requires Making Kills

Spray Paint challenges are straightforward, requiring you to get kills with the weapon. These challenges are usually the first that unlock. Note that some weapons may require different objectives. Make sure to check in-game descriptions!

Spray Paint Camouflage Patterns

Desert Snake
Desert Snake
Commando camo
Rip'n Tear camo
Rip'n Tear
Moroccan Snake camo
Moroccan Snake
Pitter Patter camo
Pitter Patter
China Lake camo
China Lake
Pinstripe Suit camo
Pinstripe Suit
Chain Link camo
Chain Link
Nightfall camo
Smoke camo

All Woodland Camo Category List

Make Headshots To Unlock

Make Headshots To Unlock woodland camo

Woodland camo will often need headshots with the weapon to unlock. Note that some weapons may have different criteria, so always check the in-game descriptions.

Woodland Camouflage Patterns

Modern Woodland camo
Modern Woodland
Desert Hybrid camo
Desert Hybrid
Sand Dance camo
Sand Dance
Marshland camo
Kill Brush camo
Kill Brush
Warcom Greens camo
Warcom Greens
Warcom Blues camo
Warcom Blues
Nightfrost camo
Canopy camo

All Digital Camo Category List

Get Kills While Crouching

Note that some weapons may have a different criteria, so always check in-game descriptions!!!

Get Kills While Crouching

Digital camo is mostly unlocked by making kills while crouched. Using the Double Time Perk lets you crawl almost as fast as you walk, making this challenge easier.

Digital Camouflage Patterns

Urban Digital camo
Urban Digital
Jungle Digital camo
Jungle Digital
Arctic Digital camo
Arctic Digital
Forest Digital camo
Forest Digital
Marsh Digital camo
Marsh Digital
Bark Digital camo
Bark Digital
Blue Digital camo
Blue Digital
Classic Digital camo
Classic Digital
Desert Digital camo
Desert Digital
Green Digital camo
Green Digital

Dragon Camo Category List

Make Hip Fire Kills

Note that some weapons may have a different criteria, so always check in-game descriptions!!!

Make Hip Fire Kills

Drago Camo would would demand the user use hip-fire to kill opponents. Use attachments such as lasers to expedite the process.

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Dragon Camouflage Patterns

H2O camo
Dirt camo
Moss camo
Tagged camo
Black Top camo
Black Top
Asphalt camo
Crime Scene camo
Crime Scene
Neon Pink camo
Neon Pink
Trailblazer camo
Foliage camo

Splinter Camo Category List

Make Longshots

Note that some weapons may have a different criteria, so always check in-game descriptions!!!

Make Hip Fire Kills

Splinter Camo is mainly about making Longshots, which are kills out in the distant. A good optics can let you acquire targets further out easier.

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Splinter Camouflage Patterns

Tundra camo
Tundra camo
Frostbite camo
Ice Breaker camo
Ice Breaker
Ruins camo
Arctic Seafoam camo
Arctic Seafoam
Angles camo
Autumn Dazzle camo
Autumn Dazzle
Arctic Abstract camo
Arctic Abstract
Sharp Edges camo
Sharp Edges

Topo Camo Category List

Kills Made With The Weapon Mounted

Note that some weapons may have a different criteria, so always check in-game descriptions!!!

Kills Made With The Weapon Mounted

You'll need to make kills using the new "Mount" mechanics which stabilizes your weapons on terrain obstacles, but immobilize you.

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Topo Camouflage Patterns

Off-Grid camo
Night Seas camo
Night Seas
Marsh Ops camo
Marsh Ops
Forestation camo
Phosphor camo
Vector Trails camo
Vector Trails
Topo Trip camo
Topo Trip
Barren camo
Vanished camo
Sandstorm camo

Tiger Camo Category List

Make Kills With All Attachment Slots Filled

Note that some weapons may have a different criteria, so always check in-game descriptions!!!

Make Kills With All Attachment Slots Filled

Make kills while filling all 5 attachment slots on the weapon to unlock Tiger camo. Experiment with different weapon customizations while you're at it!

All Attachments List

Tiger Camouflage Patterns

overgrown camo
Mudslide camo
Dank Forest camo
Dank Forest
Abominable camo
Faded Veil camo
Faded Veil
Feral Beast camo
Feral Beast
Tiger Stripes camo
Tiger Stripes
Desert Cat camo
Desert Cat
Red Tiger camo
Red Tiger
Blue Tiger camo
Blue Tiger

Stripes Camo Category List

Get Double Kills

Note that some weapons may have a different criteria, so always check in-game descriptions!!!

Get Double Kills

To unlock Stripes Camo, you'll need to make double kills, which are 2 kills made in a very short time between each kills. It may be easier to achieve in smaller maps..

Stripes Camouflage Patterns

Grassland camo
Tiger Mane camo
Tiger Mane
The Khan camo
The Khan
Savannah camo
Zebra camo
Bluegrass camo
Africa camo
Nu Wave Zebra camo
Nu Wave Zebra
Greengrass camo
Pink Zebra camo
Pink Zebra

Reptile Camo Category List

Go Back To The Roots & Kill Without Attachments

Kill Without Attachments

Reptile camo will bring the player back to square one - make kills with no attachment on the weapon. Retrain yourself to fight with the weapon in its basic form!

Reptile Camouflage Patterns

Python camo
Rattlesnake camo
Komodo camo
Blue Iguana camo
Blue Iguana
Chupacabara camo
Pink Python camo
Pink Python
Anaconda camo
Bullsnake camo
Gecko camo
Gartersnake camo

Skulls Camo Category List

Kill 3 Enemies Without Dying

Kill 3 Enemies Without Dying

The Skulls camo will require you to show off your prowess by dominating enemies - Kill 3 enemies without dying yourself. Prioritize staying alive if you're aiming for this camo.

Skulls Camouflage Patterns

Necropolis camo
Corpse Digger camo
Corpse Digger
Ossuary camo
Haunting camo
Phantom camo
Forest Wraith camo
Forest Wraith
Hemophiliac camo
Skullduggery camo
Cthulhu camo
Lichyard camo

Gold, Platinum, Damascus Camo (Completionist)

The Epitome Of Achievement

Completionist Camo is the top-dog tier of weapons camo, requiring the player to get every single camo for a weapon, and others. It is divided between Gold, Platinum, Damascus camo,with increasingly difficult criteria to meet.

Completionist Camouflage Patterns

Gold Camo
Unlock All Camo for this weapon.
Platinum Camo
Unlock the Gold camo for every weapon of this class (LMG, SMGs, etc).
platinum camo
Damascus Camo
Unlock the Gold Camo for every weapon.
Damascus Camo
Obsidian Camo
Unlock the Gold camo and complete the Obsidian Camo challenges
Obsidian Camo

What is Weapon Camo?

Unique Cosmetics For Your Weapon

Unique Cosmetics For Your Weapon

Weapon Camo are unique appearance-altering skins for your weapons. You can choose between ones that will increase your concealment, or ones that shows off your personality!

Camo Separate For Each Weapon

Weapon Camo does not carry over to other weapons and must be unlocked separately. What weapon camo you unlock for M4A1 will not apply to another weapon, and vice versa.

How To Unlock Weapon Camo?

Raise Weapon Level First

Raise Weapon Level First

To unlock weapon Camo, you must first raise your weapon level to unlock each camo category first. Raise weapon levels as priority.

How To Level Up Weapon Levels Fast

Complete Challenge For Each Camo Category

Complete Challenge For Each Camo Category

Each Camo Category has a distinct unlock criteria that must be met to progress and unlock more camo. Conditions vary from simply making kills to requirements such as headshots or kills made while crouching.

Results Won't Count Unless Camo Category Is Unlocked

Only when the camouflage category is unlocked, will your progress be counted for each camo within. For example, only the kills you make after you've unlocked Spray Paint camo category count toward its objective.

No Need To Switch On For Camo Challenge

Unlike mission challenges, Camo Challenge don't need to be turned on for the progress to be counted. Simply use the weapon for progression.

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Progress Only Earned In Multiplayer

Only the weapon progress in Multiplayer Mode counts toward the objective. Any other modes won't be included, so play Multiplayer exclusively to unlock Weapon Camos.

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How To Equip Weapon Camo

Access Through Gunsmith

Access Through Gunsmith

Weapon Camo can be accessed through Gunsmith interface of each weapons. Go to Custom Loadout first to access Gunsmith, which will require Enlisted rank 4 or higher.

Switch To Customize Tab

Switch To Customize Tab

Click Customize Tab on the top-left corner of the screen to switch to cosmetic-related changes.

Click Camouflage At Bottom Left

Click Camouflage At Bottom Left

To equip or alter weapon camouflage, click the Camouflage icon on the bottom left of your screen.

Choose A Camo Category

Choose A Camo Category

Choose a Camo Category you have unlocked. Each category has their own unique themes.

Equip A Camo You Have Unlocked

Equip A Camo You Have Unlocked

Double-click on the camo icon in the category to equip it. You must meet the challenge and unlocked that weapon camo in order to equip it.

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