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Mission 10: The Wolf's Den

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Read this Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 (CoD MW) walkthrough guide of the campaign "Mission 10: The Wolf's Den"! Find out gameplay tips, mission weapons, rewards, & more!!!

Table of Contents

Story Progression Chart

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Mission 10: The Wolf's Den Mission Walkthrough

Mission 10: The Wolf's Den Campaign Mission Walkthrough

1Wait for the breach. Shoot the 2 armed enemies in the living room. Go into the next room and the mother will shoot you with a pistol, forcing you to shoot her.
2Go outside and breach. Move up to the building at the backend. Wait for breach.
3Open the door to the right and move in. Living room is full of non-combatants, but the man on the bed in the next room is hostile. Dispatch him.
4Move out the door from where the hostile was at, go into the boiler room and kill the power by flipping the switch on the wall. Follow Price up the stairs to a room.
5Go out the room and turn left, facing the balcony. Open the door to your right and turn right. There's a hostile in the bathroom, while a civilian woman is huddling at the room end. Move up to 3rd floor.
6Get to the door. Clear the hostile guarding the entry, turn left to dispatch another hiding in the closet. There's a boy hiding in the bathroom so hold your fire.
7Move back to the 1st floor, open the secret underground entrance. A bomb would go off when dropping down, cutting you off. Move forward and disarm tripwires.
8Crawl under the tripwires. Enemies will appear in the tunnel chambers, clear them out while looking out for traps and portholes above you.
9Farah waits for you at a hallway. When you enter, a fuel bomb will go off, so move left into a short tunnel to avoid the blast. Go prone and push forward.
10Move through the complex. Enemy gunfire will ignite Propane tanks on shelves so stay away from them.
11A deadly MG Nest awaits you at the hallway. Go from chamber to chamber, throwing Flash grenades along the way and flank them from the left.
12Go down the shaft, which you'll fall through. Find and push the railcar to advance.
13A fire will then engulf the tunnels. Push the railcar so you can jump up the stairs.
14Clear the platform and go up the stairs. Use handgun to defend yourself while on stairs.
15Farah will grab you when the final stairs fall off. Push "Jump" key to be lifted up.
16Proceed to meet The Wolf. Shooting him or not will not matter. Play a cut-the-wire minigame to disarm traps.

Mission Rewards - Mission 10: The Wolf's Den

Mission Rewards are unique items or exclusive gear unlocked for Multiplayer and Special Ops!!!

  • MP Operator Skin - WAYNE
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Weapons In Mission 10: The Wolf's Den

Mission 10: The Wolf's Den - Mission Tips

3. Shoot Through Doors

Shoot Through Doors

Bullets can shoot through thin doors. If you can confirm the angle of enemy bursts, you can shoot through doors in that direction to take them out.

Don't Blindingly Spray Through Doors

DO NOT just spray through doors into rooms without the knowing who's inside first. You might kill a friendly or non-combatant.

7. Disarm Or Go Under Tripwires

Disarm Or Go Under Tripwires

Tripwires can be found in the tunnels, so watch where you move. Some can be bypassed by going under them (prone), or simply be disarmed.

Get Semtex For Disarm

Get Symtex For Disarm

You'll get a Semtex instead of normal frags for disarming tripwires here. They are useful for lighting up the dark and shutting down hallways.

11. Flank MG Nest Using Flash Grenade

Flank MG Nest Using Flash grenade

The MG nest at the end of the hall is fortified and wont take much frontal damage. Instead, throw Flash Grenade first to shut them down and then move along the tunnels, so you can flank them.

13. Push The Railcar To Gain a Footing

Push The Railcar To Gain a Footing

When the flames are lit, push the rail cart under the stairs so you have something to step on to move up.

13. Shotguns Effective For Tunnels

Shotguns Effective For Tunnels

You won't have to worry about collateral damage to civilians with shotguns in the tunnels, and its devastating close range bursts can burst down enemies faster. Pick one up along the way.

14. Use Handgun While On Ladders

14. Use Handgun While On Ladders

You can use your handgun to defend yourself while you go up ladders. You will need it here as an enemy will try to jump you.

15. Press "Jump" Command To Avoid Falling

15. Press Jump Command To Avoid Falling

It can be confusing when you fall off as Farah holds on to you since no commands will prompt. Spam Jump command to be pulled up during this phase.

16. Cut Wires Only After Farah Tells You To

Farah will have a specific "Cut!" command telling when to cut the wires. Don't cut before she issues the command or the bomb will go off.

The Wire Sequence are:

1. Green
2. Yellow
3. Top Red

Campaign Progression Chart

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