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Guiding Lands - Feature Guide & How To Use
Guiding Lands - Feature Guide & How To Use - MHW: ICEBORNE

Guiding Lands - Feature Guide & How To Use

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Read this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide to learn more about the new guiding lands feature! Learn more about how to unlock, how to use, collecting special tracks, augmenting , & more!

Table of Contents

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Things To Do & Priority

Todo List And Priority

Raise Region Level

Higher Region Level spawns stronger monsters.
Collecting Materials

You can get Guiding Lands specific materials to create strong master class loadouts.
Collecting Special Tracks

Special Track unlocks certain monsters.
Setting Camp

Camp can be set in the forest region.
Researching Monsters

Easy to conduct research since The Guiding Lands have variety of monsters.

Raise Region Levels To Spawn Stronger Monsters

Raise Region Levels To Spawn Stronger Monsters

The Guiding Lands is composed of several different areas. Defeating large monsters in an area will raise the Region Level of that specific area. The higher the Region Level, the more chances of that area spawning stronger monsters!

Collect Guidiing Lands Specific Material

Picture of
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You can obtain materials that only from monsters in The Guiding Lands. After you've finished leveling up the Region Level, first thing you should do is to collect those and strengthen your Maste Rank loadouts.

Research Variety Of Monsters

Picture of luring monster
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The Guiding Lands is mixed of multiple regions and monsters appearing will differ depending on each area. That means you can research wide variety of monster at one expedition.

Unlockable Monsters Appear In Guiding Lands

You should also note that monsters change every time you start new expedition so go back to base camp and explore again to encounter new and unlockable monsters!

Region Level Needed Per Monster

Monster Region Level
ZinogreZinogre Forest Region Level 3
Yian GarugaYian Garuga Forest Region Level 3
Scarred Yian Garuga Forest Region Level 5
Gold Rathian Desert Region Level 5
Silver Rathalos Coral Region Level 5
Brute Tigrex Rotten Region Level 5
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Set Up Camp In The Forest Region

You will be able to set up a camp in the Forest Region, allowing you to use it as a Fast Travel point, and as a starting point among other things. Setting up a camp will make navigation of the Guiding Lands easier for you!

How To Raise Region Level

Increase Region Levels By Defeating Monsters

Region Level
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Region Level increases by hunting monsters and collecting traces. The higher the Region Level, the stronger monsters you will find.

Each Monster Is Assigned A Certain Region

Each Monster in The Guiding Lands are all assigned to certain region. For example, Rathian is assigned to Wildspire Region. So, no matter which area you've hunted Rathian, Wildspire Region Level will increase.

Easily Raise Level By Collecting Tracks

All monsters in Guiding lands are very tough to defeat. Easy way to raise Region Level is to follow the monster from behind and collect tracks.

Recommended Monsters To Collect Tracks

ForestForestGreat Jagras, Anjanath
WildspireWildspireKulu-Ya-Ku, Barroth
RottenRottenGreat Girros, Tigrex

Region Levels Locked Behind Master Rank Limits

The Region Levels in the Guiding Lands are locked behind your Master Rank levels. For example, you can only get a region up to Level 5 if you're in the Master Rank range of 50 - 69.

Region Level Master Rank Limits

Master Rank Region Level
MR 24 - 49 Region Level 4
MR 50 - 69 Region Level 5
MR 70 - 99 Region Level 6
MR100 - Region Level

Increasing One Region Level Lowers Others

When you increase the levels of one region, you'll automatically lower the levels of other regions. So if you're looking for monsters from different regions, you may take more time in the Guiding Lands.

Careful When playing Co-op

When you play with other player, be sure to align which Region Level you want to increase with others and hunt together. If all hunters hunted different monsters, the Region Level you've aim to increase might accidentally lowers.

Skill "Fortify" Is Recommended

At The Guiding Lands, you can get fainted as many as you want. So the skill Fortify which increases you ability every time you are defeated matches very well. If you don't mind of the quest reward being decreased as penalty, Fortify is the way to go.

Augmenting Master Rank Loadout

Guiding Land Specific Materials

Augument Master Rank Loadout
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The materials that only drops in The Guiding Lands will be used to augment Master Rank loadouts and creating charms.

Tempered Monster Will Drop Rare Material

Guiding Lands Specify Material
Material you get from normal monsters and tempered monsters are different.

How To Research Large Monsters

Method 1: Collect Special Tracks

Collect Special Tracks

While exploring the Guiding Lands, you will come across Special Tracks. These Special Tracks come from Turf Wars between large monsters. Once you find these tracks collect them as soon as possible!

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Increase Chances of Tracks With High Region Level

Finding these special tracks may require a bit of luck on your end. However, please note that if the Region's level is higher, you may have a higher chance of locating those special tracks!

Method 2: Break Monster Parts

Break Monster Parts

Another way for you to research large monsters is to destroy the parts of a monster. Please note that you will only need to destroy a monster's parts once to progress the research. Destroying more parts will not progress the research.

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Talk To The Handler To Lure Out Monster

Once you've fully progressed the research of a monster, talk to the Handler to lure out the monster using Pheromones. You can only do this once, and will need to research another set of tracks to lure out the monster again!

The Guiding Lands Monsters List

Investigation In Progress! Wait For Update.

Region Level 3

※Followings are monsters we've identified so far

ForestForestGreat Jagras, Pukei-Pukei, Anjanath, Rathalos, Nargacuga
WildspireWildspireKulu-Ya-Ku, Barroth, Banbaro, Diablos, Rathian, Nightshade Paolumu, Glavenus, Fulgur Anjanath
CoralCoralTzitzi-Ya-Ku, Legiana, Coral Pukei-Pukei, Pink Rathian
RottenRottenGreat Girros, Radobaan, Odogaron, Tigrex, Acidic Glavenus, Ebony Odogaron, Fulgur Anjanath

Region Level 4

※Followings are monsters we've identified so far

RottenRottenGreat Girros, Odogaron, Tigrex, Acidic Glavenus, Ebony Odogaron, Fulgur Anjanath, Radobaan(Tempered)

What Is The Guiding Lands?

New Area With Complex Ecosystem

New Area With Complex Ecosystem

The Guiding Lands is an all-new area which features a complex ecosystem that consists of multiple regions. These regions are similar to past areas such as the Ancient Forest and the Coral Highlands.

Restricted To Master Rank Monsters

Restricted To Master Rank Monsters

The Guiding Lands is home to Master Rank monsters only. Hunting any of the large monsters will reward you with master rank points. After a certain time, the current monsters will leave the area and be replaced with newer monsters.

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Targeted Monsters Take Longer To Leave

If you are hunting a certain monster, or they are low on health, it will take longer for the monster to leave the locale.

Obtain Special Materials

Obtain Special Materials

Mining Crops and Bonepiles from the Guiding Lands will also reward you with special materials that can't be obtained elsewhere. These materials can be used to augment weapons that have a rarity of 10 or higher!

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How To Unlock The Guiding Lands

Defeat Final Boss To Unlock

As the Guiding Lands is an endgame area, you will need to defeat the final boss of Iceborne's main story to unlock it.

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Only Available In Iceborne

The Guiding Lands is exclusive to the Iceborne expansion. Only players who have updated to Iceborne will be able to access the Guiding Lands.

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