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Yian Garuga - Weakness & Guide
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Yian Garuga - Weakness & Guide

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Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide on how to beat Yian Garuga! This includes its location, moves, weaknesses, material drops, recommended loadout, how to unlock, & more!!!

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How To Unlock Yian Garuga Hunt

Level Up the Guiding Lands

Level Up the Guiding Lands

You can find Yian Garuga in the Guiding Lands after you've completed the Main Story. Once your Guiding Lands forest region's level reaches level 3, you can get the quest for the Yian Garuga.

Yian Garuga - Tips & Tricks

Yian Garuga Overview

Yian Garuga Overview

A bird wyvern known for its aggressive temperament, the Yian Garuga poses a serious threat with its multitude of poison and fire attacks!

Only Found in the Guiding Lands

Only Found in the Guiding Lands

Yian Garuga can only be found roaming in the Guiding Lands' forest region. Besides that, it can be fought in the Arena and in Investigations.

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Preparing For Yian Garuga

Bring Antidotes & Herbal Medicines

What's most dangerous about Yian Garuga is its poison! Make sure to have a good stock of Antidotes and Herbal Medicines with you before going off to hunt it.

Bring Flash Pods

Flash Pods, although not as effective as before in creating openings, are still useful in bringing down the Yian Garuga when it is flying and enraged.

Bait Beak Attacks To Expel Monster Stamina

If possible, bait the Yian Garuga's powerful beak attacks as this will cause it to lose more stamina. When tired, the Yian Garuga will stand still, creating openings for powerful attacks.

Cut Tail To Prevent Poison Status

You can sever the highly poisonous tail of the Yian Garuga if you focus fire on it. Doing so will prevent it from inflicting you with HP-draining Poison status effects.

Yian Garuga - Weakness & Effective Damage Type

Yian Garuga - Weakness & Effective Damage Type

The Yian Garuga's weak spots are its head & tail. Almost all of its body parts are breakable parts while its tail can be cut.

Effective Damage Type Per Weak Spot

Part Sever Blunt Ammo

Elemental Affinity Reference Chart


Status Effect Resistance Chart


Yian Garuga - Recommended Loadout

Recommended Elemental Weapons

When fighting the Yian Garuga, Water & Blast weapons are most effective
Dragon is also effective against the Yian Garuga

Recommended Skills

SkillRecommendation Criteria
Poison ResistanceReduces Poison Attack damages. Use this when your fire resistance is too low.
EarplugsIncreasing the chance to attack by protecting from roaring.

Best Specialized Tools

ToolRecommendation Criteria
Temporal MantleTemporal MantleRecommended to bring as it allows you to avoid potentially deadly attacks
Rocksteady MantleRocksteady Mantle Reduces damage from attacks and negates scream, wind, & tremor effects to an extent
Evasion mantleEvasion MantleExtends the invulnerability window during evasion

Yian Garuga - Moves & Counters

Beak Slam AttackSlams its beak onto the ground multiple times while rotating. Keep dodging to avoid heavy damage
Aerial Beak Dive Flies to the sky and dives down quickly, using its beak to create a small tremor on the ground. Roll away to avoid damage
Forward Fireball Spits out fireballs in front of it while on the ground. Note the trajectory to dodge accordingly
Aerial Fireball Attack Flies into the air and spews out fireballs in a widespread pattern. Dodge forward and get behind the Yian Garuga to keep from getting hit
Tail Somerault Somersaults backwards, using its tail to hit you. Has poison effect and sometimes attacks twice
Tail Spin Spins around, swinging its tail behind it. Can inflict poison if you're hit

Roll Under Yian Garuga During Aerial Fireballs

The safest place to be when the Yian Garuga is spitting out its fireballs while in the air is directly under it. This will keep you safe and lets you position yourself once the monster lands on the ground.

Dodge To Side To Avoid Tail Attack

When the Yian Garuga is going to do its poison tail attack, it's best to roll sidewards to avoid getting hit. The move mostly hits vertically, in front and back of the monster, so you'll be safe by rolling to the side.

Stear Clear of Yian Garuga when It Flies Up

Stear Clear of Yian Garuga when It Flies Up

Flying up a tell on most of Yian Garuga's attacks, including its tail somersault that applies poison. Roll away immediately when it goes up to ensure you don't get caught in its attack.

Pitfall Is Ineffective When It's Enraged

When enraged, the Yian Garuga will not be affected by the Pitfall Trap. You can use Shock Traps against it instead.

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