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Read this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide on Equipment Augmentation, how to unlock it, how to augment weapons and armor, requirements, & more!!!

Table of Contents

Downgrade Equipment Guide

What Is Augmenting Equipment?

Upgrading Weapons & Armor to Full Potential

Augmenting is a form of upgrade that allows you to further upgrade weapons & armor past their limits, further improving their stats.

Weapon Augments Adds Stat Boosts & Other Bonuses

Weapon Augments Adds Stat Boosts

For Weapon Augments, you can choose to boost stats such as Attack, Affinity & Defense or add an extra slot to the weapon. You can also add a Health Regen stat to your weapon.

Augmenting Armor Allows You To Upgrade More

Augmenting Armor Allows You To Upgrade More

Augmenting Armor removes the upgrade level cap, increasing the number of times you can upgrade the armor. This allows you to raise the defense stat past its default cap.

How To Unlock Equipment Augmentation

How To Unlock Augmentation Procedure

No. Procedure
1 Reach Hunter Rank (HR) 30 to unlock encounters with Tempered Monsters.
2 Collect Tempered Monster traces, defeat Tempered Monsters and obtain a "Streamstone"
3 Talk to the Smithy which will trigger a dialogue to unlock "Augment Equipment"

Raise Your HR to At Least Level 30

Raising your HR to level 30 will unlock encounters with Tempered Monsters. The required item "Streamstones" can only be found from Tempered Monsters.

How To Raise Hunter Rank After Story

Hunt & Defeat a Threat Level 2-3 Tempered Monster

Hunt & Defeat a Threat Level 2-3 Tempered Monster

After raising your HR, launch a Tempered Investigation quest to hunt a monster with at least Threat Level 2. Streamstones will only drop from these types of monsters, & will be appraised to a "Warrior Streamstone" or "Hero Streamstone" after completing the quest.

What Is An Investigation Quest - Tips, Guide & Rewards

Why You Should Augment Equipment

Make Your Weapons Much More Powerful

Make Your Weapons Much More Powerful

At the end-game, you will fight far stronger monsters than before, and you'll need higher damaging weapons to quickly take them down. Augmentation greatly improves end-game viability of high rarity weapons!

Relevant Guides On Stats

Strengthen Armor To Take On Challenging Hunts

Strengthen Armor To Take On Challenging Hunts

At the end-game, monsters, especially Tempered & Arch Tempered forms, will hit harder, and are vastly more challenging than normal hunts. You'll need the best equipment as possible to take on these hunts.

How To Augment Weapons

Only Rarity Level 6 to 8 Can Be Augmented

Only Rarity Level 6 to 8 Can Be Augmented

Only Level 6 and above weapons can be augmented. As the weapon rarity increases, the less augmentation slots you get.

Rarity Augmentation Slots
Rarity 6 3 Slots
Rarity 7 2 Slots
Rarity 8 1 Slot

Available Weapon Augment Options

Available Weapon Augment Options
Augmentation Description
Attack Increase Increases attack power. Stacks with other upgrades. Increase in value depends on the weapon
Affinity Increase Increases affinity by 10%. 2nd upgrade is 5%
Defense Increase Increases defense by 10% and reduces the damage taken each time you receive damage
Slot Upgrade Adds an extra Jewel Slot. Stack with another Slot Upgrade to increase the slot's level
Health Regen Regain health as you land attacks

Materials Needed For Weapon Augments

Augmentation requires rare materials & a lot of zenny to equip. Although Augmentations are not permanent and can be changed, the materials are rare and costly.

Streamstones Required

Rarity Materials Required
Rarity 6 Warrior's Streamstone x 1
Streamstone Shard x 3
Rarity 7 Warrior's Streamstone x 2
Streamstone x 3
Rarity 8 Hero's Streamstone x 1
Gleaming Streamstone x 3
Check Out How To Farm Streamstones Here!

Monster Material Required

Augment Rarity 6 Rarity 7 Rarity 8
Attack Increase Rathalos Plate x2 Rathalos Ruby x1 Teostra Gem x1
Affinity Increase Odogaron Plate x2 Odogaron Gem x1 Daora Gem x1
Defense Increase Bird Wyvern Gem x2 Wyvern Gem x1 Elder Dragon Blood x2
Slot Upgrade Legiana Gem x2 Legiana Gem x1 Vaal Hazak Gem x1
Health Regen Anjanath Plate x2 Anjanath Gem x1 Nergigante Gem x1

How To Augment Armor

Augment Armor To Raise Upgrade Limit

How To Augment Armor

Armor Augmentation allows you to raise the upgrade limit of your armor, further boosting its defense stat. At the Smithy, select an armor to Augment, and select "Upgrade Limit Removal".

Effect of Augmenting Armor

Removing the upgrade limit allows you to raise the armor level further. Unlike weapons, even low rarity armor can be augmented.

Materials Needed For Armor Augmentation

Rarity Materials Needed Cost
1 to 4 Streamstone Shard x1
Fucium Ore x3
3000 z
5 Streamstone Shard x1
Dragonbone Relic x1
5000 z
6 Streamstone Shard x1
Bird Wyvern Gem x1
10000 z
7 Streamstone x1
Wyvern Gem x1
20000 z
8 Gleaming Streamstone x1
Elder Dragon Bone x1
30000 z

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