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How To Use Charge Blade Guide - Recommended Combos & Tips

MHW: ICEBORNE | How To Use Charge Blade Guide - Recommended Combos & Tips

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Check out this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide and walkthrough on how to use the weapon - Charge Blade! Learn recommended combos, skills, play tips, & more!!!

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Should I Use Charge Blade In Iceborne?

Bit Weakened In Iceborne

New features Power Axe Mode and Clutch Claw empowered Charge Blade. However, new monsters in Iceborne have significantly high defense, making monsters hard to flinch & looping combo became bit difficult.

Few Damage Adjustments Made

The damage of Element Discharge and Amped Element Discharge decreased & other attacks increased. You could say that chance of survival increased because you won't be depending on Element Discharge so much.

Other Major Changes

Power Element PhialRange of phial explosion after Amped Element Discharge shortened, allowing you to hit multiple times more easily
Amped Element DischargeLose all of the phial when attacked during Amped Element Discharge

Power Axe Mode Adds More Options

Power Axe Mode

Power Axe Mode revolutionized axe mode of Charged Blade. By using it, you can supplement the weakening of Amped Element Discharge. This mode buffs other attacks as well, adding more variety to your moves.

New Charge Blade Moves In Iceborne

Clutch Claw Adds More Damage

Clutch Claw Charge Blade

Clutch Claw soften's the monster's hide. Attacking wounded part will do higher damage.

Maintain Power Axe Mode

Power Axe Mode

There will be additional damage during Power Axe Mode. Even Raising Slash can damage monster heavily. This mode will also buff Element Discharge as well.

Tips On Power Axe Mode

  • You need phial to activate
  • Deactivates when phial is empty
  • Gradually uses phial overtime

Power Axe Mode uses phial overtime. Make sure you check how much phial you have when doing any action requiring phial. By charging phial, Power Axe Mode extends.

Charge Blade - Overview & Strengths

Weapon With Two Modes Of Attack

Weapon With Two Modes Of Attack

The Charge Blade is a versatile weapon that offers Hunters two modes of attacking in combat situations. The two modes are a fast sword & shield mode, while the second is a devastating axe mode!

Features A Phial System To Boost Attributes

Features A Phial System To Boost Attributes

When in Sword mode, hitting monsters will charge up to 5 phials. The energy stored in these phials can be used to increase your shield's defense, or increase attack power in axe mode. There are two types of phials: Impact and Elemental.

Phial Types & Effects

Phial TypeEffect
ImpactIncreases damage & chance to knock down a Monster
ElementalApplies extra elemental damage during attacks

These phials give an extra depth to the Charge Blade weapon. Please note that certain skills will only affect specific phials such as the Artillery Skill only affecting impact phials.

Guard Point Is A Unique Feature

Guard Point Is A Unique Feature

The Charge Blade possesses the Guard Point feature which is key to mastering combat with the Charge Blade. When the shield is facing forward during certain attack animations, it will block incoming attacks, allowing you to counterattack much faster!

Timing & Positioning Is Key In Guard Point

Certain attack animations will take time to move the shield to the front. Certain attacks will also move your character's position. Make sure to be in good position and master the timing to correctly execute the Guard Point!

Charge Blade - Recommended Combo List

Combos To Charge Phials

Fastest Phial Charging Combo

  • 1. Charged Double Slash
  • 2. Shield Thrust
  • 3. Charged Double Slash
maru_l iconmaru icon+sankaku iconmaru_l icon

This is easiest and fastest combo that will deal some damage and at the same time, quickly charge up your phials.

Hit & Run Phial Charging Combo

  • 1. Forward Slash
  • 2. Charged Double Slash
  • 3. Spinning Slash
  • 4. Evade
  • 5. Spinning Slash
sankaku icon+maru iconmaru_l iconsankaku iconlstick icon+batsu iconsankaku icon

Despite not being able to charge your phials as fast as the first combo, this is also a viable combo for charging up your phials since it integrates getting in and out of the monster's attack range. This keeps you safe from danger when charging your phials.

Mobile Phial Charging Combo

  • 1. Charged Double Slash
  • 2. Sliding Slash
  • 3. Charged Double Slash
maru_l iconlstick icon+maru iconmaru_l icon

This combo is similar to the fast phial charging combo, with a minor tweak. Instead of using a shield thrust, you now move around to avoid getting hit by the monster's attacks. This keeps you safe from incoming attacks when charging your phials.

Important Combos To Remember

Axe Smash To Super Amped Elemental Discharge

r2 iconsankaku icon+maru icon

When your shield is charged, you can quickly get off a Super Amped Elemental Discharge attack from when the weapon is sheathed. This will allow you to do a big amount of damage for when there is only a small window of opportunity to do so.

Converting Super Amped Attack To Amped Attack

sankaku icon+maru iconlstick_d icon+sankaku icon

This attack cancel is useful if you want to save up some of your phials for a better opportunity later on in the fight. Cancel the Super Amped Elemental Discharge to an Amped Elemental Discharge to consume one phial and save the rest for later.

Sheathed To Super Amped Combo

r2 iconmaru iconmaru icon

This is a great combo to remember since you can get a lot of attacks off from when your weapon is sheathed. Remember that your shield needs to have energy stored within it to execute the super amped attack!

Charge Blade - Recommended Skill List

Boost Attack Power & Reduce Charge Time

Since the Charge Blade is most effective when its phials are fully charged, focus on increasing your attack damage, while at the same time lowering the time you need to charge up your phials. This will allow you to increase your DPS in a short amount of time!

Recommended Skills To Boost Attack

Attack Boost
Increases your raw attack power and increases affinity after Level 4
Maximum Might
Increases affinity
Weakness ExploitAttacks that hit weak spots have a percent increase in affinity
Critical BoostIncreases damage dealt by critical hits
ArtilleryIncreases power of each attack

Recommended Skills To Reduce Phial Charge Time

Increases gauge fill rate and reduces charge times
GuardDecreases the impact of attacks, and reduces stamina depletion after level 2
EarplugsPrevents stun from monster roars

Charge Blade - Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Charge Blade Attacking Procedure

1Store energy in phials using sword and shield mode
2Strengthen your shield with energy in phials
3Continue charging up your phials in sword and shield mode
4Unleash the energy from phials using strong axe attacks
5Repeat the process

To get the most out of this weapon, players must follow the procedure written above. You will get the most bang for your buck by following the steps since it increases your damage output, but will also reinforce your defenses when fighting monsters!

1. Store Energy In Phials Using Sword & Shield Mode

Store Energy In Phials Using Sword & Shield Mode

Your hunter will start storing energy into the phials when attacking monsters using the sword and shield mode. This is shown by the phial icons below the sharpness gauge. The energy changes color from "white -> yellow -> red -> overheat".

Be Cautious Of Overheating

Be Cautious Of Overheating

If there is too much energy stored in your phials, your weapon will overheat. This will cause your attacks to bounce off targets regardless of sharpness. Make sure to move the energy of the phials elsewhere when it is overheating.

2. Strengthen Your Shield With Energy In Phials

Strengthen Your Shield With Energy In Phials

Once you've stored enough energy in your phials, move this energy to your shield to gain various benefits and effects! You will know that you've strengthened your shield when it or its icon is glowing.

List Of Benefits To Strengthening Shield

  • Defense is better when guarding
  • Axe attacks are more powerful
  • Shield Thrust attacks now apply elemental discharge

Shield Charge Has A Time Limit

Once your shield has been charged, keep in mind that there is a time limit before the shield loses its charge. This is why you should keep on repeating the process to keep the shield charged, and gain the benefits indefinitely.

4. Unleash Energy From Phials Using Special Axe Attacks

Unleash Energy From Phials Using Strong Axe Attacks

When you have enough energy stored in your phials, you can then unleash the energy via strong axe attacks for the maximum amount of damage! Since this is a slow attack, it is best used on knocked down monsters.

Charge Blade - Basic Move List

Sword & Shield Mode: Basic Move List

Button Move
sankaku iconWeak Slash
maru_l iconCharged Rising Slash
sankaku icon+maru iconForward Slash
Shield Thrust
lstick icon+maru icon
(During combo)
Sliding Slash
r2 icon+maru iconCharge Phials
During Charge Phialssankaku_l iconCondensed Element Slash
r2 iconGuard
r2 icon+sankaku iconMorph Slash

Axe Mode: Basic Moves List

sankaku iconRising Slash
lstick icon+sankaku iconDash Slam
maru iconElement Discharge I
Element Discharge II
Amped Element Discharge
Airbornesankaku iconJumping Slash

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