Trophies - How To Unlock Efficiently
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Trophies - How To Unlock Efficiently

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Check out All Trophies and Achievements available in Monster Hunter World: Ice Borne. In this article, we feature all condition and types of trophies available in Monster Hunter World: Ice Borne!

Monster Hunter World - All Trophy List

How To Unlock Trophies Efficiently

About Trophies & Achievements

How To Unlock Trophies Efficiently

Recommended Procedure & Trophy Priority

To Do
Top Priority - Clear main story quest ★9 "A Land Of Convergence"
2nd Priority - Earn Research Points & Zenny
- Level up Palico Gadget proficiency
- Receive Guild Cards
- Increase Hunter Rank (HR)
Nice-To-Do - Complete Investigation quests
- Capture rare Endemic Life
- Complete Arena quests
- Befriend Tailraiders
During Events - Get Gold / Silver Crown for monsters

Complete Main Story First

You'll unlock many story-based trophies and achievements when you complete the main quests of Monster Hunter World. You also need to complete the main story to unlock and be able to accomplish the other trophies & achievements in the game.

Main Story Quest Guide Here!

Complete 50 Investigations & Slay 50 Tempered Monsters

Trophies To Be Completed

The Franchise Hunter Complete 50 investigations
Indomitable Hunt 50 tempered monsters

Can Be Cleared By Answering SOS Flares

The most efficient way of completing these two trophies simultaneously is to answer SOS Flares while playing online. You can also clear this along the way while you're farming materials for new weapons & armor.

Max Out Palico Gadget Proficiency

Trophies To Be Completed

Bosom Buddies Become fully proficient with any Palico Gadget

Complete Quests Without Changing Palico Gadgets

The best way to raise your Palico Gadget proficiency is by keeping them equipped for every quest you do until you max out their levels. It's best to do this while completing other trophies & achievements that involve quests.

Complete 50 Arena Quests

Trophies To Be Completed

Nowhere to Go but Up Complete 50 arena quests

Post Arena Quests With Main Weapon

The best way to complete this fast is to just farm the Arena quest with the weapon you're most proficient with. Even if you get an S grade, you won't get the achievement until you clear 50 Arena quests. So it's best to complete those that you can finish fast.

Capture Rare Endemic Life

Trophies To Be Completed

A Living Fossil Capture a fish known as "the living fossil"
Snuggles for All Capture a fluffy, snuggly creature
Bristles for All Capture a stiff, bristly creature
Rainbow Bright Capture a creature that glitters like a rainbow

Aim At Creature's Body To Capture It

To capture these rare endemic life, equip your Capture Net and be sure to aim for their bodies. This makes sure that you capture the rare creature and include them in your pets list in your room in Astera.

Earn Research Points & Zenny

Trophies To Be Completed

Commissioned Work Obtain 100,000 research points
Bourgeois Hunter Possess 1,000,000 zenny

Earn Research Points By Gathering Blue Beryl

The fastest way to earn a lot of Research Points is by gathering Blue Beryl in the Elder's Recess. Gathering these items award you with many Research Points that'll help you complete the achievement.

How To Earn Research Points Fast!

Equip Bandit Mantle To Earn More Zenny

Equipping the Bandit Mantle while fighting a monster will make it drop golden materials. These materials are Trade-in Items that can be sold for Zenny.

How To Farm Zenny Fast!

Befriend A Tailraider

Trophies To Be Completed

First Friends Befriend your first Tailraider

Complete Palico Quests Per Area

In order to unlock Tailraiders per area, you need to complete Palico quests first. Each area has a specific quest you need to complete but when done, you'll unlock a Palico Gadget & the ability to befriend a Tailraider.

Defeating Gold & Silver Crown Monsters

Trophies To Be Completed

Miniature Crown Master Obtain a miniature crown for almost every monster in your hunting log
Giant Crown Master Obtain a gold crown for almost every monster in your hunting log

Crowns Are Decided By Luck

With these trophies, you have to rely on your luck that you'll encounter a gold or silver crown monster. Keep encountering monsters and if you think they're big or small, defeat them. Otherwise, restart the quest.

Utilize Event Quests

Event quests in Monster Hunter World sometimes have a chance for gold & silver crown monsters to appear. If you're aiming to complete this achievement, it's best to wait for these Event quests.

Collect 50 Guild Cards

Trophies To Be Completed

Spreading the Word Collect over 50 Guild Cards

Initiate By Sending Your Own Guild Card

When you're hunting on multiplayer, initiate the Guild Card exchange by sending them out to other players first. This will encourage them to send theirs to you, helping you complete this trophy. Just don't forget to receive them!

Get To Hunter Rank (HR) 100

Trophies To Be Completed

Established Hunter Reach Hunter rank 100

Make Use Of Event Quests

Certain Event quests largely raise your Hunter Rank when completed. If you want to reach Hunter Rank 100, make sure to wait for these Event quests and complete them successfully.

Hunt 500 Large Monsters

Trophies To Be Completed

Monster Hunter Hunt 500 large monsters

Just Keep Hunting Monsters

There is no easy way to complete this trophy but to just keep hunting monsters. This can be done while hunting down gold & silver crown monsters so you can hit 2 birds with one stone.

Trophy List & Unlock Condition

RankNameUnlock Condition
Platinum Trophy IconConqueror of the New WorldUnlock all trophies for Monster Hunter: World
Gold Trophy IconMiniature Crown MasterObtain a miniature crown for almost every monster in your hunting log
Gold Trophy IconGiant Crown MasterObtain a gold crown for almost every monster in your hunting log
Silver Trophy IconMonster Ph.D.Research everything about almost every monster
Silver Trophy IconMiniature Crown CollectorObtain a miniature crown for 10 or more monsters in your hunting log
Silver Trophy IconGiant Crown CollectorObtain a gold crown for 10 or more monsters in your hunting log
Silver Trophy IconCapture ProCapture 50 monsters
Silver Trophy IconMonster HunterHunt 500 large monsters
Silver Trophy IconThe Sapphire StarSolve the mystery of the Elder Crossing
Silver Trophy IconA Living FossilCapture a fish known as "the living fossil"
Silver Trophy IconSnuggles for AllCapture a fluffy, snuggly creature
Silver Trophy IconBristles for AllCapture a stiff, bristly creature
Silver Trophy IconRainbow BrightCapture a creature that glitters like a rainbow
Silver Trophy IconIndomitableHunt 50 tempered monsters
Bronze Trophy IconWelcome to the New World!Earn the right to take on two-star assignments
Bronze Trophy IconNothing Stops This CommissionEarn the right to take on three-star assignments
Bronze Trophy IconDefender of AsteraEarn the right to take on four-star assignments
Bronze Trophy IconInto the DeepEarn the right to take on five-star assignments
Bronze Trophy IconThe Empress of the HighlandsEarn the right to take on seven-star assignments
Bronze Trophy IconOne Shall Stand, One Shall FallEarn the right to take on eight-star assignments
Bronze Trophy IconThe Hunter's Life for MeComplete 50 optional quests
Bronze Trophy IconAn Inquisitive MindComplete your first investigation
Bronze Trophy IconThe Franchise HunterComplete 50 investigations
Bronze Trophy IconStep into the ArenaComplete your first arena quest
Bronze Trophy IconNowhere to Go but UpComplete 50 arena quests
Bronze Trophy IconNew World SettlerEstablish 5 camps
Bronze Trophy IconThe Art of CamouflageEscape the Jagras pack by hiding in some shrubs
Bronze Trophy IconAngling for a BiteCatch your first fish
Bronze Trophy IconMmm, So Tasty!Cook you first well-done steak
Bronze Trophy IconThe Bigger They Are...Mount your first monster
Bronze Trophy IconCommissioned WorkObtain 100,000 research points
Bronze Trophy IconBourgeois HunterPossess 1,000,000 zenny
Bronze Trophy IconImpregnable DefenseObtain five highly rare pieces of armor
Bronze Trophy IconPower is EverythingObtain 5 highly rare weapons
Bronze Trophy IconMovin' On UpMove into an upgraded room
Bronze Trophy IconFirst FriendsBefriend your first Tailraider
Bronze Trophy IconBosom BuddiesBecome fully proficient with any Palico Gadget
Bronze Trophy IconMiniature CrownRecord your first miniature crown in your hunting log
Bronze Trophy IconGiant CrownRecord your first silver crown or higher in your hunting log
Bronze Trophy IconCapture NoviceCapture your first monster
Bronze Trophy IconElderslayerSlay 50 elder dragons
Bronze Trophy IconMonster SlayerHunt 100 large monsters
Bronze Trophy IconHELP!Fire an SOS flare for the first time
Bronze Trophy IconI Am the ReinforcementsRespond to an SOS flare, and help complete 10 quests
Bronze Trophy IconHunters UnitedComplete a quest via multiplayer
Bronze Trophy IconHunters United ForeverComplete 100 quests via multiplayer
Bronze Trophy IconSpreading the WordCollect over 50 Guild Cards
Bronze Trophy IconEstablished HunterReach Hunter rank 100
Bronze Trophy IconDeath Begets LifeSuccessfully guide Zorah Magdaros
Bronze Trophy IconTemper TemperHunt your first tempered monster

What Are Trophies?

Achievements When Completing Conditions Successfully

Trophies are earned in the game when you've completed certain conditions successfully. These can be completing story quests, achieving a number of hunts, or even gathering rare endemic life in Monster Hunter World.

Check Via PS4, Steam, Or Guild Card

You can check your trophies & achievements via accessing the PS4 Trophy screen, the Steam Achievements tab, or in-game through your Guild Card.

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