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MHW: ICEBORNE | How To Use Lance Guide - Recommended Combos & Tips

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Check out this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide and walkthrough on how to use the weapon - Lance! Learn recommended combos, skills, play tips, and more!!!

How To Use Lance

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Lance - Overview & Strengths

Precise Weapon With Amazing Blocking Power

Precise Weapon With Amazing Blocking Power

The Lance in Monster Hunter World has one of the highest blocking powers in the game. It excels in repeatedly landing precise, high-damage hits on monster weak spots, making it perfect for breaking parts.

Has Very High Range & Good Attacking Power

The Lance has a very good reach and high attack power. It can do mid-thrusts and high-thrusts, perfect for hitting monsters a distance away or reaching up to hit monster heads or tails.

Can Do Strong Guarding Against Monster Attacks

Can Do Strong Guarding Against Monster Attacks

Lances are very effective in guarding against monster attacks and can even absorb damage from the most powerful monster hits in the game.

Counter-thrusts Can Be Charged

Counter-thrusts Can Be Charged

When guarding, Lance users can counter the enemy attack with a Counter-thrust. This protects them from incoming damage while unleashing an attack of their own. This move can also be charged to deal heavier damage.

Power Guards Are Super Strong But Consume Stamina

Power Guards Are Super Strong But Consume Stamina

Lance users can also do a Power Guard that can guard against the strongest monster attacks in MHW. However, this move consumes stamina greatly and should be timed well.

Can Dash Forward While Guarding

Lance users also have a Guard Dash move that keeps them protected while closing the distance towards the monster. While using this move, you can a shield attack or a leaping thrust move.

Dash Attacks Do Multiple Hits & Close Distance

Dash Attacks Do Multiple Hits & Close Distance

When using a Lance, you can also make Dash Attacks that hit the monster repeatedly for continuous damage. These attacks also help close in the distance between you and the monster.

Has High Mobility With Turns, Sidesteps, Etc.

Has High Mobility With Turns, Sidesteps, Etc.

With Dash Attacks, you have a high amount of mobility - allowing you to do jumps, sidesteps, and reverse attacks. This can help you avoid damage or continue an attack combo.

Slow Attack Speed & Sheathing

The Lance has a relatively slow attack speed and takes a while to sheathe. It's recommended to keep the weapon drawn, close the gap with Dash Attacks, then guard when the monster's aggression is on you, just to keep your attacks up.

Slowness Can Make Dodging Challenging

When using a Lance, dodging can be a challenge. Make full use of its high blocking power to protect yourself as rolling out of the way can be difficult with its slow attack & weapon speed.

Lance - Recommended Combo List

Basic Thrust Combo

  • 1. Mid Thrust / High Thrust I
  • 2. Mid Thrust / High Thrust II
  • 3. Mid Thrust / High Thrust III
  • 4. Step
sankaku iconormaru iconsankaku iconormaru iconsankaku iconormaru iconbatsu icon

A basic Lance combo that hunters can use depending on the situation. This involves both high and mid thrusts as well as a step to avoid an attack or draw nearer to the monster.

Counter-thrust Combo

  • 1. Mid Thrust / High Thrust I
  • 2. Counter-thrust
  • 3. Mid Thrust / High Thrust II
sankaku iconormaru iconr2 icon+maru iconsankaku iconormaru icon

This combo makes use of the Lance's Counter-thrust move in between high or mid thrusts. This can be used depending on the situation and the movement of the enemy monster.

Guard Dash Combo

  • 1. Guard Dash
  • 2. Leaping Thrust
  • 3. Guard Dash
  • 4. Leaping Thrust
r2 icon+lstick_u icon+sankaku iconmaru iconr2 icon+lstick_u icon+sankaku iconmaru icon

This combo is perfect for closing the distance between you and the monster. The Guard Dash protects you from damage and you can return hits with the Leaping Thrust.

Dash Attack Combo

  • 1. Dash Attack
  • 2. Finishing Thrust
  • 3. Mid Thrust / High Thrust I
  • 4. Mid Thrust / High Thrust II
  • 5. Mid Thrust / High Thrust III
r2 icon+sankaku icon+maru iconsankaku iconsankaku iconormaru iconsankaku iconormaru iconsankaku iconormaru icon

When you're a good distance from the monster, you can do a Dash Attack and hit the monster multiple times with the combo finisher. This move is effective in combination with sidestepping while doing mid or high thrusts.

Lance - Recommended Skill List

Improve Attack Power & Guarding Performance

The best skills for Lance in MHW are those that improve its attacking power and how it guards against monster attacks in the game. The Lance is already good in both aspects but improving them with skills will enhance your gameplay.

Recommended Skills For Better Attack Power

Skill Effect
RECOMMENDED! Attack Boost Increases raw attack power plus affinity rate after a certain level
RECOMMENDED! Weakness Exploit Increases affinity rate of attacks that land on monster weak spots
Critical Boost Increases attack power of critical hits
Handicraft Increases weapon's sharpness gauge
Critical Eye Increases your weapon's affinity rate
Latent Power Increases affinity rate & stamina consumption when taking certain amount of damage or fighting monster after a period of time

Recommended Skills To Improve Guarding

Skill Effect
RECOMMENDED! Guard While guarding, knockback and stamina consumption is decreased
RECOMMENDED! Guard Up Can block normally unguardable monster attacks
Constitution Lessens stamina depletion when doing moves that use stamina
Evade Window Extends invulnerability period when evading
Mind's Eye/Ballistics Prevents your attacks from being deflected
Flinch Free Prevents knockbacks and trippings, depending on skill level
Master's Touch Prevents weapon dulling when doing critical hits

Lance - Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Always Aim For Monster Weak Spots

Always Aim For Monster Weak Spots

The Lance is very powerful when it does continuous damage to a monster's weak spots. Its moves are best used to pinpoint attacks, especially when the monster is standing still or knocked down.

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Exploit Guard Dashes & Dash Attacks

The Lance has high mobility when doing its Guard Dash & Dash Attack moves. These can be very flexible depending on a hunter's play style, allowing them to either keep distance or close in yet still do incredible damage.

Use Counter-thrust To Continue Attack Combos

One of the Lance's stronger features is its ability to use Counter-thrust. This allows you to guard and then attack without breaking an attack combo so be sure to use this move whenever you can.

Lance - Damage Per Move

Motion values are still being confirmed in-game and damage per move written below is based on the Training Area.

Weapon Move Damage
Finishing Twin Thrust 68
Finishing Thrust 43
Reverse Attack 43
Counter-thrust 35
Jumping Thrust 26
High Thrust - Level III: 24
- Level II: 19
- Level I: 19
Mid Thrust - Level III: 24
- Level II: 18
- Level I: 18
Leaping Thrust 24
Advancing Jump Thrust 23
Cancel Thrust 19
Wide Sweep - Level III: 18
- Level II: 18
- Level I: 18
Guard Thrust 18
Shield Attack 12
Dash Attack 10 x No. of Hits

Lance - Basic Move List

Basic Move List

Button Move
Triangle Mid Thrust
Circle Wide Slash
Triangle+Circle Rising Slash
R2 Guard
R2+Circle Counter-Thrust
(After Counter-Thrust or when Guarding)
Power Guard
R2+L+Triangle Guard Dash
R2+Triangle+Circle Dash Attack
(While Dashing)
- Dash Step
- Dash Jump
- Dash Turn
(During Guard Dash)
Shield Attack
(During Guard Dash)
Leaping Thrust
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