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MHW: ICEBORNE | How To Use Sword And Shield Guide - Recommended Combos & Tips

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Check out this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide and walkthrough on how to use the weapon - Sword and Shield! Learn recommended combos, skills, play tips, & more!!!

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Should You Use Sword & Shield In Iceborne?

Depends Heavily On Your Clutch Claw Performance

Depends Heavily On Your Clutch Claw Performance

While you're be able to do more status damage with Leaping Slash, it can be hard to pull off with Sword & Shield's short reach. Master Rank is filled with swift and flying monsters, so your performance with clutch claw to close the distance will be crucial.

Sword & Shield Tips For Iceborne

Wound Monsters Using Clutch Claw

Wound Monsters Using Clutch Claw

By attacking the same part twice with clutch claw, it will become wounded and take additional damage. Wound monster weaknesses to bring it down faster.

Master Leaping Slash to Weaken Monsters Faster

Master Leaping Slash to Weaken Monsters Faster

Leaping Slash is the new Sword & Shield move that deals increased status damage. It also does increased damage if you press the buttons at the right time. Master Leaping Slash to induce status effects on monsters.

How To Do Leaping Slash

l2_l iconr2 iconsankaku iconsankaku iconsankaku icon

Sword & Shield Iceborne Weapon Changes

Easily Switch Between Slinger & Clutch Claw

Easily Switch Between Slinger & Clutch Claw

The Sword & Shield will be able to use both the Slinger & Clutch Claw while the weapon is unsheathed, allowing you to do both Clutch Claw attacks and Slinger Bursts.

Use Clutch Claw To Grab Flying Monsters

Use Clutch Claw To Grab Flying Monsters

With the use of the Clutch Claw, you can easily grab hold of monsters, especially flying ones, while sheathing or evading monster attacks. If you land the shot, you'll be able to attack the monster.

Practice Timing To Do Continuous Attacks

 Practice Timing To Do Continuous Attacks

With perfect timing & switching between Clutch Claw & Slinger Burst attacks, Sword & Shield users will be able to do continuous damage without a pause.

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Sword & Shield - Overview & Strengths

Only Weapon That Can Use Items Unsheathed

Only Weapon That Can Use Items Unsheathed

The Sword and Shield is unique in that it is the only weapon that can use items and slingers while it is unsheathed. This makes the Sword and Shield a versatile weapon that allows you to adapt in several situations!

Great As A Support Weapon

Since this weapon can use items while unsheathed, you can focus on using items to support your team during fights in multiplayer hunts. Equip the Skill "Wide Range" to maximize the effective range of items you use to support your team.

Sword & Shield - Recommended Combo List

4 Recommended Combos

Basic Rushing Combo

  • 1. Advancing Slash
  • 2. Short Shield Bash
  • 3. Chop
  • 4. Side Slash
  • 5. Lateral Slash
  • 6. Return Strike
sankaku icon+maru iconsankaku iconsankaku iconsankaku iconmaru iconmaru icon

This is the basic rushing combo for the Sword and Shield. After this combo, you can then perform a Backstep to evade, or use a Spiral Slash to change direction if the monster has moved.

Fixed Point Attack Combo

  • 1. Guard + Rising Slash
  • 2. Chop
  • 3. Horizontal Slash
  • 4. Return Slash
r2 icon+sankaku iconsankaku iconmaru iconmaru icon

This combo is most effective for monsters that aren't moving. It is short and sweet so that you will be able to perform Backsteps or Spiral Slashes if the monster decides to attack or move about.

Repositioning Combo

  • 1. Advancing Slash
  • 2. Lateral Slash
  • 3. Spiral Slash
  • 4. Thrust
  • 5. Lateral Slash
  • 6. Rinse and repeat
sankaku icon+maru iconmaru iconlstick icon+sankaku iconsankaku iconmaru icon

This combo transitions from rushing attacks to the Spiral Slash to allow you to change the direction of your combo without stopping it. This combo is very useful for following the monster's movements when it decides to move around.

Strong Attack Combo

  • 1. Chop
  • 2. Spiral Slash
  • 3. Thrust
  • 4. Lateral Slash
  • 5. Return Strike
sankaku iconlstick icon+sankaku iconsankaku iconmaru iconmaru icon

This combo incorporates the usefulness of the Spiral Slash with strong strikes. Great for monsters starting to weaken during the fight!

Combos To Remember

Mounting Or Falling Bash Combo

  • 1. Backstep
  • 2. Charged Slash
  • 3. Scaling Slash
  • 4. Jumping Slash or Falling Bash
lstick_d icon+maru iconmaru iconmaru iconsankaku iconormaru icon

This combo launches you up in the air and gives you some options on how to end it. Jumping Slash may allow you to mount the monster. Falling Bash deals a high amount of damage to the monster and some additional shockwave damage.

Shield Stun & Fall Bash Combo

  • 1. Shield Attack
  • 2. Shield Bash
  • 3. Hard Bash
  • 4. Backstep
  • 5. Charge Slash
  • 6. Scaling Slash
  • 7. Falling Bash
lstick icon+maru iconmaru iconmaru iconlstick_d icon+maru iconmaru iconmaru iconmaru icon

This hard-hitting combo deals an amount of stun damage with each hit to the monster's head. Using this combo will eventually allow you to knock down the monster for the whole team to focus their attacks on!

Sword & Shield - Recommended Skill List

Skills That Allow You To Support The Team

Items affect nearby allies in a much wider radius with a percentage of its efficacy
Speed Eating
Increases item use speed
Elemental Attack UpgradesIncreases the chance to apply status effects to monsters during fights
MushroomancerAllows mushrooms to be eaten. Gain buffs from eating mushrooms

The skills above will allow you to help support your team when fighting monsters. Having the Wide-Range and Speed Eating skill will allow for quick support since you do not need to sheathe your weapon when using items.

Sword & Shield - Gameplay Tips & Tricks

Keep An Eye On Your Team & Support

When fighting monsters with your team, it is recommended to keep an eye on your team. Check to see if anyone needs some quick healing, or needs to be cured from a status effect, and use your items to heal and get them back in the fight!

Compensate Low Damage With High Speed

Compensate Low Damage With High Speed

Compared to other weapons in the game, the Sword and Shield does less amounts of damage to its targets. However, it makes up for this with amazing speed and mobility, along its ability to chain together combos for an endless amounts of damage!

Can Easily Apply Status Effects

The Sword and Shield can easily apply status effects to monsters due to it's fast attack speed. Make sure to equip the correct Sword and Shield element to deal the maximum amount of damage to monsters when these status effects are applied.

Advancing & Spiral Slash Are Great Positioning Moves

Advancing & Spiral Slash Are Great Positioning Moves

The Sword and Shield allows you to easily reposition when fighting monsters. The Advancing Slash will allow you to close in on targets fairly quickly while the Spiral Slash will help you change the direction of your attacks if you're off the mark.

Advancing Slash To Spiral Slash Command

When sword is sheathed
lstick icon+sankaku iconsankaku icon+maru iconlstick icon+sankaku icon

You will redirect your Spiral Slash into the direction you are pushing the Lstick when performing the move. This allows you to change directions if you are off the mark without needing to stop the combo.

Backstep Is Handy For Evasion

Backstep Is Handy For Evasion

The Sword and Shield also possesses a backstep move that lets you step back a great distance to avoid getting damaged. During the backstep, you are also temporarily invulnerable, meaning you will not take damage from attacks that connect.

Backstep Precedes Powerful Attacks

Backstep Precedes Powerful Attack

Aside from evading incoming damage, the Backstep will allow you to perform a scaling slash which launches you up in the air. You can then do a jumping slash or falling bash each with their own unique properties.

Jumping Slash & Falling Bash Attacks

Jumping SlashWill give you the chance to mount the monster when performing the move
Falling BashHits multiple times. First hit will deal a massive amount of damage & next attack will deal high shockwave damage. This will not let you mount the monster

Sword & Shield - Basic Move List

Sword and Shield: Basic Move List

sankaku icon- Chop
- Side Slash
- Sword+Shield Combo
maru icon- Lateral Slash
- Return Stroke
- Roundslash
lstick icon+sankaku icon
sankaku icon+maru icon
Advancing Slash
lstick icon+maru iconShield Attack
After Shield Attack
maru icon
Shield Bash
After Shield Bash
maru icon
Hard Bash
lstick icon+sankaku icon
Spiral Slash
After Spiral Slash
lstick icon+sankaku icon
lstick_d icon+maru icon
During Backstep
maru icon
Charged Slash
After Charged Slash
maru icon
Scaling Slash
After Scaling Slash
sankaku icon
Jumping Slash
After Scaling Slash
maru icon
Falling Bash
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