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Skill Changes & New Skill in Iceborne

MHW: ICEBORNE | Skill Changes & New Skill in Iceborne

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Read this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide to know the updates & changes per skill in the Iceborne expansion! Including new skill, and more!!!

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Changes in Skills

Agitator Skill Changes

Lv Before After
1 Attack +4
Affinity 3%
Attack +4
Affinity 5%
2 Attack +8
Affinity 6%
Attack +8
Affinity 5%
3 Attack +12
Affinity 9%
Attack +12
Affinity 7%
4 Attack +16
Affinity 12%
Attack +16
Affinity 7%
5 Attack +20
Affinity 15%
Attack +20
Affinity 10%

Critical Eye Affinity Rate Changes

Lv Before After
1 3% 5%
2 6% 10%
3 10% 15%
4 15% 20%
5 20% 25%
6 25% 30%
7 30% 40%

Heroics Skill Attack & Defense Changes

Lv Before After
1 Attack +5%
Defense +15
Defense +50
2 Attack +10%
Defense +20
Attack +5%
Defense +50
3 Attack +15%
Defense +25
Attack +5%
Defense +100
4 Attack +20%
Defense +30
Attack +10%
Defense +100
5 Attack +30%
Defense +40
Attack +15%
Defense +100

Weakness Exploit Skill Affinity Rate Changes

Lv Before After(Wounded)
1 15% 10% (15%)
2 30% 15% (30%)
3 50% 30% (50%)

Maximum Might Changes

Lvl 1Affinity +10% when stamina is fullAffinity +10%
when stamina is full for 5 sec.
(Lasts 2 sec.)
Lvl 2Affinity +20% when stamina is fullAffinity +20%
when stamina is full for 5 sec.
(Lasts 3 sec.)
Lvl 3Affinity +30% when stamina is fullAffinity +30%
when stamina is full for 5 sec.
(Lasts 3 sec.)
Lvl 4-Affinity +40%
when stamina is full for 4 sec.(Lasts 4 sec.)
Lvl 5-Affinity +40%
when stamina is full(Lasts till stamina is used)

Effectiveness Lasts When Stamina Is Full

From Iceborne, Maximum Might comes effective when you hold full stamina for certain time. Effectiveness lasts even after stamina is used for few seconds.

Effectiveness Continues If Stamina Is Full

For example, Lvl 4 Maximum Might comes effective for 4 seconds after stamina is full for 4 seconds. After it became effective for 4 seconds, it will deactivate when you use stamina. If you don't consume stamina after its effectiveness, the skill will last as before.

Lvl 5 is same as before

Lvl 5 Maximum Might effectiveness is same as before, becoming effective right after stamina is full.

Other Skills Which Changed

Skill Changes
Poison Resistance Previously this skill shortened the time you took poison damage, but not it extends the intervals between when you can receive poison damage
Stun Resistance Reduces stun duration even further
Lvl 1: 30% → 60%
Lvl 2: 60% → 90%
Hunger Resistance Time before stamina cap reduction increased even more
Lvl 1: 30% → 50%
Lvl 2: 60% → 100%
Iron Skin Reduces Defense Down status even more
Lvl 1: 30% → 50%
Lvl 2: 60% → 75%
Blight Resistance Reduces the duration of all elemental blights even more
Lvl 1: 30% → 50%
Lvl 2: 60% → 75%
Entomologist When slaying small insects, it will become easier to carve materials from them
Tool Specialist Reduces the cooldown time on tools even more
Lvl 1: 5% → 10%
Lvl 2: 10% → 20%
Lvl 3: 20% → 30%
Stealth Makes it even more likely for the monster to lose sight of the player
Dungmaster Makes it even more likely that a monster will leave an area after being hit by a dung pod
Blindsider Increases the effective range of flash attacks
Affinity Sliding Skill effect activates sooner and duration is increased
Poison Duration Up Poison duration increased even more
Airborne Jumping attack power is increased even more
Lvl 1: 10% → 30%
Item Prolonger Even more items are now affected by this skill (Demon Powder, Hardshell Powder, Hot Drinks, Cool Drinks)
Critical Status When critical hit occurs with the Great Sword, Hammer, Hunting Horn, or Heavy Bowgun, the abnormal status effect scaling is improved even further
Critical Element When a critical hit occurs, the elemental scaling is improved even further.
Non-elemental Boost Maximum increased attack power is lower
Lvl 1: 10% → 5%
Defense Boost At Lvl 3 & above, defense of the equipment equipped is increased 5%-10% even more depending on the level of the skill
Heavy Artillery Attack power for ballistae, cannons, etc. is increased even more
Lvl 1: 10% → 50%
Lvl 2: 20% → 100%
Slugger Makes it even easier to stun monsters
Lvl 1 Stun Power: 10% → 20%
Lvl 2 Stun Power: 20% → 30%
Lvl 3 Stun Power: 30% → 40%
Stamina Thief Further increases the ability of certain attacks to exhaust monsters
Lvl 1 Exhaust Power: 10% → 20%
Lvl 2 Exhaust Power: 20% → 30%
Lvl 3 Exhaust Power: 30% → 40%
Survival Expert
(Sporepuff Expert)
Sporepuffs and Thawpuffs give the players extra health upon use
Lvl 1: 20 - 50 HP
Lvl 2: 35 - 80 HP
Lvl 3: 60 - 100 HP
Cliffhanger Stamina use has reduced, and now works while grappling via Clutch Claw
Stamina use reduction changed from 25% → 50%
Razor Sharp/Spare Shot Rate of ammo or coatings not being used has been reduced
Agitator Affinity rate while skill is activated has been changed
Weakness Exploit Normal affinity percentage decreased. Bonus affinity added when wounding a weak point, or wounding a body part and turning it into a weak point using the clutch claw's weapon attack. (the number in parentheses indicates total affinity after the bonus is added)
Critical Eye Affinity increased even more
Heroics Improved defense on activation, and bonus attack power decreased
Aquatic/Polar Mobility
(Aquatic Expert)
In addition to water, this skill now applies to areas with deep snow
Fortify Fixed an issue where effects would continue during an expedition, and now the duration limit is 50 minutes (max value and number of times it can be used have not changed)
Maximum Might This now activates when stamina is at its maximum for several seconds. After activation, if stamina is used, the effects will continue for a few seconds
Flinch Free When 3 extracts have been gathered by the Kinsect, knockback reduction is improved even more
Protective Polish Added a flickering effect to the icon to notify when the effect is about to expire
Horn Maestro Lvl 2 is added
Element Attack Lvl 6 is added and effectiveness increased

New Skills In Iceborne

Offensive Guard

Attack increases for certain time when you guard monsters attack in timely manner. Guard timing is not so tough so using this skill with weapon which uses guard often such as lance will match.

Skill Detail

Lvl 1Attack +5%
Lvl 2Attack +10%
Lvl 3Attack +15%

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