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Barioth - Weakness & Tips
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Barioth - Weakness & Tips

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Check Out How To Beat New Frostfang Barioth!

Check out this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide on how to beat Barioth! This includes its moves, weaknesses, material drops, recommended loadout, armor, hunting tips, and more!!!

Barioth - Monster Info

Barioth - Weapon / Armor Info

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Barioth - Tips & Tricks

Barioth Overview

Barioth - Tips & Tricks

With fangs as long as swords, Barioth is a ruthless predator that has thrived in the cold grounds of Hoarfrost Reach. An extremely agile monster, it deals ice damage with its ice breath & can summon mini tornadoes from the ground.

Preparing For Barioth

Bring A Fire Element Weapon

As an ice-elemental monster, Barioth's biggest weakness is fire. Bring along a fire element weapon to do the most damage with every hit.

Gear Up With Ice Resistance

Although not all of Barioth's attacks have Ice Damage, its Ice Breath lingers and can easily hit players as they try to dodge other attacks. Having Ice Resistance will at least lessen its damage.

Barioth - Weakness & Effective Damage Type

Barioth - Weakness & Effective Damage Type
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The Barioth has 3 weak spots: Its head, forelimbs, and tail. All these areas can also be broken.

Effective Damage Type Per Weak Spot

Part Severe Blunt Ammo

Elemental Affinity Reference Chart


Status Effect Resistance Chart


Barioth - Recommended Loadout

Recommended Elemental Weapons

Fire weapons will do the most damage against Barioth
If you don't have a Fire Weapon, a Thunder Weapon can be a nice replacement.

Recommended Skills

SkillRecommendation Criteria
PartbreakerIncreases part damage to quickly destroy different parts of the monster during the first phase
Ice ResistanceReduces ice damage when hit by Barioth's attacks
WindproofNegates wind pressure, preventing knockback from strong gusts of air
EarplugsUse the monster's roar as an opportunity to attack

Best Specialized Tools

ToolRecommendation Criteria
Temporal MantleTemporal MantleRecommended to bring this mantle as it can allow you avoid potentially deadly attacks
Rocksteady MantleRocksteady MantleEliminates damage reactions, prevents wind effects, protects your hearing, and grants tremor resistance. You also receive less damage from attacks
Evasion MantleEvasion MantleIncreases the invulnerability window while evading and grants a temporary attack boost for evading a monster attack at the very last moment
Iceproof MantleIceproof MantleReduces ice damage and nullifies iceblight.

Barioth - Moves & Counters

Lunge Forward The Barioth will lunge forward and do a series of swiping attacks. Move to the side to avoid these hits
Ice Breath (Tornado)Barioth unleashes an ice breath that forms a tornado that lasts for a few seconds. Can do this both on the ground or while in the air
Tail SwipeSwipes its tail to the side in a wide arc. Can inflict Iceblight when enraged
Jump Slam Jumps up and slams down on Hunter. Dodge to the side to keep from getting pinned down
Aerial Dive Flies up and dives down towards a Hunter. Keep mobile and move away from the monster to avoid damage
Hip Check Uses its body weight to tackle targets from its shoulder. Roll backwards to avoid this

Becomes Less Dangerous the More Parts are Broken

Barioth actually starts to tumble and fall when its parts are broken. Break the arms to hits it mobility, its head for ice attacks, and severe its tail to shorten its attack range.

Break Arms To Stop From Wall Climbing

Aim to Break the Forearms

When in icy caves, the Barioth will climb walls and jump to attack. If you want to prevent this, break the extruding bones on its forelimbs so it won't have anything to grapple the walls with.

Flash Monster While In The Air

Flash while in the Air

While in the air, you can flash the Barioth to make it fall down to the ground and incapacitate it. This will also cancel any of its attacks while airborne.

Keep Moving Away in Closed Spaces

Keep Moving Away in Closed Spaces

The Barioth will grab on to walls and jump behind to attack. It's important for hunters to keep track of its position at all times and move away immediately when it changes positions.

Barioth Weapons & Armor

Barioth Weapons List

WeaponMaterials Needed
Ambertooth II
(Long Sword)
- Obsydian Ice Talon x 2
- Amber Hardfang x 3
Barioth Greatspike x 3, Large Wyvern Gem x 1
(Sword & Shield)
- Velkhana Harclaw x 2
- Barioth Hardclaw x 4
- Amber Hardfang x 2
- Large Elder Dragon Bone x 5
Glacial Bash II
- Obsidian Icetalon x 2
- Amber Hardfang x 3
- Barioth Greatspike x 3
Large Wyvern Gem x 1
- Velkhana Hardclaw x 2
- Barioth Hardclaw x 4
- Amber Hardfang x 2
- Large Elder Dragon Bone x 2
- Velkhana Hardclaw x 2
- Barioth Harclaw x 4
- Amber Hardfang x 2
- Large Elder Dragon Bone x 5
Amber Hoarfrost
(Switch Axe)
- Velkhana Hardclaw x 2
- Barioth Hardclaw x 4
- Amber Hardfang x 2
- Large Elder Dragon Bone x 5
Icicle Assault II
(Heavy Bowgun)
- Obsidian Icetalon x 2
- Amber Hardfang x 3
- Batioth Greatspike x 3
- Large Wyven Gem x 1
Icicle Blizzard II
- Obsidian Icetalon x 2
- Amber Hardfang x 3
- Batioth Greatspoke x 3
- Large Wyvern Gem x 1

Master Rank Barioth α + & β + Armor Set

ArmorMaterials Needed
Barioth Helm α + & β +- Barioth Thickfure x 2
- Amber Hardfang x 1
- Barioth Greatspike x 3
- Wulg Thickfur x 2
Barioth Mail α + & β +- Batioth Thickfure x 2
- Barioth Cortex x 2
- Barioth Hardclaw x 1
- Frozen Bone x 2
Bation Vambraces α + & β +- Barioth Thickfur x 2
- Barioth Cortex x 1
- Barioth Lash x 1
- Tough Claw x 3
Barioth Faulds α + & β +- Barioth Thickfure x 2
- Barioth Cortex x 2
- Barioth Greatspike x 2
- Wulg Thickfur x 2
Barioth Greaves α + & β +- Barioth Thickfure x 2
- Amber Hardfang x 2
- Barioth Hardclaw x 1
- Large Wyvern Gem x 1

Barioth - Breakable Parts & Material Drops List

Breakable Parts & Body Carves List

Head BrokenAmber Hardfang
Tail CarvedBarioth Lash
Large Wyvern Gem
Spike BrokenBarioth Hardclaw
Dropped MaterialBarioth Greatspike
Body CarveBarioth Cortex
Barioth Thickfur
Barioth Hardclaw
Barioth Greatspike
Barioth Lash
Large Wyvern Gem

Quest & Capture Rewards List

Complete QuestBarioth Thickfur
Barioth Cortex
Barioth Hardclaw
Barioth Lash
Barioth Greatspike
Large Wyvern Gem
Cryo Sac

Barioth Guiding Lands Material List

Non-Tempered Coldblooded Icefang
Tempered Tempered Icefang

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