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Read this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide on how to beat Safi'jiiva! This includes its moves, weaknesses, material drops, recommended loadout and armor, hunting tips, & more!!!

Safi'jiiva- Monster Info

Safi'jiiva- Weapon / Armor Info

Safi'jiiva (All Levels) - Tips & Tricks

Essential Tips When Fighting In All Levels

  • Ready up and use consumables to increase Defense
  • Use Clutch once to wound
  • Can Clutch Claw again Safi'jiiva recovers
  • Break parts to make it more vulnerable to attacks
  • Attack unbroken parts
  • Do not lose Safi'jiiva's attention
  • Use Lifepowder to heal grabbed teammates

Increase Defense With Consumable Items

Increase Defense With Consumable Items

Safi'jiiva has quick and powerful attacks that can easily catch Hunters off guard. Make sure to use items that boost your defense before starting this fight.

Use Clutch Claw To Deal Damage

Use Clutch Claw

When fighting against Safi'jiiva, players can make use of the Clutch Claw once to deal significant damage. As it has hard scales, dealing damage using this method is an effective way to wound it & break its parts. Take advantage of this by using weapons that can use Clutch Claw twice.

Check Out The Clutch Claw Guide Here

Wound With Clutch Again After Healing

Will Heal Itself Throughout the Fight

You can again inflict wounds on Safi'jiiva after it has used its recover move. Just be sure that it has already recovered so as not to waste the Clutch Attack.

Will Not Stop Even When Flashed

While it recovers, Flash Pods have no effect on Safi'jiiva. Instead, try to use this moment to attack Safi'jiiva in full force to lessen the effects of its healing.

Use The Clutch Claw To Cling

Once it stops recovering, Safi'jiiva will release a gush of wind that can render players immobile. If you used Clutch Claw & are hanging onto Safi'jiiva during this time, you won't be able to feel the effects of the wind. Hang onto it while its recovering to immediately deal damage to wound it again.

Break All The Parts

Requires Wounding to Weaken Tough Hide

The more Safi'jiiva parts you break, the better the rewards become. Because of this, try to continuously attack specific body parts until they break. It is recommended to use the skill "Partbreaker" for this.

Safi'jiiva Parts To Prioritize

Priority LevelPart
HighIf Melee: Forelegs, Hindlegs
If Ranged: Wings, Back
MidIf Melee: Tail
If Ranged: Head

Attack Unbroken Parts

Siege Objectives can be fulfilled until Safi'jiiva has been defeated. As they are carried over in your next plays, they are not counted even if you break them in your second run. Try to satisfy all the objectives by breaking other parts in your next playthroughs.

Effective Weapons & Breakable Parts

SeverForelegs, Chest, Tail
BluntHead, Hindlegs
AmmoWings, Back

Do Not Lose Safi'jiiva's Attention

Starting in Level 2, Safi'jiiva will start to focus on a single hunter. Depending on the actions of the targeted hunter, the focus can change & shift to other players. Failing to maintain Safi'jiiva's attention will enrage it.

Actions That Break Safi'jiiva's Focus

FaintingLosing all HP from damage and fainting
Returning to Base CampUsing Farcaster in the middle of the fight
Low damage dealt from the targetTargeted hunter has failed to deal enough damage to maintain Safi'jiiva's attention

Will Change Targets When Knocked Down

You can alter the target of Safi'jiiva by knocking it down. You can do this to help the targeted ally recover from the monster's relentless attacks. However, note that you can only change its focus this once per target.

Use Lifepowder To Support Allies

Help your teammates recover by bringing & using Lifepowder. Use it to help targeted allies. You can also use it to support allies immobilized by Safi'jiiva's grab attack.

Safi'jiiva (Level 1) - Tips & Tricks

Essential Tips When Fighting In Level 1

  • Can Be Restrained with Environmental Trap
  • Use falling rocks to lessen energy
  • Will move once energy runs out

Can Be Restrained with Environmental Trap

restraining the red dragon

The outer edges of the spawn area of Safi'jiiva can be used to restrain it and hold it in place for a large amount of time. Using a Flinch Shot, you can steer Safi'jiiva & make it fall into one of the Environmental Traps in the area. This is the only trap that will affect Safi'jiiva.

Use Falling Rocks To Lessen Energy

Use Rocks To Deal Damage

You can make use of the 2 rocks dangling on the ceiling to inflict a significant damage on Safi'jiiva. You can use Stones or any projectile to easily trigger them. Just make sure Safi'Jiiva is underneath it.

Will Descend Once Energy Runs Out

Go to a lower level once energy runs out

Safi'jiiva will go to a lower level once the energy in this area has run out. Recover and ready up with your team before descending further.

Safi'jiiva (Level 2) - Tips & Tricks

Essential Tips When Fighting In Level 2

  • Continue inflicting damage and breaking its parts
  • Safi'jiiva will start focusing its attack on a single hunter
  • Has a One-Hit Kill attack
  • Once energy runs out, Safi'jiiva will again descend to Level 3

Continue Wounding & Breaking Its Parts

In Level 2, continue to focus on attacking and breaking Safi'jiiva's parts. Do note that it can again use its recovery move to patch up and heal its wounded parts.

Can Focus Attention On A Single Hunter

Can Focus Attention On A Single Hunter

In Level 2, Safi'jiiva will start focusing its attack on a single hunter. When enraged, it will target the hunter with the highest amount of damage dealt.

Targeted Hunter Should Continue Attacking

The targeted player can maintain Safi'jiiva's aggro by continuing the offensive. This allows the team to focus on hitting Safi'jiiva, but also note that a focused Safi'jiiva is more likely to consume energy faster.

Changing Targets Will Make It More Aggressive

If the targeted hunter fails to continue attracting Safi'jiiva's attention, Safi'jiiva will become more aggressive and will be more difficulty to manage. To prevent this, assign the role of being the "bait" to an aggressive and more experienced player.

Target Can Be Changed

Safi'jiiva's rage can be redirected to another hunter by using a Clutch Claw and hitting it with Slinger Burst. However, it can only change its target once every time it focuses on a hunter. Also, hitting it with Slinger Burst will cause it to close one of its eyes.

Has A One-Hit Kill Attack

Eclipse Meteor Attack Safi

Once you descend to the lower level, Safi'jiiva will use an attack similar to that of Behemoth's Eclipse Meteor. It is very damaging and can kill hunters in one shot. Use the stone pillars scattered around the field to protect yourself from this attack. Try to hide once it flies up and prepares to use this attack.

No Escape Even With Farcasters & Temporal Mantle

During Safi'jiiva's ultimate attack, you won't be able to use Farcasters to return back to base. Also note that Temporal Mantles are ineffective against dodging the attack.

Will Again Descend Once Energy Runs Out

Like in Level 1, Safi'jiiva will again move deeper once its energy is exhausted. Take this time to rest up and reequip with your team before following it down.

Safi'jiiva (Level 3) - Tips & Tricks

Essential Tips When Fighting In Level 3

  • Very vulnerable in its critical state
  • Use the Gas to deal damage
  • One-Hit kill attack can destroy cover

Easier To Damage When Weakened

In Level 3, Safi'jiiva will be in its critical state. Its whole body will glow white, making it vulnerable to attacks, especially to its chest. The conditions are yet unclear as to how to trigger this state, but maintaining its focus aggro state for a prolonged period of time increases the chances of triggering critical state.

Removes One-Hit Attack

In its critical state, Safi'jiiva will be unable to use its Sapphire of the Emperor, its one-hit kill attack. Take advantage of this by going full force on the offensive!

Use The Gas To Damage

Use Gasses To Damage

In Level 3, you can use the gas in certain spots to create an explosion that would deal 1000 damage to Safi'jiiva. Use its focus and aggro on a player to draw it to these positions.

Can Destroy Rocks With Its One-Hit Move

Staying safe and using the rocks to protect yourself from the one-hit kill attack won't work in Level 3 as it destroys the surrounding rocks. However, the rocks are plentiful in this area and you can also use consumables to stave-off the damage and survive.

Safi'jiiva- Weakness & Effective Damage Type

SpeciesTemperedBreakable Parts
???-Head, Forelegs, Hindlegs, Back, Wings, Chest, Tail (Severable)
RoarWind PressureTremor
Lv 5

Elemental Weaknesses

Safi'jiiva has three weak spots: its head, forelegs, and wings. Safi'jiiva's chest, back, and hind legs are breakable.

Effective Damage Type Per Weak Spot


Use Your Weapon Effectively!

Maximize your weapon's damage by using it on Safi'jiiva's weak spots. As this monster has very hard scales, hitting it where it hurts is highly recommended.

Elemental Affinity Reference Chart


() Effectiveness of Elderseal!!!

Hit The Red Scales W/ Elementals For More Damage

Deal greater damage by attacking Safi'jiiva's red parts with elemental damage. As the white parts have a high resistance to elements, hitting the red parts are your best bet in defeating it.

Status Effect Resistance Chart


Damaging Safi'jiiva with status ailments is a viable tactic. Poison, Sleep, Paralysis, and Blast are all effective against it. Poison and Blast are recommended as Poison continuously deals 100 damage and Blast deals 600 damage whenever it triggers.

Mounting Is Effective

It is possible to mount Safi'jiiva to deal tremendous damage and knock it down for a few seconds. What makes this time different is that, mounting Safi'jiiva will immediately trigger the finisher. Use this effectively and try to mount as much as possible.

Item Weakness & Resistance Chart

Flash Pod
Shock Trap×
Pitfall Trap×
Vine Trap
Dung Pod×
Screamer Pod×
Tinged Meat×

Flash Pods are effective against Safi'jiiva. However, it is only effective for a very short duration of time. Use it to buy you time to recover.

Location & Spawn Areas

MapSpawn AreaResting Place
Secluded Valley1???

Safi'jiiva - Recommended Loadout

"Partbreaker" Is A Must!

Breaking Safi'jiiva's parts makes it more vulnerable to attacks. Equip "Partbreaker" to effectively and quickly go through its defenses. Also note that you can get more rewards for broken parts!

Poison & Blast Are Very Effective

Safi'jiiva is weak against both Poison and Blast. As Blast deals a constant 600 damage, use weapons with high blast damage to easily whittle down Safi'jiiva's high HP.

Bring Poison Smoke Bombs

You can use Poison Smoke Bombs to inflict Poison status on Safi'jiiva. This slowly saps its strength and does not require you to bring Poison weapons to the fight.

Recommended Skills

SkillRecommendation Criteria
Health BoostBeneficial no matter which weapon is used since it will help you survive its attacks better
PartbreakerHelps in easily and quickly breaking Safi'jiiva's parts
EarplugsResist Safi'jiiva's roars
Stun ResistancePrevents stun when getting hit Safi'jiiva multiple times
Blast AttackUse this skill to have a greater chance of inflicting Blast
Poison AttackAdds poison damage to your weapon or increases your weapon's poison damage

Best Specialized Tools

ToolTool Effect
Temporal MantleTemporal MantleRecommended to bring as it allows you to avoid potentially deadly attacks
Evasion mantleEvasion MantleExtends the invulnerability window during evasion
Rocksteady MantleRocksteady Mantle Reduces damage from attacks and negates scream, wind, & tremor effects to an extent

Safi'jiiva - Moves & Counters

Claw SwipeUses its front claw to swipe at its front
Quick LaserA laser attack with a short windup
Straight LaserSafi'jiiva blows a straight laser in front of it. Hard to evade especially if you're directly at its front
Wide LaserSafi'jiiva slowly brushes the field with a wide arc using its laser breath. Has a chance to do it for a second time
Explosive LaserBreathes down on the ground, leaving it radiated. The ground will explode after a couple of seconds
Direct LaserSafi'jiiva will catch one of the hunters with its mouth and will directly fire a laser unto the unfortunate hunter
Front ChargeRushes forward, swinging its head wildly
Tail BashSwings down its tail
Fire SwipeClaws at the ground in front it then summons fire
Sapphire of the Emperor
(Can One-Hit Kill)
Safi'jiiva rises up in the air and fills the whole area with fire before releasing a devastating laser attack

Roll Towards Safi'jiiva During Claw Swipes

When Safi'jiiva does any of its front claw attack, roll towards its body to avoid it. Moving away from it can put you at risk of getting hit.

Multiple Breath Attacks

Multiple Breath attacks

Safi'jiiva can perform multiple breath/laser attacks. It has a tendency to use them whenever its target is far away or is in a hard to get place. Take a good look on where its head is located to you can dodge most of its lasers.

Go Behind Crags & Pillars During Devastating Laser Attack

Go Behind Crags During Devastating Laser Attack

The only way to survive Safi'jiiva's devastating laser attack is by hiding behind the crags in the arena. Make sure you're at the side opposite of where Safi'jiiva is.

Use The Rocks Against Sapphire of the Emperor

sapphire of the emperor

In Level 2, Safi'jiiva can use a very devastating breath attack to wipe out your whole team. Use the rocks scattered around the area to cover yourself from these attacks.

Use Lifepowder To Heal Grabbed Teammates

Sometimes, Safi'jiiva will grab teammates and attack them with a direct laser to the body, dealing a significant amount of damage. You can counteract this by using a Lifepowder near your teammate to lessen the damage.

Use Boulders to Break Safi'jiiva's Parts

There are 2 boulders in the area where you fight Safi'jiiva. Make sure to account for the delay when shooting it to be able to hit Safi'jiiva and possibly break its parts.

How To Lower Energy Levels

Lowering Energy Levels Is Key In Winning The Fight!

how to lower energy levels

In the fight against Safi'jiiva, each level has a gauge that denotes how much energy it currently has. The lower it is, the faster Safi'jiiva will escape to the lower levels. The first few fights will be long as each gauge is full, but the gauge is lowered the more you fight Safi'jiiva, carrying over your progress in the next fight.

How To Decrease Energy Levels

  • Use the environment to damage Safi'jiiva (Falling rocks, etc.)
  • Maintain Safi'jiiva's aggro to cause it to use energy-consuming attacks
  • Fight with Elderseal weapons

Maintain Safi'jiiva's Aggro

Maintain Safi

When Safi'jiiva is focused only on one hunter, it is more likely to use moves that consume a lot of energy. Keep your team's targeted hunter alive and have Safi'jiiva drain all of the energy!

Elderseal Is Effective

Hitting Safi'jiiva with Elderseal imbued weapons will consume its stored energy, forcing it to absorb more energy in a level. Bring Elderseal weapons to hasten the fight!

Energy Levels Are Shared

Energy Levels in the Secluded Valley are shared among all of the present party members in the Gathering Hub. The more people, the lower the energy levels become.

Safi'jiiva Quest Rewards

Get Awakened Weapons From The Urgent Quest!

Get Awakened Weapons

After defeating Safi'jiiva, everyone who participated in the quest can receive Awakened Weapons and Dracolites as rewards. Just talk to the Gathering Hub Lass after the battle to claim your rewards.

Check Out How To Get & Upgrade Awakened Weapons

(!) Weapon Rewards Are Limited

Limited Number of Tries

The number of times you can pick from the weapon rewards after defeating Safi'jiiva is limited. There is also no way of returning weapons that you have already chosen. Take care not to rush to push the "Confirm" button quickly!

Check Out Best Awakened Weapons To Pick!

Craft Materials For Safi'jiiva Armor


You can craft Safi'jiiva's Armor Set using the materials you have gained from either breaking its parts or defeating it. The armor has a cool gimmick as it changes it appearance when your weapon is drawn!

Check Out Safi'jiiva Armor Here

Get Dracolite As Reward

Get Dracolite As Reward

Defeating Safi'jiiva also nets you and your team some Dracolites. Dracolites are the required materials to upgrade Awakened Weapons.

Check Out The Dracolite Farming Guide Here

Higher Reward Level = Better Rewards

Your performance in the fight against Safi'jiiva dictates what kind of rewards you can get after defeating it. This affects the rarity and the quantity of the loot. Even if you clear the mission quickly, as long as the Reward Level is low, you won't get any good rewards.

How To Raise Reward Level

There are multiple ways you can raise your points to get good rewards in defeating Safi'jiiva. As breaking its parts increases your score, it is recommended to bring the Partbreaker to easily break Safi'jiiva's parts.

Actions That Increase Your Reward Level

Complete the quest500
Induce Critical State on Safi'jiiva30
Reach Level 215
Reach Level 320
Absorb Energy in Level 115
Absorb Energy in Level 220
Absorb Energy in Level 325
Exhaust Energy in Level 180
Exhaust Energy in Level 2100
Exhaust Energy in Level 3120
Break Safi'jiiva's back100
Break Safi'jiiva's right wing100
Break Safi'jiiva's left wing100
Break Safi'jiiva's right hind leg20
Break Safi'jiiva's left hind leg20
Break Safi'jiiva's right foreleg20
Break Safi'jiiva's left foreleg20
Sever Safi'jiiva's tail120
Break Safi'jiiva's head20
Break all of Safi'jiiva's parts180

Safi'jiiva Quests & How To Unlock

How To Get "The Red Dragon" Quest

Requires Version 12.00 and above

1Trigger its appearance by going to the Volcanic Region of the Guiding Lands
2Speak with the Seeker in Seliana, the one indicated with a (!)
3Clear the quest "Across the Lost Path"
4Speak with the Seeker in Seliana, the one indicated with a (!)
5Do the special recon mission "Point of No Return"
6Speak with the Seeker in Seliana, the one indicated with a (!)
7Receive "The Red Dragon" quest
Check Out How To Unlock Safi'jiiva Here

Safi'jiiva Quests

Quest TypeQuest Name
Recon MissionMR6 Point of No Return
Urgent MissionMR6 The Red Dragon

Safi'jiiva Weapons & Armor

Get Safi'jiiva Weapons As Quest Rewards

Safi'jiiva weapons are not craftable but are received as rewards by completing the siege quest. Depending on your performance and rewards levels, you'll be able to pick from 2-5 weapons.

Check Out Safijiiva Weapons List Here!

Safi'jiiva α + & β + Armor Set

ArmorMaterials Needed
Safi Crested Crown α + & β +- Safi'jiiva Hardhorn x 3
- Safi'jiiva Shard x 4
- Safi'jiiva Fellwing x 1
- Zionium Crystal x 1
Safi Crested Chest α + & β +- Safi'jiiva Cortex x 6
- Safi'jiiva Hardclaw x 4
- Pulsing Dragonshell x 5
- Deviljho Crook x 1
Safi Crested Vambraces α + & β +- Safi'jiiva Shard x 7
- Safi'jiiva Cortex x 6
- Pulsing Dragonshell x 1
- Zinogre Skymerald x 1
Safi Crested Belt α + & β +- Safi'jiiva Shard x 7
- Safi'jiiva Cortex x 6
- Safi'jiiva Hardhorn x 5
- Velkhana Crystal x 1
Safi Crested Boots α + & β +- Safi'jiiva Cortex x 6
- Safi'jiiva Fellwing x 4
- Safi'jiiva Lash x 3
- Large Elder Dragon Gem x 1

Safi'jiiva - Breakable Parts & Material Drops List

Breakable Parts & Body Carves List

Break HeadSafi'jiiva Hardhorn
Zionium Crystal
Break BackPulsing Dragonshell
Break ChestPulsing Dragonshell
Break ForelegsSafi'jiiva Hardclaw
Break HindlegsSafi'jiiva Hardclaw
Break WingsSafi'jiiva Fellwing
Carve TailSafi'jiiva Lash
Zionium Crystal
Body CarveSafi'jiiva Cortex
Safi'jiiva Shard
Safi'jiiva Hardclaw
Safi'jiiva Lash
Safi'jiiva Fellwing
Zionium Crystal

Quest & Capture Rewards List

Complete QuestSafi'jiiva Cortex
Safi'jiiva Shard
Pulsing Dragonshell
Safi'jiiva Fellwing
Safi'jiiva Hardclaw
Safi'jiiva Hardhorn
Zionium Crystal

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