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How to Beat Deviljho - Tips and Recommended Gear

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Read this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide on how to defeat Deviljho. Learn Deviljho's weaknesses, recommended loadout, hunting tips, its moves and how to counter them!!!

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Deviljho - Tips and Tricks

Aim For Deviljho's Weak Spot - Its Head

Aim For Deviljho

The Deviljho's main weak spot is its head. Hitting its head with blunt damage makes it prone to stunning, allowing you to deal free hits on it.

Cut Tail To Lessen Tail Whip Hit Box

Cut Tail To Lessen Tail Whip Hit Box

When hunting the Deviljho, focus your fire on its long and wide tail. Cutting it off early in the fight will reduce the tail swipe move's hit box, making it easier for you to draw near to it.

Hit Legs To Trip Deviljho

Hit Legs To Trip Deviljho

Since Deviljho is pretty tall, if your weapon is short-ranged it's best to focus on Deviljho's legs to trip him. When he trips, he'll be open for attack from all party members.

Use Status Effects & Items To Lower HP

When fighting against Deviljho, it's best to bring Poison Ammo or Knives to inflict status effects on the monster. It is also vulnerable against items such as Tinged Meat & Flash Pods and traps such as Shock Trap & Pitfall Trap.

Can Still Damage You When In Pitfall Trap

Be careful when trapping Deviljho as it can still damage you when it falls into a Pitfall Trap. If you want to capture it, be sure to use the Tranq Bomb away from its face.

Turf War With Bazelgeuse Can Heavily Damage Deviljho

When a Bazelgeuse is in the same area as the Deviljho, try to incite a Turf War between them. This can deal a great amount of damage on both monsters, possibly giving you an advantage in the hunt.

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Deviljho - Weak Spots & Effective Damage Type

Deviljho - Weak Spots & Effective Damage Type
Area Description
The head will be scratched and torn up
Chest will have scratches

The Deviljho has 2 known weak spots - its head and chest area. These are both breakable and are prone to all types of weapon damage.

Effective Damage Type Per Weak Spot

Part Sever Blunt Ammo
Head ★★★ ★★★ ★★★
Chest ★★★ ★★★ ★★★

Deviljho - Element & Item Weaknesses

Elemental Affinity Reference Chart


Status Effect Resistance Chart


Item Weakness & Resistance Chart

Item Effectiveness
Flash Pod
Shock Trap
Pitfall Trap
Vine Trap
Dung Pod
Screamer Pod
Tinged Meat
Check Out Deviljho Monster Info Here!

Deviljho - Recommended Loadout

Recommended Elemental Weapons

The Deviljho is weak against Thunder & Dragon weapons, be sure to bring these during the hunt
Deviljho also has weaker resistances to Fire & Water elements

Recommended Skills

SkillRecommendation Criteria
(Lvl 5)
This prevents you from being stunned during Deviljho's long roars.
Tremor Resistance Prevents you staggering from Deviljho's stomp attacks.
Blight Resistance Reduces chance of Deviljho's Dragonblight affecting you.
Evade Window Increases evade invulnerability to counteract Deviljho's large hit box.

Recommended Items

MHW FLASH POD Flash Pod Stuns monster for a few seconds with flash of light
MHW Dung Pod Dung Pod Repels monsters and moves them to another area
MHW Nulberry Nulberry Cures different status blights
MHW Adamant Seed Adamant Seed Raises defense & negates Defense Down status effect
MHW Tinged Meat Tinged Meat Paralyzes monsters when eaten
MHW Drugged Meat Drugged Meat Makes monsters that eat this meat fall asleep

Implement Status Effects On Deviljho & Prevent Blights

The Deviljho is prone to status effects and can be baited to eat both Tinged & Drugged Meat, giving players opportunities to attack the monster. Nulberries and Adamant Seeds are recommended to counteract the monster's Dragonblight & Defense Down status effects.

Best Specialized Tools

ToolTool Effect
Rocksteady Mantle Rocksteady Mantle Reduces damage from attacks. Negates scream, wind, & tremor effects to an extent.
Evasion Mantle Evasion Mantle Increases invincibility window when dodging.
Dragonproof Mantle Dragonproof Mantle Reduces damage taken from Dragon element attacks.
Affinity BoosterAffinity BoosterPlaces a smoker that increases affinity.

Deviljho - Moves & Counters

Bite Bites you with its mouth. Can inflict Defense Down status effect. Dodge to avoid getting bitten.
Big Tackle A large body tackle that covers a wide area. Move to the left to avoid damage.
Tail Swing Swings its body & tail around. Keep distance or dodge away.
Jump Attack Long jump from another area. It's best to roll away to avoid taking damage.
Rock Throw Picks rock up from ground and throws it at you. Just dodge when rock will hit you.
Ground Bite Bites the ground. Roll away to avoid getting bitten.
Counter Attack When attacking the Deviljho, it will counter attack you when it lowers its head on the ground. Dodge or roll away so you won't get hit.
Dragon Breath Sends Dragon-element breath around in front. Keep behind to not get hit by the breath.
Foot Stomp Stomps the ground & can inflict ground tremors that stagger you. Dodge away to avoid getting stunned.
Swings Monster Around Swings monster in its mouth onto the ground and to the side. Keep distance to avoid the attack.
Throws Monster Deviljho tosses the monster in its mouth towards you. Dodge to the side to keep safe.

Bites Can Affect You With Defense Down

Bites Can Affect You With Defense Down

The Deviljho's bite is deadly as it can inflict you with the Defense Down status effect. This lowers your defense, making you vulnerable to the rest of Deviljho's heavy physical attacks.

Eat Adamant Seed To Remove Defense Down

To remove the Defense Down status effect, consume an Adamant Seed. This will return your defense to normal levels.

Has Powerful Jumps & Tackles

Has Powerful Jumps & Tackles

The Deviljho has very strong body tackles and jumps that can easily bring your HP bar down. Be sure to keep your distance to avoid taking too much damage.

Tail Swing Can Hit Twice

Tail Swing Can Hit Twice

If you're not careful, you can get hit by the Deviljho twice when it does its Tail Swing attack because it turns twice. Roll away or move a distance away to keep your HP bar up.

Cut Tail To Lessen Deviljho Hit Box

You can lessen the range of the Tail Swing attack by cutting the Deviljho's tail.

Dragon Breath Has Wide-Range In Front Of Deviljho

Dragon Breath Has Wide-Range In Front Of Deviljho

The Deviljho's Dragon Breath is very scary and his an extremely wide range in front of it. When it does this attack, move behind it to avoid getting damaged & getting the Dragonblight.

Use Nulberry To Remove Dragonblight

You can consume a Nulberry to remove the Dragonblight status effect that the Deviljho's Dragon Breath can inflict on you. Be sure to bring this item in your Pouch when hunting this monster.

Stomps On Ground That Can Stagger

Stomps On Ground That Can Stagger

When the Deviljho raises one of its legs, it will do a strong ground stomp that will inflict ground tremors & stagger you. Dodge when he stomps to avoid getting staggered.

Can Pick Up Other Monsters In Its Mouth

Can Pick Up Other Monsters In Its Mouth

The Deviljho can pick up smaller monsters in its mouth and use them as weapons against you. When this happens, make sure to keep your distance until the Deviljho lets go of the smaller monster.

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Sir-Pouncealot 1

I prefer to have dragon resist gems x3 in my build instead of blight resistance(if your dragon resist # is over 25 you won't get dragonblight, period)
Def lock(iron skin) X3 will stop any defense down from his bite
Wind resist can lessen the damage from his dragon smoke/blasts he attacks with

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