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How To Beat Tempered Kirin - Tips and Recommended Gear
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How To Beat Tempered Kirin - Tips and Recommended Gear

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Read this Monster Hunter World: Iceborne guide on how to defeat Tempered Kirin in Thunderous Rumble in the Highlands. Learn Tempered Kirin's weaknesses, recommended loaodut, hunting tips, its moves and how to counter them!!!

Beating Kirin To Unlock Rajang

Tempered Kirin Quest Appearance

Tempered Kirin Strategies & Tips

Kirin Kirin Location & DropsHow To Beat AT Kushala DaoraHow To Beat Tempered Kirin

How To Unlock Rajang After Beating Kirin

Finish Special Assignment To Unlock Rajang

Kirin VS Rajang

After beating Kirin in the Special Assignment, another special assignment to fight with Rajang unlocks.

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Tempered Kirin Quest Information

Tempered Kirin Quest Summary

Quest NameThunderous Rumble In The Highlands
Quest ConditionsMust be HR49 to participate in Quest
Clear ConditionsDefeat Tempered Kirin
AreaCoral Highlands
Rewards21, 600z
UnlocksUnlocks HR50 and above after clearing

Raise Hunter Rank to HR49 To Unlock Quest

In order for you to unlock this quest, you will need to raise your Hunter Rank to HR49. Once you are at the appropriate Hunter Rank, the quest will appear in the available missions.

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You Can Fight The Tempered Kirin Again

Once you have defeated the Tempered Kirin, you will be able to fight this monster again using investigations. Collect tracks and clues of the Tempered Kirin to trigger investigation quests and fight them again!

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Recommended Weapons For Tempered Kirin

Best Weapons Against Tempered Kirin

Weapon TypeRecommendation Criteria
Sword & Shield Sword & ShieldCan easily apply status effects such as Sleep which you can use to plant a Mega Barrel Bomb and deal tons of damage
Gun Lance GunlanceAllows you to guard against attacks, & possesses a unique feature called "Shelling" letting you ignore monster's tough spots and deal high damage
Light Bowgun LBGAllows you to set Wyvernblast ammos as landmines to deal tons of damage. Can be used in conjunction with Mega Barrel Bombs for explosive results
Any Elderseal WeaponWill allow you to nullify the effects of the Kirin's thunder armor, allowing you to fight the monster easily

Sleep Bombing Is An Effective Strategy

Sleep Bombing Is An Effective Strategy

The Sword and Shield can easily apply the Sleep status effect on the Kirin due to its fast attack speed. When the Tempered Kirin falls asleep, you can then place a Mega Barrel Bomb and detonate it for extreme damage!

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Gunlance's Shelling Ignores Monster Tough Spots

The Gunlance possesses a unique feature called Shelling. This feature ignores a monster's tough spots allowing you to deal damage to those spots as if they weren't shielded!

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Light Bowgun Provides a Ranged Alternative

The Light Bowgun allows you to deal damage to the Tempered Kirin at range. It also has the Wyvernblast ammo which you can use to deal explosive damage to the Kirin along with the Mega Barrel Bomb. Make sure to aim for its head for best results.

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Elderseal Weapons Highly Recommended

Elderseal Weapons Highly Recommended

Elderseal weapons are highly recommended against the Tempered Kirin as they lower the Kirin's lightning armor, making it more susceptible to your attacks. Make sure to equip weapons with a high Elderseal level to make the most out of them!

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Recommended Skills Against Tempered Kirin

Recommended Skill List

SkillRecommendation Criteria
Thunder Resistance
Will increase your resistance to thunder attacks and increase your defense at higher levels
Paralysis Resistance
Will reduce duration of paralysis, and prevent paralysis at higher levels
Stun Resistance
Reduces duration of stuns, and prevents stuns at higher levels
Mind's Eye/BallisticsPrevents attacks from being deflected and reduces distance for ammos to reach maximum power
Health BoostIncreases maximum health
BombardierIncreases explosive power of attacks

The Tempered Kirin will employ several attacks that can either stun, or paralyze you. This is why it is recommended to equip skills that will help you counteract or even nullify the effects of these kinds of attacks.

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How To Activate These Skills

SkillHow To Equip
Thunder Resistance- Equip Thunder Charm
- Equip Thunder Res Jewel 1 Decoration
Paralysis Resistance- Equip Paralysis Charm
- Equip Antipara Jewel 1 Decoration
Stun Resistance- Equip Stun Charm
- Equip Steadfast Jewel 1 Decoration

You will be able to activate these skills by equipping the corresponding charm on your hunter, or by placing the corresponding jewel decoration on one of your equipments.

Recommended Item Loadouts For Tempered Kirin

Tempered Kirin Item Loadout Example

Mega Potion x 10Max Potion x 2
Ancient Potion x 1Nulberry x 10
Energy Drink x 10Mega Nutrients x 5
Madragora x 5Farcaster x 1
Immunizer x 10Kelbi Horn x 10
Mega Demondrug x 5Mega Armorskin x 5
Demon PowderMight Pill
Might SeedMega Barrel Bomb
Large Barrel Bomb x 2Devil's Blight x 2
Powercharm x 1Powertalon x 1
Armorcharm x 1Armortalon x 1

Quickly Restore Your Health With Ancient & Max Potions

Several of the Tempered Kirin's attacks deal quite a lot of damage. Since the Ancient & Max Potions can quickly restore your health back to full, bring as many as you can, along with some crafting materials if you need more for survival!

Use Up To 4 Mega Barrel Bombs

Since the Mega Barrel Bomb does a severe amount of damage to monster, it is recommended that your bring as many as you can. Try to bring more crafting materials so you can detonate up to 4 Mega Barrel Bombs in the fight.

Raise Both Your Attack & Defense

Mega Demondrugs and Mega Armorskin are excellent items to use when you need to raise your attack and defense respectively. Using these increases your chances of clearing the quest, survival rate, and shorten the time it takes to beat the monster!

Use Farcaster For Repeated Chance to Sleep Bomb

After using the Mega Barrel Bomb, you have a chance to hit the Tempered Kirin a few more times. When it gets ready to attack, you can use a Farcaster to get back to base, making the Kirin fall asleep. This is another opportunity to sleep bomb the monster again.

Recommended Specialized Tools For Tempered Kirin

Best Specialized Tools For Tempered Kirin

ToolRecommendation Criteria
Thunderproof Mantle
Reduces thunder damage and nullifies thunderblight and paralysis
Evasion MantleExtends invulnerability window when evading a monster's attacks, and temporarily increases Attack at times
Temporal MantleNullifies damage from powerful attacks by automatically evading
Health BoosterRestores HP to any hunter within its range
Affinity BoosterIncreases affinity rate to any hunter within its range

Focus On Survivability & Sustain

When fighting the Tempered Kirin, make sure to bring with you specialized tools that allow you to survive for longer. The Thunderproof Mantle will allow you to negate paralysis and thunderblight, making it the go-to mantle for this monster!

Evasion Mantle Can Increase Attack

The Evasion Mantle will temporarily increase your attack damage if you correctly time your dodge against a monster's attacks. Use this as an opportunity to deal much more damage while your attack is temporarily increased!

Recommended Palico Equipment For Tempered Kirin

Increase Chances of Sleep Bombing

One of the best ways to deal substantial damage to the Tempered Kirin is by sleep bombing it with Mega Barrel Bombs. The Felyne Baan Ball α will allow you to increase the times the Kirin falls asleep so you can set up Mega Barrel Bombs more often!

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Equip Kirin or Xeno'jiiva Armor

The best armor to equip your Palico are armors made from Kirin or Xeno'jiiva. These armors have a high resistance to thunder damage, and will allow your Palico to stay in the fight for longer!

Use Palico Gadgets To Support Yourself

Palico Gadgets will be beneficial to you when fighting stronger monsters. For example, the Coral Orchestra gadget will improve your survivability due to the different bonuses it gives you. However, make sure to increase your Palico's proficiency with the gadgets.

Tempered Kirin Moves & Counters

Single Thunder AttackWill stand on its hind legs and deal a lightning strike to its front. Dodge to the side to avoid
GoreWill start to prance around and use its horn to gore anything in front of it. Stay out of its way to avoid
Multiple Lightning StrikesThe ground around AT Kirin will glow to telegraph this attack. Strikes down multiple lightning bolts in AT Kirin's immediate area
Long Range Lightning AttackKirin will send out multiple lightning strikes along a several lines in front of it. Ground will telegraph where lightning strikes next

Use Ground To Foresee Lightning Strikes

Use Ground To Foresee Lightning Strikes

The AT Kirin will usually telegraph its lightning strikes by making the ground glow. If a certain spot is glowing, get away from there as soon as you can since these are where the AT Kirin will strike!

Beware of Kirin's Lightning Armor

At times, the AT Kirin's body will start to harden and it will deal much more lightning based attacks. However, you can easily bypass this by using any Elderseal weapon to lower the AT Kirin's lightning armor, and make the fight easier!

Attack Patterns Are The Same

The Tempered Kirin's attack patterns will be the same when compared to its normal counterpart. These attack patterns should not be difficult to dodge if you have already fought a Kirin before.

Check Ally Positioning When In Multiplayer

When fighting against the Tempered Kirin with other hunters, make sure to check your ally's positioning as the Kirin's aggression is spread out. It's attacks may come from unexpected areas so make sure to keep an eye on each other's backs.

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